100 best travel products from Aliexpress

For those, who regularly or at least once a year goes on vacation, we have compiled a list of the 100 best products from Aliexpress, which are guaranteed to come in handy on trips and ease the hardships of a long journey.

1. Universal perfume atomizer

100 best travel products from Aliexpress

Portable atomizer in aluminum housingdesigned to carry a small amount of perfumes, colognes and other perfumes. The volume of the container is 5 ml. A transparent window allows you to monitor the level of the balance. Available in 12 color options.

$1.79 |

2. Tags on a suitcase with a map of the world

Labels on a suitcase with a map of the world

Using baggage tags helps highlight among others like him. Lightweight and durable silica gel is used to make these. The product has the shape of a circle with a diameter of 9.5 cm, on which one of 4 variants of the world map is applied.

$1.19 |

3. Automatic translator

Automatic translator

Use this automatic voicetranslator for live communication with foreigners. The device supports dozens of languages, including Japanese and Chinese. There is a microphone for recording and sounding. The device works as a BT-accessory for a smartphone.

$31 - $48 |

4. Shoe bags

Shoe bags

placed in these bags does not stain other thingsin a bag or suitcase. The accessory is designed for one pair and has a transparent window that allows you to quickly determine the contents. Lace is used for tying.

$0.79 - $1.11 |

5. Portable first aid kit

Portable first aid kit

A red handbag with a white cross is meantfor the transportation of medicines, dressings and antiseptics. Portable dimensions allow you to take such a first aid kit in hand luggage. The device is made of thick fabric and equipped with a zipper.

$2.99 ​​|

6. Case for soap

Soap case

Soap bar box made oftranslucent plastic and available in several color options. The product helps to transport standard size bars, which are removed and placed inside through the hinged lid. There is a loop for lace.

$0.51 |

7. Electronic steelyard for luggage and hand luggage

Electronic steelyard for luggage and hand luggage

To avoid overweight baggage and hand luggage, andalso an additional payment for it, even before the trip, use the electronic steelyard, capable of determining weight up to 40 kg. The results are displayed on a backlit LCD screen. Requires 2 AAA batteries to operate.

$4.10 |

8. Electric toothbrush SEAGO SG-632

Electric toothbrush SEAGO SG-632

portable model SEAGO SG-632 is convenient to take on vacation and inbusiness trips. The device consists of 2 parts and is waterproof. The head is capable of making up to 22 thousand vibrations per second. The set includes 2 nozzles.

$6.58 |

9. Separator for headphones and microphone

Separator for headphones and microphone

A very simple slingshot splitter allows you to use one 3.5 mm jack on laptops as a universal connector for connecting and microphone. The product does not take up much space in the bag and is available in 6 color versions.

$0.94 |

10. Folding travel bag

100 best travel products from Aliexpress

In this travel bag, sewn from nylon, it is convenienttransport personal care products and cosmetics. The handbag consists of several sections, which are conveniently laid out in a vertical ribbon. There is a hanging hook on the top.

$4.77 |

11. Podofo GPS Keyfob

Podofo GPS Keyfob

Base tool in keychain format helps you find directions toзаранее заданной точке. Устройство функционирует без SIM-карты предназначено для использования под открытым небом. Пригодится туристам, грибникам, охотникам.

$25.99 |

12. Portable urinal

The device is a funnelwhich attaches to any empty plastic bottle, turning it into a portable urinal for women and men. The nozzle is in demand during long trips by car, as well as in places where there is no normal ...

$0.90 - $2.64 |

13. Toothbrush protector

Protective case for toothbrush

The plastic case is 21 cm long andDesigned for hygienically clean transportation of the toothbrush. The accessory consists of 2 halves and is compatible with any standard size brushes. Available in 4 colors to choose from.

$0.64 |

14. Case for chargers

Case for chargers

Inside this case made of durable material, there are a large number of pockets and tapes that allow you to attach chargers and cables to them. It can also accommodate memory cards and , for which there is a separate compartment with a zipper.

$5.67 |

15. Organizer for money and documents

Organizer for money and documents

The relatively large size of this roadorganizer allow you to place inside a large number of bank cards, cash and documents. The case closes with a zipper, is equipped with a lanyard and has an external pocket for quick access.

$7.87 |

16. Folding scissors

Folding scissors

The design of these nail scissors allows them to be transported when folded. The device is made of metal and has pointed ends. When unfolded, the length of the device is 9.5 cm.

