TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS

A soap dish will help you keep the fragrant bar of soap in its normal form. Thanks to the special holes for the water drain, the soap will definitely not turn sour.

Manufacturers of bathroom accessories consider plastic to be a practical and durable material. This explains their love for plastic soap dishes and other little things.

If you are going to buy a soap dish, be sure to study the range of our selection. It contains more than one soap dish for the bathroom.

Soap dish ELXSPTKM (3 colors)

Price from 96.19

Seller reliability: excellent!

Leaf-shaped soap dish with wall mountalways come in handy. Thanks to the holes on the surface of the product, the soap does not sour. This dish can also be used as a hook. The size of the product is 13 * 9.5 * 6 cm. Available in four colors. Buyers in their reviews are satisfied with the quality of the purchase. It is difficult to refuse such a soap dish, so take 2 pieces at once!

TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS1

Delivery is very fast, And the Soap dish is just class. They stick to the wall very easily and look stylish. Thank you for such a product.

Only you

TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS2

Cool soap dish. The plastic is of high quality to the touch. Take it and don't be afraid. Only the delivery is long, and everything is super!


TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS3

The parcel reached Voronezh in 21 days! The track was tracked! Everything was done with high quality! I recommend the seller and the product!


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Soap dish with hooks (5 colors)

Price from 238.95

Seller reliability: excellent!

Introducing the cool bathroom fixture.Multifunctional stand with hooks. It can be used as a soap dish or a holder for small items. It is convenient to hang a towel, washcloth, watch on the hooks on the bottom. You can place it on any horizontal surface or simply attach it to the wall (hardware included). By the way, the soap dish has a drain for water, so the soap will not sour. The product turned out to be incredibly practical in use.

TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS5

Despite the seeming strangeness of the design, it turned out to be a very successful soap dish. The soap does not sour, it remains dry all the time, the hooks under the soap dish are ideal for all face wash pads.

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TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS6

I recommend, good plastic, not flimsy, stuck to death ...


TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS7

I liked it, cheap and good product!


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Bathroom soap dish (4 colors)

Price from 134.36

Seller reliability: excellent!

The soap dish is completely silicone.She is unpretentious in care. On its surface, grooves are applied through which excess moisture is drained. The accessory can be purchased in blue, pink, white and green. The material is elastic, adheres perfectly to the surface. The size of the soap dish is 11.3 * 8 cm. Many people prefer to place not only soap on such a thing, but also accessories so that nothing is accidentally lost.

TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS9

Everything has come. It's a tiny little thing. A little more than a medium bar of soap. Performs the function.

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TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS10

I got what I expected. I did not communicate with the seller. The package was tracked, did not go long.


TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS11

I liked the soap dish. Very happy with this order! Timely delivery.

Fairy O'Really

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Ceramic soap dish Realikeasy

Price from 1245.91

Seller reliability: excellent!

Soap dish from the Realikeasy brand is a wonderful findwith Aliexpress. The European style ceramic soap dish has a drain plugged with a metal strainer. Inside it there are large holes for water drainage. This is necessary so that soapy water does not form inside the soap dish. Three exquisite soap dish designs are available for purchasers to choose from. The quality of ceramics and painting is beyond praise. The handwork of the master is immediately felt. This dish is perfect as a gift.

TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS13

I like it looks on the sink from the edge. Recommend.


TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS14

Nice little soap box, it was well packaged, so it came intact. Nice to the touch, smooth, not very deep, but for an average soap it is quite even.


TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS15

A good soapbox, the track was not tracked, but it arrived quickly. Thanks!


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Unusual soap dish (3 types)

Price from 293.92

Seller reliability: excellent!

Introducing 3 designs of bathroom soap dishes at once.This is a bear, a bathtub with taps, and an unusual installation. All options are made of dense plastic, pleasant to the touch. It tolerates moisture well. The most important thing for wet rooms! The colors of the products are bright. You can see the design options for soap dishes in more detail on the seller's page. The soap dish with taps is attached to the tape and stays firmly on the wall. She will definitely withstand the weight of the soap!

TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS17

I am very pleased with the execution of my order. The order is received in the best possible way. But I already wrote a positive review.


TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS18

The parcel went 25 days, this is normal. The track is being tracked. The parcels were united by two sellers and two orders came. This is great.


TOP 5 wonderful soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS19

I like her.The soap dish is packed in a soft box. Cool design like a small washbasin with taps. A hook is attached to the tape and held tightly. I recommend the product and the seller and put five with plus 5 +++++


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