⚡️Smart scales Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

⚡️Smart scales Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 20

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Special sensors are built into the platform.At each weighing, the scales pass an imperceptible impulse through the body - and a bunch of indicators are calculated by the resistance of the tissues: muscle and bone mass, subcutaneous and visceral fat, basal metabolism, water content in the body, protein.

All these data are displayed in the "Mi Fit" application,who knows how to draw up a training program and diet, based on a personal body mass index. The results of each measurement are automatically saved to the cloud and transferred to graphs. Special algorithms calculate the optimal weight based on height, age, body mass index and other indicators.

The scale is able to recognize different users by reading body parameters. In total, up to 16 users are supported + there is a guest mode in which guest data is not saved.