10 best robot vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning on Aliexpress

Robot vacuum cleaners can significantly facilitatelife, but after them you still have to wash the floor. To solve this problem, manufacturers began mass production of washing models. Not all of them are equally effective, so it's worth researching the rating before buying. MarkKachestvo experts have collected in it the best robotic vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning with Aliexpress.




1 5.00 The most popular
2 4.95 Maximum power
3 4.90 High autonomy
4 4.85 Best functionality
5 4.80
6 4.75 The thinnest
7 4.70 Quiet operation
8 4.65 The best ratio of price and quality
9 4.60
10 4.50 Best price

There is a wide selection on Aliexpresselectronics from VALUBOT, Xiaomi, ILIFE and other Chinese brands. There are budget and premium models that differ in functionality and build quality. When choosing a washing vacuum cleaner, it is important to pay attention to different characteristics: suction power, battery capacity, volume of dust collector and water container, noise level, etc. To find out how well certain functions are implemented, the ratings of site users will help. You should not choose little-known products with a minimum of orders and reviews, as this is a big risk.

A decisive criterion for many buyersbecomes price. It must correspond to the quality of the device. And if a low-power robot with a primitive implementation of wet cleaning is enough for small apartments, residents of premises with several rooms and an impressive area should take a closer look at the most expensive models. They often have well-thought-out navigation, reorganization of maps in the process of work, a virtual wall, control from the application and other interesting functions. In addition, it is these devices that are suitable for dry and wet cleaning of various surfaces - from linoleum to carpets with long pile.

Top 10. VALUBOT K100

Rating (2021): 4.50
Considered 725 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
Best price

The washing robot vacuum cleaner became the record holder for the cost on Aliexpress - it will cost a little more than 7,000 rubles, even without promotions and discounts.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 7185 rub.
    • Thickness: 8.1 cm
    • Obstacle height: up to 15 mm
    • Suction power: 1800 Pa
    • Battery capacity: 2600mAh
    • Autonomy: 120 minutes
    • Dust box capacity: 500 ml
    • Noise level: 55 dB

Seller with Aliexpress positions VALUBOT K100as a 3-in-1 device. He can collect trash, mop floors, or do all of this at the same time. This option is convenient for business people, because there is no need to swap the dust container and water tank. The vacuum cleaner can easily clean an apartment of up to 150 m² at a time. Infrared sensors are responsible for the accuracy of the trajectory and timely avoidance of obstacles. There is control in the application, support for voice assistants and control of the device using a remote control. The kit includes several brushes, a damp cloth, a dust collector, a HEPA filter, instructions and a charging cable. The disadvantages include only limited functionality.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Low noise level
  • All necessary accessories included
  • Simultaneous wet and dry cleaning
  • Many control options
  • Doesn't always find the base the first time
  • No map building function
  • Can't set cleaning schedule

Top 9. ILIFE W450

Rating (2021): 4.60
Considered 180 reviews from resources: Aliexpress

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 18293 rub.
    • Thickness: 11.8 cm
    • Obstacle height: up to 3 mm
    • Suction power: up to 1000 Pa
    • Battery capacity: 2500mAh
    • Autonomy: 80-100 minutes
    • Dust box capacity: 850/900 ml
    • Noise level: 64-68 dB

ILIFE is one of the most popular Chineseelectronics manufacturers. In its products, the brand combines high-quality assembly, extensive functionality and new technologies. Not surprisingly, he was one of the first to launch wet cleaning robots on the market. The work uses a microfiber roller and a scraper to remove stains. An interesting feature of the W450 model is the separate tanks for clean and dirty water. It would seem a trifle, but thanks to this, the cleaning process is greatly facilitated. As for navigation, everything is fine with it: there is a camera and sensors that detect obstacles. Of the minuses - the washing vacuum cleaner does not collect wool and large particles of dust. It is intended for wet cleaning only.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Effective removal of floor stains
  • Control through a proprietary application
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Precise navigation system with camera
  • Does not collect large rubbish
  • Small height of overcome obstacles
  • Not the best technical characteristics

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Top 8. Dreame F9

Rating (2021): 4.65
Considered 588 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
The best ratio of price and quality

The vacuum cleaner belongs to the middle price segment, however, in terms of functionality and characteristics, it can compete with premium electronics.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 15040 rub.
    • Thickness: 8cm
    • Obstacle height: up to 20 mm
    • Suction power: 2500 Pa
    • Battery capacity: 5200mAh
    • Autonomy: 120-150 minutes
    • Dust box capacity: 200 ml
    • Noise level: 64-70 dB

