10 scanners for self-diagnosing a car

Modern manufacturers are constantly introducingmarket its new technological devices, however, a large part of them is only an alternative to existing devices, so it is difficult for an ordinary person to distinguish a really useful device from a “trinket” wrapped in a more colorful marketing wrapper. This trend has not bypassed the automotive theme, however, more and more experts are highlighting a special device that can greatly facilitate the life of a car owner - an autoscanner.

What is an autoscanner for?

The scanner is a devicecapable of connecting to the “brain” (on-board computer) of a car and reading and decoding its errors. But why is this needed and what is the use if critical errors are already displayed on the panel? This is the problem, that the panel displays only critical errors, and even then not all. The autoscanner, on the other hand, is able to accurately determine the subsystem in which the failure occurred, and do it even at the stage when the error does not significantly affect the operation of the car. This allows you to identify the problem earlier and spend much less time and money on solving it before it grows into a full-blown breakdown. It also gives a more detailed idea of ​​the problem, so if it is solved through 3 persons (i.e. car services or individual specialists), the car owner, firstly, will not overpay for regular diagnostics, and secondly, will not deceive yourself and overpay for non-existent problems.

In this article, we have selected a rating for youautoscanners for a car, consisting of 10 (increasingly) the most technologically advanced and convenient models with the best price / quality ratio. The devices have differences in their functionality and cost, so everyone can choose a scanner individually for themselves.

Rokodil ScanX Max

The leader was a multifunctional scanner withbattery tester function. The device has all the necessary features for a full-fledged car diagnostics: reading, resetting errors, monitoring sensors, plotting graphs and much more. But the main feature is the ability to check the condition of the battery and check the generator, which other models are not capable of. Compatibility is also at an extremely high level - like the previous model, it is suitable for cars with gasoline engines after 1993, as well as diesel models from 1996. The device does not require connection of additional devices and installation of programs. In addition, the manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty for this model, which makes it one of the most reliable and practical autoscanners on the market.

Scan Tool Pro Black Edition

Extremely compact model with functionalityfull-size scanner and relatively low cost. Undoubtedly, it is one of the leaders among mini-scanners due to its excellent information content and compatibility: it is compatible with almost all brands of cars with gasoline and diesel engines (after 1993 and 1996, respectively). It is noteworthy that such a device can not only identify and erase the error code, but also recode various systems in the car - even some premium segment screen scanners are deprived of this function. This allows you to significantly expand the diagnostic capabilities.


One of the most balanced screen models inin terms of price and quality. Of course, it is far from a professional level, but you will receive all the necessary information about the state of the main subsystems. In addition to good information content, there is also Russification, as well as compatibility with most brands (but the models are mostly modern, so check compatibility with the seller in advance). Although the model is independent due to the presence of a screen, a laptop or a desktop computer is still required to fully disclose its functionality.


At a relatively low cost, the modelstands out not only for its high-quality display, but also for the presence of internal memory of 16 GB, as well as support for a memory card up to 256 GB. At the same time, the software has a Russian adaptation with an intuitive interface. The model is in excellent demand, but there is a significant drawback - to get the full set of functions you will have to pay an extra $ 40, which makes the model not so attractive in its category, but even so, it remains in the leading positions among all other screen models. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the functionality in advance and determine for yourself whether the standard package is enough for you, whether you are ready to overpay if something happens.

VAS 6154

Reliable compact and informative, howeverThere are several significant features that make this model a good solution only for a certain category of car owners. The device has extremely sad compatibility and is suitable for work only with cars of the VAG automaker. In addition, the price, as for the first device, is a little high, but it is worth noting that in the category of scanners, it is unlikely that you will be able to find a worthy alternative for these brands.


Simple and convenient option for loversindependent screen autoscanners. You will have to understand the interface, and the information content is far from the highest level, but the price is fully consistent. A good option for beginners, which will allow you to deal with self-diagnosis of a car and carry it out on a daily basis.


From the previous member of functional differencesalmost does not, however, is popular among local car owners due to the excellent Russification of software, which is actually a rarity. The rest is just a convenient and informative model. Note that it is advisable to purchase only if you have a laptop, otherwise full reading and entering information may take too much time.

Delphi DS150E

Even more professional and focuseda model that, although not quite suitable for daily diagnostics, will help to study the condition of the car in as much detail as possible. Although the cost is almost twice as high as the cost of the previous scanner, the manufacturer deprived us of even the smallest screen, which makes full-fledged work possible only with a separate computer. Of the advantages, it is worth noting good compatibility and detailed diagnostics. Suitable for those who seriously want to delve into this topic and are ready to spend money on it.

Ancel AS500

The model is already from a higher price segment.Here, the increased cost is due to the presence of a small TFT display, which makes the device virtually autonomous, that is, it does not require third-party devices for diagnostics. Whether it is worth the overpayment or not is an individual question, but, as a rule, a smartphone with the appropriate software is enough for standard diagnostics. Here, unfortunately, there is no compatibility with smartphones via wireless systems, however, it is possible to connect to a PC for a more detailed upload of all data.

Orion ELM

Scanner of modern OBD2 format, which, in addition toits affordable price, it also stands out for its excellent mobility. Of the advantages, it is also worth noting the possibility of analytics and the provision of data in real time: consumption, turnover, mileage. It is intended mainly to work with mobile devices, which in some ways is a disadvantage, because it will be extremely inconvenient to track very detailed information, as well as change the on-board computer parameters. It is recommended for those drivers who are not particularly versed in the intricacies of diagnostics, but who want to constantly keep a “hand on the pulse” in order to avoid serious breakdowns.

An autoscanner is an extremely useful thing in everyday life, whichallows you not only to have an understanding of the real state of your car, but also save a lot of time, money and nerves on the timely elimination of various problems. At the moment, there are many models of autoscanners and their varieties on the market, but we recommend that you determine the necessary functionality for yourself in advance and check the compatibility of the desired model with your car. For beginners, it is better to take mini-scanners that have a more affordable price, but a fairly wide functionality, which is quite enough for both obtaining full information and for entering it, regardless of whether you have a laptop or a desktop computer. We hope you find a suitable autoscanner in our rating, and we, in turn, wish you rational and useful purchases.

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