A copy of the Lego Technic Porsche 911

Replica Lego Technic Porsche 9110

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$ 45

The set is a complete copy of the original - he collected the original himself, with a copy of the differences I could not find. Only a copy costs half the price.

A great option for a gift to a child from, even if this child is yourself. The designer develops fine motor skills and teaches the basic principles of mechanics.

The set includes 1580 parts and 52 stickers - according to experience, this is 7-9 hours of assembly. The result is a $ 1,100,000 mini-replica of a real Porsche 911.

The constructor has a bunch of moving parts andmechanisms similar to real ones. The designer's wheels turn, the doors and the hood open. Front and rear suspension - independent on spring shock absorbers.

Behind - a differential with a planetary gear. The wheels rotate the differential, and it, in turn, rotates the 6-cylinder engine. In the engine, the crankshaft and all the pistons rotate, as in the present.