⚡️Sale "Autumn is a discount" starts tomorrow - September 6 at 10:00

⚡️Sale "Autumn - these are discounts" starts tomorrow - September 6 at 10: 000
Sale starts tomorrow. Don't forget to fill your baskets and receive coupons. The promotional codes that will be in effect are not yet known, but Ali will roll them out at the start of the sale.

Don't forget to follow , it will contain all relevant information (coupons, promotional codes, promotions). Plus, don't forget to get two important coupons:

- upon entering this game they immediately give a discount coupon100 rub when ordering from 1200 rub. And if you complete a couple of simple tasks (look at the products, fill in the baskets, etc.), they will give a bold coupon for a discount of 500 rubles when ordering from 3000 rubles.

- You can pick up a great coupon at the main sale.