10 best self-inflating mattresses and rugs with Aliexpress

Self-inflating travel mats and mattressesincrease the comfort of rest. If earlier only expensive brands “played” on the market, then with the advent of AliExpress they became more accessible. The specialists of the MarkKachestva website have compiled a rating of the best self-inflating mattresses and rugs from Aliexpress, taking into account customer reviews.





1 4.95 Two mattresses in one set. Better foam quality
2 4.89
3 4.85 The most compact when unfolded
4 4.77 The lightest of the two-layer
5 4.68 The most convenient for the car. Model without perforation

1 4.91 The most popular. The best choice for warm spring and autumn
2 4.89 Most ergonomic design
3 4.81
4 4.78 Best price. The lightest one-layer model
5 4.77 Versatile one-layer model. Convenient pump

Mattresses with Aliexpress are simple analoguesfamous products from travel brands. They are deprived of the unique technologies of multilayer foil and patented types of polyester, but they cope with their functions no worse than their famous counterparts. And the affordable price almost completely covers the possible disadvantages.

These rugs are ideal forspring-summer outdoor recreation at temperatures up to -5 ... 0 degrees. But in frosty conditions, Chinese polymers are unlikely to last long. Avid connoisseurs of extreme hiking and sleeping on icy ground are better off looking at more expensive brand names. When choosing a product, it is important to consider the following factors:

The weight... If you have a long hike, then it is better to chooselight single-bed models. Rugs without filler with a built-in pump fit perfectly into this category, their weight does not exceed 1 kg. If you plan to rest by car, then you can take a closer look at more overall and comfortable double options with a sponge. Suitable rugs with a sponge weighing up to 3 kg and for those who do not plan to move too far or do not want to lose maximum comfort in order to save an extra 1-2 kg.

Inflated height... The most important factor in determining comfort. Tall rugs dissipate less heat and protect against a hard surface feel. However, the higher they are, the heavier.

Built-in pillow... A slight elevation in the head area canbe comfortable to use a compact travel cushion. However, the convenience of inflatable models is questionable. If you have a high sensitivity to incorrectly selected pillows, it is better to choose an even option.

Perforation it also increases the strength of rugs without fillers. And in spongy models it improves their thermal insulation properties. But it doesn't have to be too deep and frequent.

The best self-inflating rugs and foam mattresses

The foam mattress consists of 2 layers.Above is a nylon or polyester fabric sheath. Inside there is a porous foam that keeps its shape well. To inflate, just open the valves and leave the mat for 10-20 minutes. Foam mattresses with Aliexpress are not so afraid of sharp things as their airy counterparts. The foam holds its shape well, takes up a minimum of space when folded and allows you to achieve the feeling of sleep in your own bed from the rest.

Top 5. Youe shone

Rating (2021): 4.68
Considered 723 recall from resources: AliExpress
The most convenient for the car

The mattress is equipped with bumpers that fold comfortably at the bottom and do not wrinkle when laid.

Model without perforation

Most double mattresses in the Aliexpress catalog and in the rating have perforations, while this mat has a version with an absolutely smooth surface.

  • Specifications
    • Price: from 3 685.29 rub.
    • Inflated length and width: 180 x 132 cm
    • Inflated thickness: 5 cm
    • Folded size: 65 x 20 cm
    • Weight: 2.7kg
    • Type of pillows: built-in, inflate separately

The mattress is perfect for crossovers,SUVs and minivans, and can also be used in a tent. It is comfortable, and a model with an absolutely smooth surface will appeal to even those “princesses and a pea” who cannot take a dent in a sleeping place. And for a tourist mattress to quickly pump up, it is enough to open the valves, of which it has 2 pieces. But the pillows will have to be pumped up with your mouth, but this takes no more than 15 seconds for each. But after that you can immediately enjoy the comfort. After all, even a small pushing cannot prevent this, as users indicate in the reviews.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Foldable sides for convenience in the car
  • Models with little or no perforation
  • Can be used in a tent
  • Best price for a double foam mattress
  • Hard when used on bare ground
  • Difficult to fold and deflate
  • Crushed when the user weighs more than 85 kg

Top 4. Naturehike Sponge Camping Mat

Rating (2021): 4.77
Considered 79 reviews from resources: AliExpress
The lightest of the two-layer

The mattress weighs only 590-620g, which is about 30g less than the other lightest standard model.