Dreame F9 successfully combines highpower, a capacious battery and an average price. This robot turned out to be really compact, it easily penetrates under furniture and overcomes obstacles. The battery will provide more than 2 hours of work or cleaning of an area of ​​250 m² without recharging. The VSLAM navigation system performs up to 30,000 scans per second and corrects coordinates in real time. The water container is objectively small, but at the same time it is enough for the whole apartment due to its economical consumption. Buyers were satisfied with the quality of wet cleaning, but there are a couple of complaints about the vacuum cleaner. Firstly, there is a lot of noise, and secondly, the robot is “afraid” of dark floor coverings and often goes around them.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Compact form factor
  • Economical water consumption
  • Connecting to a smart home system
  • Modern navigation technology
  • Small water tank
  • Increased noise level
  • Not suitable for dark colored floors

Top 7. ILIFE V7s Plus

Rating (2021): 4.70
Considered 1970 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
Quiet operation

The vacuum cleaner has the lowest noise level in the rating - only 55 dB. You can clean it even at night, the robot will not cause discomfort to family members.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 10277 rub.
    • Thickness: 8.4 cm
    • Obstacle height: up to 10 mm
    • Suction power: 600 Pa
    • Battery capacity: 2600mAh
    • Autonomy: 120 minutes
    • Dust box capacity: 500 ml, water container - 450 ml
    • Noise level: 55 dB

V7s Plus is perhaps the most popular onAliexpress model from the ILIFE brand. It is ideal for wet and dry cleaning. The roller brush effectively picks up dust and debris, while the large microfiber cloth wipes the floor in minutes. The powerful battery will provide you with enough energy to clean 140 m². When the charge remains too low, the device will automatically go to the docking station. The kit includes a remote control for control, but connection to the application is not provided here. This has become a disadvantage of the model for many buyers. Also in the reviews they warn that the device does not always immediately find the base for charging. It is necessary to clear the space in front of her, to the right and to the left by 1–2 m.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Good battery life
  • Dust bag full indicator
  • Quiet enough work in 5 modes
  • Self-sent for recharging
  • No app control
  • Only one side brush included
  • Difficulty finding a docking station

Top 6. Midea VCR03

Rating (2021): 4.75
Considered 775 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
The thinnest

The thickness of this washing vacuum cleaner is only 78 mm. Due to its compactness, the robot is suitable for wet cleaning under furniture.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 7912 rub.
    • Thickness: 7.8 cm
    • Obstacle height: up to 15 mm
    • Suction power: 1000 Pa
    • Battery capacity: 1500mAh
    • Autonomy: 60-90 minutes
    • Dust box capacity: 300 ml
    • Noise level: 60 dB

Midea VCR03 has everything the user is familiar withmodes: spot, automatic and random cleaning, movement in a zigzag or along the walls. Pressing the turbo button will switch the appliance to maximum suction power. This is a useful function for sucking up wool and coarse dust particles. After collecting dust and debris, you can attach a damp cloth to the cabinet and wash the floors. Of course, the robot vacuum cleaner is unlikely to cope with stubborn and old stains. For such purposes, it is recommended to moisten the napkin with a special detergent. Aliexpress users praise Midea for its noticeable cleanliness and quiet operation. Reviews complain about a weak battery, but even one charge is enough for an area of ​​110-120 m².


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Comparatively low noise level
  • A wide range of modes and the "turbo" function
  • Visible cleanliness after cleaning
  • Comfortable and high quality cloth
  • Short battery life
  • Stubborn stains are difficult to clean
  • Finds a station only in the same room

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Top 5. Haier HB-QT36B

Rating (2021): 4.80
Considered 925 reviews from resources: Aliexpress

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 13 520 rub.
    • Thickness: 8.5 cm
    • Obstacle height: up to 15 mm
    • Suction power: 500-900 Pa
    • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
    • Autonomy: 90-120 minutes
    • Dust container volume: 310 ml, water tank - 150 ml
    • Noise level: 75 dB

This robot vacuum cleaner will be the best solution forfamilies with children and animals. Thanks to the double filtration system, it effectively fights germs, bacteria and mites. The technology for collecting dust and debris is also well implemented: there is a brush in the front of the case, and a special nozzle with a napkin in the back. This allows wet and dry cleaning to be carried out at the same time. Control is carried out using a remote control and a touch panel on the body. You can schedule the cleaning of the room at a specific time. Buyers were perplexed by the shape of the mop: because of the base cut off on the sides and in front, the rag turned out to be small, it processes a relatively small area at a time.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Synchronization of dry and wet cleaning
  • Nice price of goods
  • Convenient touch control panel
  • Double filtration to fight germs
  • Small and not the most convenient napkin
  • It makes more noise than analogs
  • Cannot be controlled from a smartphone

Top 4. ILIFE L100

Rating (2021): 4.85
Considered 662 recall from resources: Aliexpress
Best functionality

Thanks to laser navigation with LDS sensors and a state-of-the-art application, the robot opens up new possibilities for wet and dry cleaning.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 15 839 rub.
    • Thickness: 17cm
    • Obstacle height: up to 15 mm
    • Suction power: 2000 Pa
    • Battery capacity: 2900mAh
    • Autonomy: 90 minutes
    • Dust box capacity: 450 ml, water container - 300 ml
    • Noise level: 68 dB

