10 most expensive smartphones with Aliexpress

Growing power of technical parameterssmartphones directly affects their cost. What was considered the best in 2020 is now receding into the background, yielding to models whose processor power is 20-30% higher. The specialists of the MarkKachestvo website have chosen the 10 most expensive smartphones with Aliexpress, which can surprise you with their functionality and speed of work.

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Characteristics in the rating

1 Best performance. Excellent working speed
2 The best smartphone for shooting videos
3 The most comfortable and fastest Android One UI
4 Best rear camera with f 1.9 aperture
5 Two simultaneously active SIM-cards
6 Best gaming smartphone with a long-lasting battery
7 Additional mini-screen on the back
8 The perfect phone for gaming
9 A powerful smartphone with a thermal camera
10 Energetic design and tremendous gaming performance

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While the internet continues to fillreviews of budget smartphones, we move away from the canons and present to your attention a rating of the most expensive gadgets from Aliexpress. We've handpicked the top luxury phones that have been purchased more than once to answer the top questions - is there any point in spending more and what does a $ 1000 device hide? Let's figure it out.

You can always find expensive ones on Aliexpress.smartphones with significant discounts, including products from well-known brands such as the Apple iPhone. What is the reason for such a difference in prices and what are the risks during the purchase?

  1. Most often, they do not sell new ones on Aliexpress, but"Refurbished" or "unlocked" smartphones. This means that the box has already been opened, and the phone itself may have minor damage to the case. This does not affect his work, however, the presentation is spoiled, it will no longer be possible to sell such an iPhone at the full price.
  2. The item price usually does not include customs tax. The conditions and cost of collection differ in different countries, but for this you will have to overpay up to 30% of the purchase amount.
  3. Accessories may not be original: such headphones and chargers are usually of poor quality, they are not always suitable for European outlets.

To minimize risks, it is important to look atreputation of the seller: the number of successful transactions, rating, customer reviews. It is better to give preference to stores offering delivery from Russia. Expensive phones are usually covered by a return and replacement guarantee; some sellers even promise to repair the gadget in the event of a breakdown.

Top 10 most expensive smartphones with Aliexpress

10 Asus ROG Phone 5

Energetic design and tremendous gaming performance

Price for Aliexpress: from 76,000.22 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Stylish smartphone imbued with a gaming theme,- one of the most expensive models on Aliexpress. Those who value notebooks and computers from Asus will especially like it. Inside the phone there is an incredibly powerful stuffing, which provides a comfortable game at maximum speed even in the most demanding applications. Hence, there are other advantages of performance, this powerful machine has no problems and freezes! The vibrant gaming AMOLED display is complemented by 144Hz frequency. The corresponding battery charge is 6000 mAh. And dozens of other features.

However, the camera in the phone "let us down".For such a price, the manufacturer could have added a better solution than the 2.5 aperture. The gadget turned out to be weighty, but this can hardly be called a disadvantage for a powerful gaming model. There are not many reviews about the smartphone, but those who bought it are happy with the choice. Most likely - loyal fans of the gaming style and the brand itself. In general, the "toy" is interesting, memorable and has no performance problems.

9 Blackview BV9900 Pro

A powerful smartphone with a thermal camera

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 31,086.30

Rating (2021):

Deserved place in the ranking of expensive phonestakes Blackview BV9900 Pro. This model is called the most powerful smartphone with a thermal imager. Another feature of the gadget is the protected case. It can withstand temperature fluctuations from -30 ° to 64 °, waterproof class - IP69. The 5.84-inch display is protected by durable Gorilla Glass 5. Inside the smartphone is a powerful MTK Helio P90 processor. The amount of RAM is impressive - 8 GB, built-in - 128 GB. There is a face recognition function and a fingerprint scanner. The battery capacity is 4380 mAh.

Reviews on Aliexpress mark a highworkmanship and fast performance of the Blackview BV9900 Pro. Pictures from the front (16MP) and main (48MP) cameras are sharp. The thermal camera does its job perfectly, the smartphone is not inferior to more expensive models. The main disadvantage of the device was its size.

8 Nubia red magic

The perfect phone for gaming

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 40,330.33

Rating (2021):

Nubia Red Magic 5G is positioned as the bestgaming smartphone on Aliexpress. It is the first gadget to boast a 6.65-inch Full HD display with a 144Hz refresh rate. In the product description, manufacturers focus on the built-in cooling system, RGB lighting, stereo speakers with excellent sound and 2 additional buttons on the sides. There is a special game mode here. The Snapdragon 865 processor is responsible for fast loading of applications. The device will not discharge for a long time thanks to a good 4500 mAh battery.

The body of the gadget is made of aluminum alloy.During the ordering process, you can choose not only the color of the phone, but also the amount of built-in memory (8 or 12 GB). Those who use a smartphone to shoot video will love the 64 + 8 + 2MP triple camera. It will allow you to record videos in 8K with a frame rate of 24 fps. The only drawback of the Nubia Red Magic 5G was the clumsy translation into Russian.

7 Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Additional mini-screen on the back

Price for Aliexpress: from 90 816.84 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Chinese brand surprises fans againoffering the most powerful smartphone in its lineup - the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. And one of the most expensive on Aliexpress. The diagonal of 6.81 fits a frameless screen with a resolution of 3200 x 1440 pixels, and on the back side of the camera unit there is a 1.1-inch display for performing various operations: switching music, displaying the time, working with the camera. The minimum performance specifications for a smartphone are 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. But there is also a more expensive 16/512 GB model.

