If you do not know that the sale will take place from 23 to 28 August (Monday to Friday), then I will remind you of this.

Of the most important:
1. Do not forget to log into the mob regularly. app in profile, new Ali coupons appear there from time to time (pop-up banner appears).

2. Aliboxes appeared in Ali Vkontakte mini-app:
We win coupons and free products.
Using the same link, you can get a coupon of 300/2400 rubles.

3. The distribution of bold coupons of sellers continues:
Distributions every day until August 23 at 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 20:00, 01:00 Moscow time
I wrote about them in more detail here:

4. The game "Puzzle Game", we get coupons 100/1200 and 500/3000 rubles for simple tasks:

5. Game Order Game, they will give a coupon of 1000/4000 rubles for 3 purchases with delivery from the Russian Federation (the coupon will be valid in September, at the mini-sale on September 6, if I understood correctly):

6. Promotion "Discount 220 rubles for every 2200 rubles" (for selected products that have an inscription in the product card "discount 220 rubles for every 2 200 rubles in the order", the label is visible only through the mobile application).
Featured products are those that are on the link below.

We made a selection of stores where this discount is valid:

7. In the public from time to time we publish interesting offers for the sale, follow the public.

8. All promotional codes for the sale will be published before the sale itself in the public and will be sent out in the mailing list.
If anything, you can subscribe to the newsletter here:

If you don't know that there will be a sale from 23 to 28 August (Monday to Friday), I will remind you of this.