$1.26 |

17. Bottle with pill organizer

Bottle with pill organizer

Built-in pill organizer in this bottlehelps to distribute their intake by day of the week. Each section is accessed individually. The volume of the bottle itself is 600 ml. 6 colors available.

$7.64 |

18. Beach mat with sand protection

Beach mat with sand protection

The rug is made of mesh material, whichpasses sand, preventing it from accumulating on the surface. Used as a towel pad. Suitable for organizing picnics and other events on sandy beaches.

$14.99 |

19. Ultra-portable ground mat

A special feature of this bedding is the possibilityfold to a very compact state. When unfolded, it is well suited for outdoor recreation, as it is made of waterproof nylon. The product is available in blue and red.

$4 |

20. Travel pillow

100 best travel products from Aliexpress

The inflatable pillow supports the head well andallows you to sleep in a sitting position when traveling by car, plane or bus. This version features reinforced neck support and is available in 4 colors to choose from.

$3.45 - $3.47 |

21. Vacuum bag for clothes

Vacuum bag for clothes

Inside a vacuum bag, clothes take up muchless space, which allows you to save up to 75% of the space in your suitcase. The packaging is made of artificial material, protected from the growth of microbes, mold and fungus. The product is available in 4 sizes.

$0.91 - $1.30 |

22. Neck pillow with massage function

Neck pillow with massage function

A feature of this inflatable pillow for supporting the head while sleeping while sitting is the presence of a built-in . Its functions are controlled using 2 buttons. Power is supplied by a USB cable connection.

$10.87 |

23. Clip-on lens for smartphones

Clip-on lens for smartphones

The GETIHU lens helps expand the capabilities of a standard smartphone camera. It is attached to the devices with a clothespin and can be used with 3 options for interchangeable . Among them: a macro lens, a fisheye lens, as well as a wide-angle lens.

$1.38 - $1.97 |

24. Women's organizer

Women's organizer

This women's organizer has so many pockets andcompartments, that they are definitely enough to accommodate all the little things you need on a trip, including personal care products and personal hygiene items. There are handles for easy portability.

$2.58 |

25. Large wallet with a zipper

Large zip wallet

Due to its impressive size and manyoffices inside this wallet can be used to store cash, bank cards, as well as documents. The accessory is made of dense material, fastened with a zipper and equipped with a handle.

$7.32 - $8.58 |

26. DJI Tello Selfie Drone

DJI Tello Selfie Drone

The DJI Tello drone model is notable for its smalldimensions, affordable price and simple operation. When traveling with it, it is convenient to take unusual selfies, as well as shoot videos in 720p format. Flight time is approximately 13 minutes.

$125.32 - $128.99 |

27. Eye masks

Eye masks

The presence of an eye mask allows you to sleep evenin bright light. A feature of this series are slightly convex eye sockets and a protrusion for the bridge of the nose. The accessory is available in several design options, including leopard color.

$0.82 |

28. Suitcase Organizers

Suitcase Organizers

If you divide the things that you plan to take on a trip into groups and put each in a separate bag, then packing your suitcase will be easier and faster at times. This set includes 2 types - only 6 pieces.

$7.43 |

29. Bottle for liquids

Liquid bottle

Owning your own bottle of liquidsallows you to always have a supply of your favorite drink with you, whether it be plain water, isotonic or tea. The volume of this container is 500 ml. For carrying in the hand there is a lanyard.

$8.31 - $11.52 |

30. Electrically heated insoles

100 best travel products from Aliexpress

For traveling in countries and regions with coldclimate, insoles equipped with an electric heating system are vital. The built-in 1800 mAh battery is charged using a USB cable.

$31.53 |

31. Soap for washing shirts

Soap for washing shirts

Look clean and tidy while travelinga small bar of soap, with which it is convenient to quickly remove dirt from the collars and cuffs of shirts. To do this, you just need to have access to water. The dimensions of such a bar are 11.5 x 3.7 x 2.8 cm.

$4.74 |

32. Shoe care kit

Shoe care kit

This set is designed to care for shoes intrips. It includes a pair of brushes, a sponge, a cloth and a spoon. All items are placed in a convenient folding organizer with a zipper and fixed with elastic bands.

