14 insulated tracksuits that will be comfortable in autumn and winter

Warm tracksuits for men

1. With elastic cuffs

The model is made of footer, smooth on the outside.side and fleecy on the inside. The fabric does not stretch, it does not form pellets. The hooded sweatshirt has a roomy kangaroo pocket. The cuffs fit snugly to the wrists and do not let in the blowing cold wind.

The bottom of the legs also have wide elastic bands for extra warmth. There are two pockets on the sides of the trousers. The suit is available in black and white and in sizes 48-54.

Price: 5 290 rubles.

2. With many pockets

The Norveg zipped hoodie can be easily unzipped,if the room gets too hot. Wide cuffs are provided on the legs and sleeves. In addition to elastic, the pants have a drawstring at the waist for a more comfortable fit.

The advantage of the suit is a large number of pockets (two on the sweatshirt and three on the trousers). It turns out or place inside a lot of little things. The model is made of soft flowing jersey with acrylic, wool and silk in the composition. Available in sizes 48-56. Three colors: green, gray and blue.

Price: 10,773 rubles.

3. High collar

The seller offers sweatshirts and pants in sixcolors. The top and bottom can be bought separately or together to make a suit. Products are made of fabric with polyester and cotton in the composition, the seamy side is fleecy. The sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket has a high collar - if you tighten the hood, you can do without a hat and scarf. Hands from the blowing wind will protect wide cuffs.

Pants with a spacious cut are additionally fixeddrawstring at the waist. From below on trouser-legs — soft elastic bands. On the left side there are small decorative details - a patch and a lace with a lock. Sizes S-XXL are available to order.

Price: 3 988 rubles.

4. With a vest

The costume consists of three items:sweatshirt, trousers and a padded vest. All of them are made of cotton fabric and blend well with each other. A high elastic collar with a zipper on the sweatshirt will protect from wind and drafts. There are wide cuffs on the sleeves and bottom.

The vest with a hood fastens with a zipper andFits snugly at the bottom thanks to the elastic band. The pockets are fastened with a zipper so that nothing will fall out of them during a walk. Straight-cut trousers with a drawstring waist and four pockets: two on the back and two on the side. One leg and sleeve are adorned with a contrasting white lettering print. The model can also be ordered from color with dark decor. Available sizes are 48–54.

Price: 10 150 rubles.

5. Filled with synthetic winterizer

A Tagerton suit sweatshirt looks like a jacket.Everything, except for the sleeves, is made of nylon and insulated with padding polyester - in autumn the model can be used as outerwear. The elastic band at the bottom and the zipper are decorated with colorful stripes. The side pockets are fastened.

Sleeves and trousers are made of dense cottonfleece fabrics - in cool weather, the suit will be warm and cozy. The trouser legs are slightly narrowed towards the bottom, but there are no cuffs on them. Elasticated waist with drawstring for a comfortable fit. Available in sizes 48-52.

Price: 7,400 rubles.

Warm tracksuits for women

1. With flared trousers

Flared trousers are not the most practical optionfor slushy weather, but if you wear them with shoes with massive soles, you can safely go for a walk. The suit from ORZ-design is made of soft fabric with cotton and polyester content.

The voluminous hood of the hoodie can be thrown over the cap, and folded into the kangaroo pocket , keys and other little things. The sleeves have cuffs. Available sizes are 42–48.

Price: 8,500 rubles.

2. Lined with cotton on the hood

The suit from Peche Monnaie is sewn from a dense footer.The inside of the hood is lined with white cotton. Bottom and sleeves are trimmed with soft ribbed cuffs. There are no pockets on the sweatshirt.

Pants with elastic cuffs have a slightly tapered cut - they emphasize the figure, but do not restrict movement. There are two pockets on the sides. The suit can be ordered in sizes 44–50.

Price: 10 190 rubles.

3. With an oversized sweatshirt

The footer suit is available in four colors. You can choose discreet beige and black options or purple and green models to diversify everyday looks.

An elongated oversized sweatshirt with a roomy pocket will not ride up and expose . The legs have elastic at the bottom and two side pockets. Available sizes are S, M and L.

Price: 2 950 rubles.

4. With a voluminous collar

The top of the suit from Baon can be combined with differenteveryday clothes. It has a spacious cut, no hood or pockets, and a voluminous collar drapes beautifully around the neck. Wide cuffs cover the hands.

Trousers with elastic waistband and a pair of pocketsthe sides are slightly narrowed down. The costume is made of acrylic and natural wool. Also in the composition there is elastane, thanks to which the products stretch well. When ordering, you can choose sizes 40-44, 50-52.

Price: 5 664 rubles.

5. With a jacket

In addition to a sweatshirt and trousers, the costume includes a quilted jacket with a hood and pockets. Its upper is made of waterproof fabric. Thanks to the insulation in the model will be comfortable when down to -30 °C. The jacket is fastened with a zipper, covered with a placket with buttons. Cuffs on sleeves and on sides will protect from wind.

The volume of the hood on the sweatshirt is adjustable with a drawstring,there is a pocket on the front. There are two more side trousers on the trousers. Elasticated waist and legs for a comfortable fit. Products are sewn from a footer with fleece from the wrong side. Available in sizes 42-44.

Price: 8 990 rubles.

Warm tracksuits for children

1. With buttons on the collar

A comfortable option from adidas Originals for home, kindergarten and outings. Buttons on the collar make it easy to put on and take off the sweatshirt. Elastic cuffs on the sleeves and legs will not press.

Soft elasticated waist with drawstring - trouserswill not slip during active games. The suit is made of footer and decorated with multi-colored prints with the brand's logo. You can order sizes for height 80-104 cm.

Price: 4 150 rubles.

2. With a decorative drawstring on the hood

Solid color suit from Anchor in brushed footer.The sweatshirt with two pockets and zip fastening can be worn with T-shirts, and on especially cold days combined with turtlenecks. The lacing on the hood is decorative - it will not work to adjust the volume with its help.

Trousers with elasticated cuffs and a wide elasticated waist for easy movement. There are a couple of pockets on the sides. The model is available in five colors and sizes for a height of 104-158 cm.

Price: 4 360 rubles.

3. With zipper

Intense purple model from PlayToday.A sweatshirt with a stand-up collar and side pockets fastens with a zipper. The trousers have a straight cut and have an elasticated waist and drawstring. The suit is made of fleece - the fabric warms well and dries quickly after washing. Available sizes for height 98-122 cm.

Price: 1,699 rubles.

4. With prints

Suit by Mark Formelle is sold in three colors withdifferent prints. The sweatshirt is trimmed with soft ribbing at the neckline, sleeves and hem. Straight trousers are fixed at the waist with an elastic band and a drawstring. The fabric is soft fleece with fleece. Sizes for height 86-164 cm are available to order.

Price: 2,729 rubles.

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