15 best coffee grinders with Aliexpress

The grinder must be able to grind evenlygrains. As well as spices and even sugar. On Aliexpress, you can find hundreds of interesting models: manual, rotary, millstones ... The team of the "MarkKachestva" site ranked in these three categories and selected the best coffee grinders with Aliexpress that will last a long time.

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Characteristics in the rating

1 Ideal for grinding coffee, sugar, spices
2 Better performance, large loading capacity
3 The smartest coffee mug
4 Pulse mode for perfectly even grinding
5 2 removable bowls with different knives included

1 Japanese quality
2 Aluminum body, 30 degrees of grind adjustment
3 Best compact model with removable handle
4 Convenient storage tank for ground grains
5 The most versatile table mill

1 Best value for money in the category
2 2 modes of operation, 5-step adjustment of the degree of grinding
3 Best price
4 Highest power
5 Good performance, user-friendly LCD screen

For several centuries, coffee culturehas changed significantly. But there is a segment, which progress has touched only slightly. This is the grinding of coffee beans. Avid coffee lovers, like many years ago, grind them with their own hands. But the choice of equipment for these purposes has become much richer. Today, there are manual and mechanical coffee grinders on the market, which differ in the type of action. All devices are divided into two groups: with rotary knives and with millstones.

On Aliexpress you can find models of different types.The range of prices is huge - from 800 rubles to tens of thousands. If the budget is limited, but the soul requires the "right" grinding, then it is better to choose a manual burr coffee grinder, which will ensure uniform grinding of coffee raw materials. But I must say, there are very expensive models in this segment. Small electric grinders with knives are inexpensive. They are the most convenient of the state employees for making coffee. However, true connoisseurs choose mills with millstones. However, everyone has the right to decide which grinder is best for him. We invite you to get acquainted with the rating of the most reliable devices. The review contains models for every taste and wallet.

The best electric rotary coffee grinders with Aliexpress

The most budgetary are rotary coffee grinders.with knives. True connoisseurs of coffee do not like them for the fact that they do not provide a uniform grinding of the beans. In fact, these are blenders with blades that can grind anything you want - nuts, sugar, spices, crackers, cereals. But in the finished powder, all the grains will be of different sizes, which is not very good for coffee. The advanced coffee lover will immediately notice the difference, but the beginner - not always. However, heating the grains should be avoided by everyone. To do this, you need to choose a model with the speed of rotation of the rotor of the electric motorabout 900-1100 rpm, it is good if there is a heat dissipation system. The power of these grinders is 100-300 watts. The volume of the bean compartment is small - it can hold from 30 to 100 g of coffee. But the main disadvantage is that they fail faster than millstone models.

5 Biolomix BCG300

2 removable bowls with different knives included

Price for Aliexpress: from 1 990.10 rub.

Rating (2021):

The model is the best as a universalequipment in the kitchen. The unit is completed with two bowls with different knives. One is needed for grinding coffee beans, legumes and spices, the other is needed for grinding wet components (garlic, carrots, herbs). The device itself is very compact, so it is easy for it to find a place in the kitchen. The power is one of the best for small models - 300 watts. The engine has a well thought out heat dissipation system. The capacity of the container is designed for 80 g of coffee beans.

The grinder works quickly.She can grind coffee in 1 minute, just remember to take breaks after 30 seconds. The lid is transparent, so you can monitor the degree of grind yourself. The device turns on with one touch of the button. There is protection against accidental operation - the engine will not start until the cover is closed. The seller sends orders quickly. Goods are delivered with Aliexpress from different warehouses, including Russian ones.


Pulse mode for perfectly even grinding

Price for Aliexpress: from 1,442.25 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Ergonomic, beautiful and small rotarythe SONIFER SF3526 coffee grinder is suitable for both coffee and spices. It is especially convenient also because the set includes a brush with stiff bristles, which can be used to remove all product residues. And no extraneous odors! The power of the standard model is 200 W, the capacity is 50 g. The coffee grinder has a pulse mode, which provides a more even grinding of the beans. The millstones are made of stainless steel.

Conveniently, this electric coffee grinderdelivered directly from the Russian Federation. And she is also one of the most bought on Aliexpress. Still: low price, excellent characteristics and quality of grinding. Users really like the device, there is not much noise from it, there is no foreign smell when using it. True, there is no protection against overheating, and the millstones are not ceramics ...