$5.16 - $6.45 |

33. Portable BT speaker with suction cup and carabiner

Portable BT speaker with suction cup and carabiner

If you take a hike or travel portable , then it will be much more fun. Attractive features of this model are water resistance, as well as the presence of a suction cup and a carabiner.

$10.33 - $13.26 |

34. Women's scarf with a secret pocket

Women's scarf with a secret pocket

This scarf is not just a stylish women'saccessory, but is a very practical piece of clothing, equipped with a hidden zippered pocket, in which you can store cash or documents.

$4.48 |

35. Travel case for careful transportation of shirts

Travel case for gentle transport of shirts

Compared to a portlet, this case, designedfor gentle transport of shirts, has several advantages. It takes up little space, can be packed into a suitcase and consists of 4 petals with Velcro. This accessory is available in 4 colors.

$19.99 |

36. Wireless 4G router

Wireless 4G router

The presence of a wireless 4G router allowsuse familiar Internet services simultaneously for several users. To connect them, a built-in Wi-Fi access point is used. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours.

$35.98 - $45.98 |

37. Portable safe

Portable safe

This device is a good combination.portable safe and tether lock. A code block is used to access the internal compartment. Inside you can store a small amount of cash, as well as coins, medicines and keys.

$17.28 |

38. Kindle e-book reader

Kindle e-book reader

Kindle e-book readerwill help while away a long wait or a road reading interesting literary works. Touch control is used to turn pages, and a powerful battery allows you to forget about charging for a long time.

$86.94 - $93.60 |

39. Clothesline with suction cups

Clothesline with suction cups

The suction cups on this 2.5 length clotheslinemeters allow you to organize a place for drying clothes even in very cramped conditions. In addition, a double thread is used here, which eliminates the need for clothespins.

$3.78 |

40. Portable water filter

100 best travel products from Aliexpress

This portable cleanerwater in field conditions, a membrane filter is used, which traps large and small particles of dirt, as well as up to 99% of microorganisms. The resource of the product is 2000 liters.

$19.95 |

41. A set of vials for transporting liquids

Set of vials for transporting liquids

This set includes 6 transparent containers that allow you to have the necessary supply of your favorite shampoo, gel or cream when traveling. All are packaged in a resealable transparent bag.

$1.95 |

42. Thermal mug made of steel

Steel thermo mug

A thermo mug made of steel is a more portable alternative . The volume of products from the series is 380 and 500 ml. The lid is equipped with a safe drinking hole. Available in 2 paint colors.

$20.40 - $21.42 |

43. Flashlight NITECORE

Flashlight NITECORE

Very compact flashlight from NITECORE with lightwith a stream of 380 lumens, it is easily attached to the keys as a key fob and acts as an emergency light. The power source here is the built-in battery.

$28.27 - $28.37 |

44. Sunglasses with a camera

Camera Sunglasses

On the one hand, these goggles are suitable for protectioneyes from sunlight. On the other hand, they are a device for video recording from the first person, since they are equipped with a camera. The image is transmitted via Wi-Fi to a mobile device.

$31.22 - $47.59 |

45. Folding solar panel

Folding solar panel

KERNUAP SunPower - folding , which can be used during hiking and camping. The device has a power of 10 W and consists of 4 or 5 sections. The output current is 2A.

$21-$22.88 |

46. ​​Powerbank Baseus 10000 mAh

Powerbank Baseus 10000 mAh

The alternative to solar panels is a powerfulpoverbank. This device from Baseus has a capacity of 10 thousand mAh and has a very thin body. There are 2 USB ports for connecting devices.

$13.99 - $15.99 |

47. Inflatable sleeping stand

Inflatable Sitting Sleeping Rack

Unlike This seated sleeper allows you to sleep facing forward. The design rests on the knees and is equipped with cutouts for the hands. When folded, the pillow is stored in a compression bag.

$12.04 - $12.41 |

48. Flexible tripod for photographic equipment

Flexible tripod for photography equipment

The advantage of a tripod with flexible legs isthe ability to fix it on a pole, branch or fence. In addition, the fixture weighs only 298 grams and can be folded to a very portable state.

$11.14 - $11.57 |

49. Emergency whistle

emergency whistle

Availability in the set for even a small whistle increases the chances of getting attention and getting help. This version has a thin body and is equipped with a chain for attaching to other equipment.