The flagship was not without flaws, amongwhich are distinguished by the ergonomics of the model. It is not only the most expensive but also the heaviest Xiaomi gadget. But what can't you endure for the colossal performance and powerful rear camera array? And they made it here wonderfully well. The same cannot be said about the cooling system, which is also "lame".

6 Xiaomi Black Shark 4

Best gaming smartphone with a long-lasting battery

Price for Aliexpress: from 91 756.39 rubles.

Rating (2021):

"Black Shark" is a real masterpiece from Xiaomi, withmemorable design in an aggressive style. This gaming phone is heavy and large, just like the best gaming smartphone with a reliable cooling system. There is no need to even discuss the characteristics: a powerful processor, a dedicated video chip, at least 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. The device provides the most comfortable and smooth game even in the most difficult applications.

The camera, like many gaming models,standard. But many times better than most budget solutions. For such and such a price - not surprising. Many happy owners note that the functionality of the smartphone is amazing. As well as the unique fast charging - 19 minutes is enough to get 100% from scratch. So Xiaomi again found a niche where it was able to release a high-quality device of an almost unattainable level.

5 Apple iPhone XS Max

Two simultaneously active SIM-cards

Price for Aliexpress: from 46 338.84 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Of course, in the ranking of the most expensive smartphonesit is impossible to do without an iPhone. The latest XS Max has become a real hit on Aliexpress and around the world. There are two standard cameras here: a 7MP front camera and a 12MP main camera. The phone weighs 210 grams and measures 157.5 * 77.4 * 7.7 mm. Inside is the latest A12 Bionic processor, it is six-core, so the iPhone can handle even the most demanding applications.

In the reviews they write that this is 100% original, hefully matches the description. Two SIM-cards work simultaneously, the photos are clear and high-quality. This smartphone holds a charge for a long time in any conditions (up to 25 hours of talk time), the kit includes an adapter for a European outlet. A nice bonus - for a separate fee, the seller provides a repair guarantee for a year. The main disadvantage of the iPhone XS Max is its high price, even when compared to other expensive smartphones.

4 Meizu 18 Pro 5G

Best rear camera with f 1.9 aperture

Price for Aliexpress: from 80 198.87 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Meizu literally broke into the market in2021 after a short downtime due to financial difficulties. And she offered an original flagship model that can compete with eminent brands. Meizu 18 Pro received an advanced filling and the best Snapdragon 888 processor, which is easily positioned as the most productive and gaming one. The 6.7-inch screen is made in a frameless design. Stylish Android shell with every icon tells the user about the perfect balance and elaboration of the UI.

The appearance of the device was a success:matte, elegant, with a harmonious camera block. Which are impressive, especially the rear 50 megapixel with an aperture of f 1.9. The kbim smartphone lacks such a detail as a charger for Russian sockets ... They could have put it for such a price. And still, the phone is the best creation in Meizu history!

3 Galaxy S21 Ultra 256GB

The most comfortable and fastest Android One UI

Price for Aliexpress: from 110 490,00 rub.

Rating (2021):

Laconic, one of the best designs, right awaystriking. Even the massive camera block of the Galaxy S21 Ultra does not look like that, gracefully weaving into the overall style with the latest generation of Gorilla Glass. The powerful flagship will appeal to those who love large smartphones that can perform all functions and simultaneously run dozens of applications without lags. A whopping 256 GB of memory, 12 GB of RAM in the base model, NFC, 5G support, a dedicated GPU Mali-G78 MP14 - just a small part of the impressive characteristics of the most expensive smartphone on Aliexpress.

This phone is not for everyone.If only because the size of 6.8 inches can be large even for those who consider themselves ready for such dimensions. But this is not considered a critical disadvantage. Samsung's flagship 2021 model has the best extended-range camera and users love the matte structure of the back. What can not be said about the strange configuration without a charger!

2 Apple iPhone 11

The best smartphone for shooting videos

Price for Aliexpress: from 54 190,00 rub.

Rating (2021):

Aliexpress has the newest iPhone, and notonly the unlocked version, but also the original. The smartphone is equipped with two 12 megapixel cameras - wide and ultra-wide (120 °) viewing angles. There is a night mode, it turns on automatically. It also has water protection on the front and rear panels. The smartphone will withstand a half-hour immersion in water to a depth of 2 m. The IPS display with a diagonal of 6.1 inches and a resolution of 1792 * 828 pixels will provide a smooth picture with excellent color reproduction. The A13 Bionic processor handles the most demanding applications and games. The amount of RAM is 4 GB, built-in - from 64 to 256 GB.

Reviews confirm that the site is for salethe original iPhone 11. Customers are delighted with the camera and the speed of the smartphone. The 3,110mAh battery lasts all day. The main disadvantage is that the gadget supports the fast charging function, but there is no corresponding power supply in the kit.

1 Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Best performance. Excellent working speed

Price for Aliexpress: from 20,236.30 rubles.

Rating (2021):

The leader of the rating was the Chinese smartphone HuaweiMate 10 Pro. This "intelligent machine" has many advantages, including a large amount of RAM, two powerful cameras of 20 and 12 megapixels, an eight-core processor and a bright six-inch screen with maximum viewing angles. One of the most expensive phones with Aliexpress also distinguished itself by its durability - its body is entirely made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and the screen is covered with protective shock-resistant glass of the latest generation Corning Gorilla Glass.

The smartphone can withstand up to 30 hours of work inautonomous mode thanks to a powerful 4000 mAh battery, in addition, its high energy efficiency and performance are provided by an eight-core 64-bit processor. It is the parameters of Huawei Mate 10 Pro that turned out to be the best among the characteristics of phones in this price category, so the smartphone takes its well-deserved first place in the ranking.