  • Specifications
    • Price: from 3 732.78 rubles.
    • Inflated length and width: 183 x 51 cm for the standard model and 198 x 63 cm for the extended model
    • Inflated thickness: 2.7 cm
    • Folded size: 26 x 16 cm and 33 x 18 cm for the extended version
    • Weight: 0.6kg and 0.8kg
    • Type of pillows: none

Naturehike has long been making reliableproducts for recreation and tourism. And the Sponge Camping Mat deserves to be in the ranking of the best self-inflating mattresses with Aliexpress. After all, even a small height provides unprecedented comfort when using it. And most importantly, it does not push through. Although in some places it may seem harsh to those who are used to high inflatable mattresses or home beds. In general, the product competes perfectly with more expensive counterparts: it protects the body, retains heat, and the elongated model is perfect even for large men. Yes, and the silence of nature does not interfere with enjoying, since it does not creak at all.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Inflates quickly to maximum height
  • Tough if not in the habit of hard surfaces

Top 3. Blackdeer archeos

Rating (2021): 4.85
Considered 714 reviews from resources: AliExpress
The most compact when unfolded

The rounded head zone and the fabric tapered downwards allow the mattress to be used even with a sleeping bag.

  • Specifications
    • Price: from 2 986.68 rubles.
    • Inflated length and width: 183 x 51 cm for the standard model and 198 x 63 cm for the extended model
    • Inflated thickness: 2.7 cm
    • Folded size: 26 x 17 cm and 33 x 17 cm for the extended version
    • Weight: 0.63kg and 0.89kg
    • Type of pillows: none

Blackdeer Archeos self-inflating rug for good reasonwas in the ranking of the best mattresses with Aliexpress. After all, it can easily support even a large weight - for this there is an extended and elongated model. At the same time, it itself weighs less than 900 g and folds very compactly, which is important for long hikes. And it's so nice to quickly inflate the mattress after a 10 km walk and give your back a good rest. After all, it does not push through at all, does not rustle and does not slip, creating additional protection from the cold in the lumbar region. Although the low foam height in places may not be comfortable enough on hard ground.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Thoughtful insulation in the lumbar area
  • The lightest and most compact
  • Keeps its shape and does not squeeze
  • Anti-slip silicone coating
  • Not everywhere the height of 2.7 cm hides the hardness of the earth
  • Tight valves, require careful handling

Repair kits should not be neglected.They apply to almost any product. And you should always take them with you on a trip. After all, even the smallest hole can ruin the rest. And the adhesive patches included in the repair kit will easily solve this problem. They are easy to use and do not require additional tools.

Top 2. HEWOLF S-IM134

Rating (2021): 4.89
Considered 249 reviews from resources: AliExpress

  • Specifications
    • Price: from 4 308.82 rubles.
    • Inflated length and width: 188 x 130 cm
    • Inflated thickness: 5 cm
    • Folded size: 70 x 28 cm
    • Weight: 3KG
    • Type of pillows: built-in, inflate separately

Decent second place among the best doublethe mat HEWOLF S-IM134 occupies due to the complete absence of the most painful drawback - squeakiness. The secret is simple: the manufacturer used a softer type of polyester fiber for the upper and reduced the perforation. But he did not completely abandon it, while maintaining the thermal insulation of the product. The mattress can be used even in cool weather in a tent. And in the car there is practically no equal to it in terms of comfort. Except that the sides can interfere a little when bending. For the rest, even hundreds of reviews confirm that the quality of the foam and the cover is at its best!


