⚡️ "Back to School" sale starts tomorrow, August 10 at 10:00 Moscow time

⚡️ Tomorrow, August 10 at 10:00 Moscow time, the sale "Back to School" starts 0
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The sale will last until August 13 at 09:59 am. So far, there are few details: promotional codes and coupons are unknown, most likely, they will roll out closer to the start of the sale.

Promo codes

Promotional codes are clickable - if you click on them, they will be automatically copied. Each promo code has a designation. For example: 300 / 2400r - a discount of 300r when ordering more than 2400r.

P0SXDGPR - 500 / 1000r only for new users, valid for all products

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- on this channel we publish the entire crazy assortment of "Chinese Apple": toilet brush, smart light bulb, washcloth, humidifier and much more.

- the channel is specially for girls. There we put all women's products: cosmetics, clothing, perfume, etc. at the lowest prices.

- there we lay out stylish bows from Lamoda (for girls and guys), explain what to wear with so as not to look like a collective farmer.

- here we post products from popular online stores (M.Video, Eldorado, OZON) that are on closed sales or have dropped sharply in price.