$0.52 |

50. Portable power bank

100 best travel products from Aliexpress

This 10000 mAh external battery has a very compact body and is equipped with 2 full-sized USB ports for connecting gadgets. The remaining charge can be found on the digital display.

$12.99 - $17.99 |

51. Compression socks

Compression socks

High-cut socks made ofcombinations of nylon, spandex and polyester. They have a compression effect, that is, they tightly wrap around the legs, helping to fight fatigue during long trips.

$1.93 |

52. Passport cover

Passport cover

If you put the passport in the cover, then it is longerwill retain its original appearance, even if you have to use it regularly. This variant is adorned with a simple airplane pattern and is available in 7 colours.

$0.97 |

53. Compact umbrella

compact umbrella

Due to its small size, this umbrella is exactlyfits in a small bag, backpack or even in your pocket. The size of its dome is 87 cm. It can be used to protect not only from rain, but also from bright sunlight.

$9.44 |

54. Steel multitool 11 in 1

Steel multitool 11 in 1

About the size of a credit card, this steel multi-tool contains 11 accessories, including , knife, wrench, as well as a screwdriver and a ruler. The set includes a case made of artificial leather.

$0.68 |

55. Combination lock Columbia

Combination lock Columbia

The presence of a combination lock is highly desirable inwhile staying in hostels, as well as when using boxes for things in public places. The Columbia fixture allows you to set a 3-digit code and is small in size.

$0.94 |

56. Belt with hidden pocket

Belt with hidden pocket

On the inside of this belt isHidden zipped compartment suitable for storing cash or small keys. Outside, the accessory is no different from an ordinary belt, that is, it does not attract the attention of intruders.

$21.21 |

57. Belt bag

Waist bag

Slim waist bag is easy to adjust to fitbody volume and is suitable for carrying money, documents and a smartphone. There are 2 zippered pockets for this. The accessory is made of durable nylon and is available in 2 colors.

$1.52 |

58. Quick dry microfiber towel

Quick dry microfiber towel

The Zipsoft towel is made from microfiber andtherefore it dries very quickly, which is especially important during trips and travels. The product is available in 4 sizes and is packaged in a mesh bag for ventilation.

$5.59 - $16.40 |

59. Bluedo Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Bluedo Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Bluedo wireless headphones equipped withnoise reduction system, which allows their owner to enjoy their favorite music tracks, on an airplane, in the subway or on a busy street. The device is attached to the neck and can work up to 12 hours.

$16.79 |

60. Leg hammock

100 best travel products from Aliexpress

A cloth mini-hammock for legs is attached to a folding table in front of the standing aircraft seat and allows you to relax your lower limbs during . After use, the device folds into a compact bag.

$5 |

61. Closed BT headphones Bluedio T6S

Closed BT headphones Bluedio T6S

The Bluedio T6S model completely covers the earsinks, providing excellent isolation from external noise. The presence of IR sensors allows you to automatically stop playback if the device was removed from the head.

$45.10 |

62. Buckle for suitcases

Buckle for suitcases

The purpose of these plastic and nylon suitcase buckles is to hang neck pillows, bags, water bottles and other travel essentials.

$1.71 |

63. Door alarm

door alarm

Signaling, made in the form of a corner, whichinstalled under the door, designed to notify of an attempt by strangers to enter a hotel room without an invitation. 3 levels are available for setting the sensitivity.

$7.70 |

64. Anti-theft backpack

Anti-theft backpack

Get inside this brand's stylish backpackMark Ryden, to steal valuable contents is not so easy, because access to the main compartment opens from the back. In addition, the material of this device repels water well.

$39.20 |

65. Scooter suitcase

Scooter suitcase

The folding footrest that this suitcase is equipped with, in combination with a retractable handle, turns it into a real suitable for fast travel to train stations and airports. The body is made of plastic and the chassis is made of aluminium.

$208.89 |

66. Old school diary

Old school diary

Diary, available in 4 different formats,designed for travel planning and travel notes in a classic style, that is, with a pencil or pen. The type of markup and the number of pages depend on the selected option.

$2.07 - $3.67 |

67. Jewelery case

Case for transporting jewelry

A special version of the case makes it convenient and safe to transport and valuables. Inside it has 4 large cells for jewelry, as well as many pockets for rings. Under the cover there are hooks for fixing the necklace.

$4.77 - $5.07 |

68. Universal power adapter

Universal power adapter

This power adapter can work with any typesockets and plugs, including European, British and American. Switching between them is carried out using simple manipulations. There are 2 USB ports for connecting gadgets.