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Comfortable shallow perforation
  • Suitable for most cars and double tents
  • Soft texture of the upper fabric
  • No creaking
  • Sags if the weight of the user is more than 80 kg
  • With growth over 180 cm, legs hang down

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Top 1. Flytop S-IM40

Rating (2021): 4.95
Considered 68 reviews from resources: AliExpress
Two mattresses in one set

The rugs can be joined together and converted into a double bed or used separately.

Better foam quality

Mattresses are not squeezed during use, unlike other models, which are squeezed under a certain weight or when taking a position on the side.

  • Specifications
    • Price: from 4 648.93 rub.
    • Inflated length and width: 195 x 65 cm each
    • Inflated thickness: 5 cm
    • Folded size: 60 x 18 cm each
    • Weight: 1.5kg each
    • Type of pillows: built-in, inflate separately

Self-inflating mattress is among the besttravel rugs with Aliexpress due to the ideal quality of the foam. It is not only comfortable to lie on, but you can also forget about pushing through. However, to reach the declared height of 5 cm for the first time, you will have to pump up using a pump or your own lungs. But then you can immediately lie down and rest! Or pump up the second rug, because there are two of them in the set. And so that the mattresses do not create unnecessary movement, they can be connected to each other with buttons. With no claims to quality on the part of users, this makes the Flytop S-IM40 kit worthy of the highest place in the rating.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Foam does not squeeze
  • Easily inflates and deflates
  • Thick and non-slip upper fabric
  • Foam is not afraid of water
  • Rustle when used
  • For a height of 5 cm, you need to inflate with your mouth

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The best self-inflating rugs and mattresses with a built-in pump

There is no filler in the products, and the necessarystrength and resilience is achieved through the use of pronounced perforations. These are the lightest travel rugs and take up the least amount of space when folded. To inflate, you need to unfold the product, open the valve and press on it with your hand or foot. Perfect for the warm season, but below -5 they do not stand up.

Top 5. Rooxin SELF1

Rating (2021): 4.77
Considered 11 reviews from resources: AliExpress
Versatile one-layer model

You can use the mattress on the ground, in a tent, in a car, and even on the water.

Convenient pump

Built-in equipment works easily, quickly, without unnecessary gestures. The mat inflates in 2-3 minutes.

  • Specifications
    • Price: RUB 2,643.51
    • Inflated length and width: 185 x 60 cm
    • Inflated thickness: 12 cm
    • Folded size: 35 x 15 cm
    • Weight: 1.2KG
    • Type of pillows: none

The most versatile modelself-inflating mattress Rooxin SELF1 gets into the rating due to the excellent quality of materials. Polymer fabric is not afraid of temperatures down to -15 degrees, which means that it will tolerate contact with cold ground well. But the mat can be used not only in a tent, it is even suitable for swimming in warm weather. Yes, and just resting on it is comfortable, because it is long enough and can withstand a colossal weight. At the same time, there are no complaints about punching or rapid divergence along the seam on this mattress. But there is one drawback that reduces the comfort of use - a very strong creak. And, if the dream is sensitive or the nerves are naughty, then it will be difficult to get used to this.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Can be used on water
  • Supports up to 180 kg
  • Can be used as an inflatable bed at home
  • Strong creaks and rustles from the slightest movement

Top 4. RAINDEW + HOME E0ZS0112

Rating (2021): 4.78
Considered 47 reviews from resources: AliExpress
Best price

Costs 10% cheaper than other single bed rugs.

The lightest one-layer model

The mattress weighs about 460 g, which is 2 times less than most other rugs.

