⚡️Sale "All the Shades of Shopping" starts on July 12 at 10:00 AM UTC

⚡️All the Shades of Shopping Sale begins on July 12th at 10:00 AM UTC0
Sale home -

Now from July 9, 10:00, the warming up for the sale is underway: collect coupons, look after products and add them to your cart.

The sale will last until July 16 at 09:59 am.

Coupons and games

- upon entering this game they immediately give a discount coupon100r when ordering from 800r. And if you complete a couple of simple tasks (look at the products, fill in baskets, etc.) they will give you a bold coupon for a discount of 500 rubles when ordering from 1800 rubles.

- coupons are handed out on the main page of the sale. The denominations may vary. If you do not have a banner with a coupon, then your account does not qualify for the conditions of the promotion.

Promo codes

The promotional codes are still unknown, most likely Ali will roll them out closer to the sale.

Promotional codes are clickable - if you click on them, they will be automatically copied. Each promo code has a designation. For example: 300 / 2400r - a discount of 300r when ordering more than 2400r.

aliinfo100 - 100 / 1000r
aliinfo150 - 150 / 1500r

PXX86LQ1 - 300 / 600r only for new users, valid for all products

Our other channels

- on this channel we publish the entire crazy assortment of "Chinese Apple": toilet brush, smart light bulb, washcloth, humidifier and much more.

- the channel is specially for girls. There we put all women's products: cosmetics, clothing, perfume, etc. at the lowest prices.

- there we lay out stylish bows from Lamoda (for girls and guys), explain what to wear with so as not to look like a collective farmer.

- here we post products from popular online stores (M.Video, Eldorado, OZON) that are on closed sales or have dropped sharply in price.