$1.67 - $4.94 |

69. Waterproof BT speaker MiFA

MiFA waterproof BT speaker

With its bright design and powerful 10-wattsound, the MiFA BT-speaker will not let you get bored while traveling. The body of the device is waterproof. The device works with memory cards and can be used for hands-free calling.

$28.13 |

70. Bamboo cutlery set

100 best travel products from Aliexpress

Compared to disposable cutleryMade of plastic, this bamboo set is more durable and natural. It consists of 3 items: knife, fork and spoon. They are easy to use and easy to clean.

$1.69 - $2.14 |

71. Pillow for neck support

Neck Support Pillow

From similar inflatable pillows this optionfeatures reinforced neck support that allows the head to remain in the correct position. You can use it while traveling on airplanes, vehicles and trains.

$10.34 |

72. Code belt for suitcases

Code belt for suitcases

As an alternative to the usual wrappingfilm to protect the integrity and contents of suitcases, it is convenient to use a cross strap equipped with a combination lock. A buckle is used to adjust its length.

$4.57 - $6.20 |

73. Collapsible cup with lid

Collapsible cup with lid

The convenience of this camping cup lies inits folding design, as well as the presence of a cover with a chain and a carabiner. The device is made of steel, and therefore is strong and durable.

$1.82 - $2.46 |

74. Lace to support glasses

Lanyard to support goggles

The lace is attached to the temples of the glasses and does not give themmove down the bridge of the nose during sports and outdoor activities. The product has an adjustable head circumference. Also, this device allows you to wear on the chest.

$0.80 - $0.85 |

75. Charger with QC 3.0 support

Charger with QC 3.0 support

Support QC technology 3.0 plug in this power adapter saves time that mobile devices typically spend close to power outlets. In addition to the fast charging port, there are 2 USB outputs with a current of 2.1A.

$3.51 |

76. Purse around the neck

Wallet around the neck

The presence of a drawstring in this wallet allows you to carryhim around his neck. It is convenient, practical, and also relatively safe, since there is protection against RFID attacks. Inside there is enough space for cash, cards and documents.

$1.72 |

77. Waterproof phone case

Waterproof phone case

The transparent case has a hermetic lock and does notallows moisture to pass through even when completely submerged under water. At the same time, you can continue to use your smartphone as usual, including taking photos. Also, this product is suitable for protecting documents.

$1.99 |

78. Xiaomi Amazfit smart watch

Xiaomi Amazfit smart watch

Smartwatches from Xiaomi are able to replace several devices at once, including a fitness tracker and regular wristwatches. . The device has IP68 protection and is equipped with built-in GPS. Battery life is up to 45 days. There is support for the Russian language.

$63.99 - $67.99 |

79. Portable inhaler

Portable inhaler

The portable version of the inhaler allows you to treatairways during the trip. The capacity of the device is 8 ml, while only 0.2 ml of liquid evaporates per minute. The device runs on a pair of AAA batteries.

$19.99 |

80. Men's flip flops

100 best travel products from Aliexpress

Flip flops are the most casual shoes formovement in the resort area, because it is quickly put on, quickly removed from the feet and easily cleaned of sand. This variant is designed for men and is available in 6 colors.

$4.09 |

81. Pocket breathalyzer

Pocket breathalyzer

The iPega breathalyzer is implemented as a module for Android and . The device allows you to conduct an express test for the amount of vapors of alcohol-containing drinks in the exhaled air. Information is displayed on a digital screen.

$11.99 |

82. Antibacterial hand spray

Antibacterial hand spray

Intermittent use of antibacterialspray allows you to kill all harmful microorganisms on your hands, if it is not possible to wash them with soap. The substance with a volume of 17.5 ml is enclosed in a container of a convenient format, equipped with a button for filing.

$4.23 - $7.19 |

83. Beach cape for women

Beach cover up for women

Cape made of light translucent fabricdesigned for the beach and allows you to cover certain areas of the female body, including the neck, shoulders, chest or hips. The accessory is available in a single size 180 cm long. There are 8 colors to choose from.

$1.65 |

84. Hermetic bags to protect things from water

Dry bags to protect things from water

The hermetic bag is indispensable for those who planactive recreation on the water, as it reliably protects the contents from liquid ingress. Different models differ from each other in volume, colors and the presence of additional devices, such as straps.

