⚡️New promo codes

⚡️New promo codes0
In addition to the old promo codes from , there are new promotional codes for larger purchases.

Promotional codes are valid only for products from this page:

GOWOW500 or OHWOW500 - 500 / 3499r
GOWOW600 or OHWOW600 - 600 / 4499r
GOWOW800 or OHWOW800 - 800 / 7999r
GOWOW1000 or OHWOW1000 - 1000 / 9999r
GOWOW1200 or OHWOW1200 - 1200 / 11999r

Promotional codes are clickable - if you click on them, they will be automatically copied. Each promo code has a designation. For example: 300 / 2400r - a discount of 300r when ordering more than 2400r.