10 desktop electronic clocks with alarm function from AliExpress

The selection includes modern desktopa watch with an attractive design, which, in addition to displaying the time, is equipped with additional functions, such as an alarm clock function, a thermometer and others. Such a watch will help you monitor the air temperature and ensure its constant control, as well as wake up on time for work and study. All watches presented in the selection are of good quality and with fast delivery at the expense of the seller.

Watch with a large dial and a sound sensor

Excellent table clock with attractivedesign and wide functionality. The seller offers 4 body colors: white, black, green and yellow. The watch features simple and intuitive settings. In addition to displaying the time, they monitor the temperature and humidity of the air in the room. There is a possibility of switching on cotton. The sound of the alarm clock is loud, help wake you up at the right time. There are 18 melodies to choose from. Equipped with a 1200 mAh battery, they can work both directly from the network and without connection.

Clock with alarm clock and weather forecast

Compact and very original watch withClear LCD display with eye-catching backlighting. Thanks to the simple and concise design, they will fit perfectly into your home. They have compact dimensions, so you will always find a place for them. The watch shows the time in 12/24 format, there is a brief weather forecast for 24 hours, which directly depends on the official weather forecast. There is a calendar, an alarm clock with a snooze function and a choice of melodies. The watch is powered by three batteries. The clock consumes a minimum of energy, so it will work for a long time.

clock with projector

Multifunctional table clock with an interestingdesign will take a worthy place at home. The clock is equipped with a small projector, so the time is displayed not only on the display, but also projected on any flat surface. The numbers are large and bright, clearly visible under different lighting conditions. The built-in thermometer allows you to monitor the air temperature in the room. The clock is equipped with a backlight, if desired, can be used as a night light in any of the rooms. Requires 3 batteries for power.

Clock with backlight and alarm clock

An ultra-modern table clock that will becomenot only a useful gadget, but also a great decoration for your home. The oval-shaped case is made of durable plastic. The seller offers 4 body colors for every taste: white, green, black and yellow. It is possible to set two alarms at once with different loud signals. The watch is equipped with a backlight that is pleasant for the eyes, which does not blind in the dark, and if desired, you can further adjust the brightness. Powered by a built-in 1500 mAh battery.

wooden clock

Multifunctional table clock with a beautifuldesign will be in perfect harmony with wooden furniture. They have high quality workmanship and a good set of all necessary functions. Power type - three batteries. The dial is large with backlight, it has contrasting symbols that are clearly visible even to people with poor eyesight. The watch has an alarm clock with a traditional signal, a calendar, and a thermometer to display the temperature in the room.

Clock Pyramid

An excellent version of the table clock in the form of a pyramid.The clock is equipped with a pleasant seven-color backlight, which automatically changes the color of the glow during operation. The backlight turns on by pressing the button and shines for about three minutes, then slowly fades. The large screen displays time in 12 or 24 hour format, air temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, date and day of the week. There is an alarm clock and 8 loud melodies. The watch runs on 3 AAA batteries.

Clock with "smart" backlight

Stylish and functional table clock withSimple design and smart lighting are perfect for both adults and children. Equipped with a large display, which displays large black numbers on a light background. The "smart" backlight function helps you see the time in the dark, while it will not dazzle. In addition, the model provides additional functions - a snooze function, a thermometer and an alarm clock. They are powered by batteries.

mirror clock

A desk clock with a classic feature set andmirrored display surface. They look nice and do not collect much fingerprints. The seller offers several design options on his page. The product itself has compact dimensions, but the numbers on the display are enlarged, which makes it easy to read the time even for people with poor eyesight. There is a built-in thermometer and an alarm clock. Powered by USB cable and AAA batteries. Delivery from a warehouse of the Russian Federation.

Chameleon watch

Creative round table clock excellentfit into the interior of any room. The clock is equipped with a backlight with 7 pleasant colors that smoothly replace each other. To turn on the backlight, just lightly touch the watch case and it will turn on for a few seconds. The clock does not differ in a large number of settings. Show time, temperature, date and support alarm function. Requires three AAA batteries for power.

Watch with a large black display

Table clock in a futuristic design withblack plastic housing. The large black display shows large white numbers that are easily adjustable. The built-in radio lets you listen to your favorite radio stations. With Bluetooth, you can listen to your favorite music from your phone or use a microSD memory card. In addition, the watch has two loud alarm clocks with a large selection of melodies and a thermometer. Fast delivery.

I hope the selection came to your taste, and you were able to choose the right desk clock with the functions you are interested in. More interesting selections in the author's profile. Thanks to all.