The Robot Washing Vacuum Cleaner got the best marks fromusers of Aliexpress and the prestigious RedDot Award 2020. This is a mid-range model with all the ensuing consequences: smartphone control, laser navigation and LDS sensors. ILIFE L100 accurately builds a map and changes it directly during the harvesting process, if necessary. You can set restricted areas in the app to prevent the device from entering carpets with a wet cloth. The roller silicone brush is firmly pressed to the floor and does not curl animal hair around it. Judging by the reviews, occasionally the vacuum cleaner gets stuck in the apartment or looks for a docking station for automatic charging for a long time. But all these little things are forgivable, given the brilliant quality of cleaning.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Intuitive controls
  • Convenient application with wide functionality
  • Impressive air purity and freshness
  • Modern laser navigation
  • Can get stuck under furniture
  • Difficulty finding a charging base

Top 3. Roborock S7

Rating (2021): 4.90
Considered 1619 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
High autonomy

Thanks to the powerful 5200 mAh rechargeable battery, the robot vacuum cleaner can work up to 3 hours continuously.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 36661 rub.
    • Thickness: 9.65 cm
    • Obstacle height: up to 20 mm
    • Suction power: 2500 Pa
    • Battery capacity: 5200mAh
    • Autonomy: 120-180 minutes
    • Dust box capacity: 470 ml, water tank 240 ml
    • Noise level: 67 dB

Ultrasonic technology enables the Roborock S7perform 3000 vibrations per minute. Due to this, the rag well wipes off dirt, traces of drinks and food on the floor. The main brush is made entirely of rubber, so hair and crumbs will not get stuck in it. The updated detector accurately recognizes carpets and goes around them during wet cleaning. To all of the above, it is worth adding quiet operation, a capacious battery and control from the application, in order to understand why in the reviews on Aliexpress this vacuum cleaner is considered almost the standard. It processes up to 200 m² at a time, performs dry and wet cleaning efficiently, and accurately maps the room. The disadvantages of the model include only high cost.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Holds the rag firmly to the floor
  • Ultrasonic detector for coating recognition
  • Processing an area of ​​up to 200 m² at a time
  • Most powerful battery
  • The price is two times higher than that of analogues
  • Doesn't always deal with obstacles

Top 2. NEATSVOR X600

Rating (2021): 4.95
Considered 1785 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
Maximum power

The suction power of this washing vacuum cleaner reaches 4000 Pa - this is an absolute record among robots, and not only on Aliexpress.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 15 846 rub.
    • Thickness: 9.8 cm
    • Obstacle height: up to 20 mm
    • Suction power: 4000 Pa
    • Battery capacity: 2500mAh
    • Autonomy: 90-120 minutes
    • Dust box capacity: 600 ml, water container - 350 ml
    • Noise level: 75 dB

The NEATSVOR X600 has a really bigdust collector and water container. This makes the robot vacuum cleaner ideal for large apartments. It is capable of cleaning 150 m² before the battery is completely discharged. There are three levels of water supply for effective stain removal. The device builds a map on its own, you can help it in the application. The scanning accuracy is excellent, because a lidar is installed inside, the SLAM algorithm and other modern technologies are used. The most significant advantage of the model is the suction power - it is so high that the device absorbs 70% more dust. Unfortunately, this also increases operating noise compared to the competition.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • App and voice assistants support
  • Increased power and dust absorption
  • Three modes of water supply
  • Processing a large area in one go
  • Loud noise during operation
  • Average autonomy

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Top 1. Xiaomi G1 Mi Robot

Rating (2021): 5.00
Considered 3448 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
The most popular

This robot vacuum cleaner has been ordered nearly 10,000 times. Now there are about 3500 product reviews on Aliexpress with an average rating of 4.9 stars.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 14950 rub.
    • Thickness: 8.2 cm
    • Obstacle height: up to 17 mm
    • Suction power: 2200 Pa
    • Battery capacity: 2500mAh
    • Autonomy: 90 minutes
    • Dust container volume: 600 ml, water container - 200 ml
    • Noise level: 65 dB

The undoubted leader of the rating is a robot vacuum cleanerfrom Xiaomi. A well-known Chinese brand often overtakes competitors due to the high quality of electronics and the introduction of new technologies. The G1 Mi Robot not only became the best-selling model on Aliexpress, but also received excellent reviews from buyers, and this is not so common. The set includes side and turbo brushes, as well as a special napkin for wet cleaning. There is no remote control, since a proprietary application is used for control. There are also voice prompts in Russian. For the impeccable cleanliness of the premises, buyers forgive the G1 for not the best autonomy and a small cultivated area, respectively (70–100 m²).


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Excellent workmanship
  • Complete set of accessories
  • Large dust collector volume
  • Russian language voice prompts
  • Battery lasts for an hour and a half
  • Not suitable for large apartments and houses

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