10 budget quadcopters for learning to fly with Aliexpress

Over the past few years, controlled drones
have become one of the main technological trends and are already actively used in
various areas of human activity, ranging from the delivery of parcels and
ending with shooting movies or clips. Now buy an inexpensive quadcopter
means not only to get a useful and interesting toy, but also to develop
enough demanded piloting skill to work with more
professional technique. We have selected for you 10 models of quadrocopters with
Aliexpress, which are located in the budget price segment, but the best
proved themselves in practice. It is important to note that all models have
built-in camera, but their weight does not exceed the norm for amateur
devices, so permission is not required for them.


An extremely compact drone that can be stored andis transferred in its own remote control (remote control). The maximum distance for stable control is 80 meters, however, it is recommended to use it indoors or in calm weather only, since the small weight of 60 g makes the quadcopter very vulnerable to external factors. Of the minuses, it is also worth noting that the build quality and materials are not the best, but it is fully consistent with the price. In total, there are 9 variations of the drone with a different number of spare batteries and cameras. Shooting resolution also varies from Full HD to 4K.


A compact foldable drone that enjoysvery popular on Aliexpress. There is a wide branch of configurations in which you can choose the number of cameras, their resolution, as well as the number of spare batteries. The resolution, although it can reach up to 4K, is still suitable only for amateur photography. Less high-quality cameras are suitable only for surveying the area. Due to its budget, the remote control is not equipped with the most powerful transmitter, therefore, with third-party interference (mainly in the city), the signal can often be lost.


Due to its low cost, the drone is idealSuitable as a gift for a child or for self-learning to control. If you do not want to overpay, then you can choose the option completely without cameras. In the maximum configuration, 2 cameras with 4K resolution are available. Also included are spare blades and special protection for safe operation. With its budget, the drone is extremely easy to control without much delay in response. Delivery is carried out only from China, so in some cases it may be delayed.


Extremely compact quadcopter suitable forpredominantly for home use. The bundle already habitually has many variations, where each differs in the number of cameras, shooting resolution and spare batteries. The advantages include the reliability of materials and assembly: even with such a diminutive size and visual fragility, there is a minimum of backlash of individual elements. The device also handles bumps and falls very well, so it is perfect for training.

6. QJ Toy

A simple model, which for its cost does nothas special disadvantages. There is a convenient remote control, a complete set with protection and spare elements, and the drone itself is easily controlled and even capable of performing stunt elements pre-recorded in the program. In general, an excellent solution for the first such equipment, however, please note that it does not have high impact resistance even with protection, so it is better to use it at home.


Another quadcopter model from the mentionedearlier manufacturer. There are as many as 14 configuration variations on the product pages, where, in addition to cameras and a battery, you can choose a convenient bag for transportation. Of the minuses, there is a relatively long delivery, since it is made exclusively from China. Otherwise, the average budget model.


One of the leaders in the number of orders andpopularity on Aliexpress. In addition to a wide selection of equipment, here you can also choose the color: white, gray or black. The flight time per charge is approximately 20 minutes, however, when using the drone indoors or outdoors in hot calm weather, it is recommended to reduce this time to 15 minutes to avoid overheating. Management is simple, but at long distances (more than 30 m) or in the presence of active interference, there are delays in response and image transmission to the smartphone. The resolution of the cameras reaches 4K, however, as with other representatives of our selection, its actual value is much lower and is only suitable for amateur shots.


One of the best solutions for a child or justa novice pilot who has not previously dealt with remote-controlled devices. There is one front camera. The model is distinguished by its non-removable protection, which protects the drone blades not only on the sides, but also on top. The drone itself does not add up, which, although it makes it less mobile, adds to the reliability and durability. Of the features, it is worth noting the control of hand gestures, as well as the ability to repeat the drawn trajectory (drawn in the application through the phone screen).


Foldable drone with stylish design.A confident model for its price, as it has a convenient remote control with responsive controls. The smartphone app is intuitive. The quadcopter can perform simple stunts, and is also equipped with more complex intelligent algorithms, such as following an object or avoiding visible obstacles, which only adds to the interest in use. Delivery is carried out only from China, so you should take into account the approximate time of receipt in your region.

1. Dream

The leader of our selection was a quadrocopter, whichsignificantly outperforms other participants. Of the possible drawbacks, there are only more impressive dimensions that do not allow the use of the model at home, but make it more wind resistant. On the street, a stable connection is maintained at a distance of up to 100 meters, and the shooting quality can no longer be called simply “survey” or barely amateurish: although the manufacturer indicates 6K, it is actually a confident level of 720-1080p, which is found on inexpensive modern smartphones.

Don't expect outstanding performance from budget dronesparameters, except for their compactness. Such solutions are perfect for self-study or a gift to a loved one. We also note once again that most sellers artificially inflate the characteristics, so you should not rely on the declared values ​​​​when choosing. 4K often has little to do with reality, as well as a distance without signal loss of 100-300 meters - you can immediately divide this by 2-3 times, and ideally study the reviews in more detail. We hope this material was useful and we wish you a pleasant shopping.