3 Xiaomi Lavida (MG731D2)

The smartest coffee mug

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 4,045.47

Rating (2021):

This electric coffee grinder will help you feelthe difference between good and freshly ground coffee, even for inexperienced coffee drinkers. It differs significantly from the rest of the models participating in the rating. The device looks like an ordinary thermo mug. In fact, this is a mug, but with an unusual filling. She got a built-in 1200 mAh battery and can work autonomously. The body consists of several inserts, thanks to which this compact unit turns into a coffee maker.

A container with rotary knives is hidden inside forgrinding the grains. The hopper is designed for one portion of coffee. It is enough to remove the lid, fill the container with grains and after closing the lid, press the power button. After 30 seconds, you will get a fragrant powder, and you can brew it right in the same cup. For this, there is a special double-layer filter, and a special design of the stainless steel case. The gadget will be of interest to travelers, and in the office it will not be superfluous.

2 JUST BUY Bean Grinder

Better performance, large loading capacity

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 4,080.38

Rating (2021):

In terms of ergonomics, performance anddesign is one of the best electric knife mills on Aliexpress. The model is very popular, has the largest number of positive reviews among competitors. It is used both for grinding coffee and various seeds, grains, sugar, nuts, spices. This is a rotary apparatus. The knives are made of high quality Japanese steel. The engine power is as much as 2500 W, the rotor speed is 2500 rpm. This is unusual for rotary models.

JUST BUY differs from competitors by having the largestcontainers for beans. It can hold up to 700 grams of product. This means that you can grind a lot of coffee at a time. But with small batches, she copes worse than with large ones. If you are looking for a grinder for one or two cups of fresh coffee, then another option is better. The equipment is excellent in terms of the build quality and materials, the reviews are also positive.

1 Haofy Electric Coffee Grinder

Ideal for grinding coffee, sugar, spices

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 1 205.29

Rating (2021):

The best and by far the most powerful of therotary - as much as 400 watts. And all this for quite budget money. The coffee grinder is made with high quality and thoughtfulness: the bowl has rims. Therefore, even with a large number of processed products, when the lid is opened, they do not spill onto the table. Although the knives are made of stainless steel, the coffee beans do not overheat, since the appliance works very quickly. Includes a cleaning brush. Holds an electric coffee grinder at least 50 g of coffee beans.

The device deserves the title of the best rotarycoffee grinders with Aliexpress at least for power. The only thing that not all users like is the long wire and the lack of a compartment for it. But this is a completely insignificant drawback. After all, an electric device grinds coffee faster than most others and does not overheat it. It's also perfect for grinding spices and even sugar into powder in 30 seconds! And not every coffee grinder can handle this.

The best manual burr coffee grinders with Aliexpress

Manual coffee grinders are grinders with ceramicor metal millstones of cylindrical or conical shape. They crush, cut and grind the grains to the desired fraction. The degree of grinding can be adjusted. These models have a very high maintainability. All components for them are sold on Aliexpress. So, if the millstones wear out, you can simply order new ones, and not buy the whole unit.


The most versatile table mill

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 2,493.32

Rating (2021):

Manual mills of this shape were popular for severaldecades ago. The model resembles a meat grinder in shape. The raw material is fed into the hopper and then fed to the conical millstones. The unit is driven by a handle. The grinder is the easiest to use. Adjustment of the degree of grinding is carried out with the participation of the nut located in the area of ​​the handle. The more you press it, the finer the finished coffee will be.

The equipment is completely disassembled and can bewash. Therefore, the model is suitable not only for coffee. A manual mill can grind spices, sugar into powder, grain. The unit is securely fixed on the table using the presser foot and screw. Made of steel alloy model. There are no complaints about quality and functionality.


Convenient storage tank for ground grains

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 3,920.24

Rating (2021):

Multifunctional and stylish manual coffee grinder,one of the best on Aliexpress. Connoisseurs of mechanical devices will like it because they need to make a minimum of effort to process products. The set includes a cleaning brush, as well as 3 containers for storing food with lids: 2 glass and aluminum. For 1 load, it can hold up to 20-25 g of coffee. However, the containers themselves hold more than 250 g.