  • Specifications
    • Price: from 1 747.28 rubles.
    • Inflated length and width: 190 x 56 cm
    • Inflated thickness: 5 cm
    • Folded size: 25 x 10 cm
    • Weight: 0.46kg
    • Type of pillows: none

Travel mattress RAINDEW + HOME E0ZS0112 withAliexpress got into the rating of the best due to the lowest price and excellent quality of materials. It will easily fit in folded form, even in a regular travel backpack! And if necessary, it will quickly decompose and inflate - it takes no more than 5 minutes for the whole process. Resting on this product is a pleasure, apart from the strong smell of chemistry. But even it disappears after a while. Otherwise, almost all buyers are satisfied with the quality of the workmanship and the absence of pushing to the ground, as well as the incredible resistance to attempts by children and pets to disassemble the rug into shreds.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Keeps inflated shape for a long time
  • Fits in any backpack
  • Durable materials
  • Smells strongly of chemistry


Rating (2021): 4.81
Considered 84 recall from resources: AliExpress

  • Specifications
    • Price: from 2 878.68 rubles.
    • Inflated length and width: 195 x 70 cm
    • Inflated thickness: 10 cm
    • Folded size: 29 x 15 cm
    • Weight: 0.95kg
    • Type of pillows: built-in, inflates with a mattress

Mattress with Aliexpress with vertical perforation -an excellent choice for those who do not like pronounced dimples. The XIAOLANG CQD006 self-inflating travel mat inflates quickly and keeps its shape for a long time, providing a comfortable rest. After all, it does not squeeze through and does not creak at all. Perhaps it rustles a little, but an additional layer of fabric will relieve this problem. At the same time, the mat has very comfortable dimensions and is ready to perform its function within 3-5 minutes after the turn - that is how much it needs to completely inflate from the built-in pump.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Vertical perforation reduces discomfort
  • There is no strong creak
  • Some specimens are difficult to self-inflate
  • There is a marriage of seams

Top 2. Skyline k4

Rating (2021): 4.89
Considered 35 reviews from resources: AliExpress
Most ergonomic design

The mattress expands slightly upward, providing a more comfortable stay than with a conventional built-in pillow.

  • Specifications
    • Price: RUB2,730.07
    • Inflated length and width: 190 x 70 cm
    • Inflated thickness: 10 cm
    • Folded size: 28 x 12 cm
    • Weight: 1KG
    • Type of pillows: ergonomic, built-in

One of the most comfortable self-inflating modelsrugs with Aliexpress from Skyline K4 are made of high-quality polymer material. It creaks a little and rustles noticeably, but it perfectly protects the product from heat loss and pushing. Relaxing on it is a real pleasure, complemented by an ergonomic pillow, merged into a single monoblock with a mattress. Among dozens of models of travel rugs on Aliexpress, only a few have the R-value designation. This is a test mark indicating that the product can be used in certain weather conditions. The presented mattress has an R-value of 4, which indicates its suitability for use at temperatures down to -11!


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Smooth rise in the cushion area
  • Withstands 120 kg
  • Suitable for use down to -11 degrees
  • Fast pumping system
  • Creaks and rustles strongly

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Top 1. LX-T04

Rating (2021): 4.91
Considered 1251 feedback from resources: AliExpress
The most popular

The mattress has been purchased over 3,000 times and has received over 1,500 positive reviews.

The best choice for warm spring and autumn

Perforation "mesh" reduces heat loss in comparison with smooth or linearly perforated products by 20-30%, due to which it is warmer to sleep on the mattress.

  • Specifications
    • Price: from 1 964.06 rub.
    • Inflated length and width: 190 x 58 cm
    • Inflated thickness: 5 cm
    • Folded size: 27 x 10 cm
    • Weight: 0.55KG
    • Type of pillows: built-in, inflates with the mattress

The self-inflating mattress LX-T04 is ideal formerged all the factors that elevate him to the first place among the best. The most important thing in it is comfort during use, no pushing in the supine position and a very comfortable pillow. Suitable even for those whose neck begins to ache from any incorrectly selected pillow. This is achieved by a combination of balanced inflation and deep perforation. Which, by the way, protects against heat loss and prevents excessive slipping. But the mattress is not devoid of a strong squeak. But the quality of materials is at a height and there are no sharp smells.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Withstands a weight of 100 kg and does not squeeze
  • Ergonomic pillow
  • Deep perforation protects against heat loss
  • Cold without extra mat or bag

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