? |

85. Portable hammock

portable hammock

In dry and hot weather, a hammock is preferable , because it does not touch the ground and does not overheat under the sun. To store things in this product, there is a side pocket, which also functions as a cover.

$10.99 |

86. Rain cape on a backpack

Rain cover for backpack

Raincover or rain cover helps protect contents from getting wet in the rain. The Mounchain device is designed for a shoulder bag volume of 35-45 liters and is made of nylon. For fixing on the backpack, a sewn-in elastic band is used.

$1.16 - $1.40 |

87. Pen with screwdriver and ruler

Handle with screwdriver and ruler

The multifunctional handle can be usedfor notes, and for measurements. To do this, markings in inches are applied to its body. In addition, with the help of a bit, a screwdriver can be obtained from this device. There is also a level and an elastic band for cleaning optics.

$0.59 - $0.97 |

88. Kesu external hard drive

Kesu external hard drive

To an external hard drive with a diameter of 2.5 inchesConvenient to drop photos and videos while traveling. A high-speed USB 3.0 interface is used to connect to a PC. The body of the device is made of plastic. The amount of internal storage is from 120 GB to 2 TB.

$14.59 - $83.94 |

89. Aodin M6S Ultraportable Projector

Aodin M6S Ultraportable Projector

The small size of the Aodin M6S projector makes itideal for travel. To play content from mobile devices, there is Wi-Fi support. Traditional HDMI is also present. The device is equipped with its own battery.

$168.62 - $191.49 |

90. Army compass

100 best travel products from Aliexpress

Like all compasses, this army-touristoption indicates the direction of the magnetic pole. For ease of navigation, there is a cover with a narrow slot, as well as detailed markings in degrees and fluorescent lighting.

$2.01 |

91. Antibacterial patches

Antibacterial patches

Plasters from this series haveantibacterial properties and are designed to protect minor wounds and cuts. In addition to the usual strips, products are available in other formats that are convenient for applying to fingers, legs and other parts of the body.

$1.13 - $4.74 |

92. Survival Bracelet

Survival Bracelet

The bracelet is woven from paracord about 3.5 longmeters and is a useful tool for survival, because the buckle is additionally provided with a whistle for distress signals. The rope is able to withstand weight up to 140 kg.

$0.94 |

93. Women's raincoat

Women's raincoat

Long rain cover protects clothing and hairfrom liquid precipitation and is intended for women. The product is made of translucent material, fastened with buttons and equipped with a hood with an adjustment cord. Available in 7 colors.

$4.80 |

94. Headwear for total sun protection

Headwear for total sun protection

This headpiece is an advanced versioncaps, as it protects the entire head, face, as well as the neck and partly the shoulders. The product is in demand among hikers, fishermen, summer residents and builders who have to spend a long time under the sun.

$3.52 - $3.72 |

95. Earplugs


Earplugs or earplugs block soundchannels, allowing you to isolate yourself from the noisy environment: voices, music, snoring. The device is made of silicone and is intended for reusable use. For carrying and storing accessories there is a case.

$0.57 |

96. Clothes repair kit

Clothing Repair Kit

Everything you need in a compact zippered casein order to mend clothes: needles, scissors, a thimble, a measuring tape, as well as several spools of multi-colored thread and other useful tools to help sew and patch.

$3.87 |

97. Automatic Translator in Headset Format

Automatic translator in headset format

Device in the format of a regular BT-headset,has an additional function of automatic translation. A total of 16 languages ​​are supported here. In active mode, the device works up to 5 hours. App installation required.

$12.25 |

98. Eken H9R/H9 action camera

Action Camera Eken H9R/H9

Eken H9R/H9 Action Camera Wide Angle OpticsAllows you to shoot cool video while doing outdoor activities. The device supports 4K recording and is available in several configurations, including optional accessories.

$35.74 - $72.45 |

99. Headlamp

Head Torch

Availability of hiking equipment significantly simplifies movement in the dark or descents into caves. The device supports 4 operating modes and runs on 3 AAA batteries.

$1.82 |

100. Guitar trainer

100 best travel products from Aliexpress

Folding 6-string Pocket Guitar Trainerformat will not let you get bored during a long wait, as it allows you to practice your skills in playing a musical instrument in any conditions. The set includes a set of mediators.

$15.37 |

$0.51 – $208.89