The manual model XEOLEO HG-38 is capable of grindinggrains in 12 modes. However, shoppers are often warned that at 11-12, the result is clean dust. Not suitable for grains, but it will ideally make powdered sugar and grind other very dense spices. At the same time, the first 2 millstones also do not work well enough. It is best to grind at 3-8 degrees.

3 Shahnameh Coffee Grinder

Best compact model with removable handle

Price for Aliexpress: from 800.74 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Compact manual coffee grinder Shahnameh has a removable handle with a holder for fixing it.It is ideal for transportation, fits easily in a Turk. In this form factor, it has no competitors. The mill is equipped with conical ceramic millstones. The degree of grinding is adjusted by tightening the nut. The mill grinds coffee beans well for making a drink in a Turk, a French press, a carob coffee maker. This process is not quick, but the result is worth it.

The grinder grinds finely, but don't expect it totoo much. She will not be able to grind the grains into flour. This is due to the alignment of the conical millstones. This grinder is not the best - in some instances there is a skew of half a millimeter. If you set the mill for coarse and medium grinding, you may not even notice. The disadvantage appears only if the grind regulator is tightened to the maximum.


Aluminum body, 30 degrees of grind adjustment

Price for Aliexpress: from 10,772.49 rubles.

Rating (2021):

One of the most versatile models in ourreview is this grinder from TIMEMORE. It is compact, made in a stylish notched aluminum body. Millstones are steel, conical type. Available in two versions - slim (with a long handle) and nano (with a removable handle). She grinds coffee perfectly. There are 30 degrees of grind - from espresso to French. Large fragments are not observed in the milled grains. The adjustment is convenient, there are numbers on the case for setting the mode. The maximum closing of the millstones is taken as zero.

The axle of the millstones is fixed usingdouble bearing, which ensures an even grind. Ground powder falls into a container screwed into the body, so its accidental disconnection during operation is excluded. There are many positive reviews about the high quality of the model on Aliexpress. The Chinese have created wonderful milk. If it fits into your budget - feel free to take it, you will not regret it.

1 HARIO Thenereids 001

Japanese quality

Price for Aliexpress: from 2 769.59 rubles.

Rating (2021):

The HARIO brand is well known in the coffee world asthe best manufacturer of equipment and utensils for making coffee and tea. All products are distinguished by sophisticated functionality and high quality workmanship. The top rated grinder is no exception. This is the Chinese version of the popular Japanese MSS-1B, which has been on sale for over 8 years. The seller positions it as a replica of the HARIO coffee grinder. In the reviews, the buyers assure that this is the original.

Manual model with ceramic millstones.She is praised for the fact that it is easy to work with her - the handle turns without much effort, and the result is pleasing. The appearance of the mill is excellent, the materials are of high quality. The grinding is regulated, even dust can be obtained. But the device specializes in medium grinding (0.6-0.9 mm). The device will help you prepare delicious coffee in a French press, pourover, kemex, siphon, aeropress. He can handle espresso beans, too. The minimum grain size is 0.10–0.40 mm.

The best electric burr coffee grinders with Aliexpress

Good electric grinders with millstones costdearer than their fellow knives. But this is a classic. Grains, passing between the millstones, turn into powder of the desired fraction. The best models do not heat the grains and have different useful functions. The units allow you to adjust the rotation speed (usually 3 modes) and the degree of grinding (up to 20 modes). Equipment power - from 150 to 800 W.


Good performance, user-friendly LCD screen

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 7,036.69

Rating (2021):

If for you coffee is not just your favorite drink, butpart of the business, then you will appreciate the benefits of this electric burr grinder. It is made in an aluminum case and is available for order from Aliexpress in black and beige. The power of the unit is at 250 watts. The equipment does not heat up during operation, which ensures the best preservation of the aroma of coffee beans. There is a function of automatic grinding of a given amount of coffee.

You can follow everything that happens on the screen. There is an opportunity to find out the wear of the millstones, coffee consumption statistics, temperature and humidityin room. The monitor is also a control panel. You can adjust the number and volume of portions, and the degree of grinding is regulated by means of a ring on the body. The millstones are installed flat, steel, with a rotation speed of up to 1500 rpm. Baristas speak well of this model. It can be taken for coffee shops and restaurants.

4 OLOEY 610

Highest power

Price for Aliexpress: from 9 172.73 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Here is a coffee grinder with professionalcharacteristics. Its power is 350 W, it is one of the best in performance. The unit is suitable for commercial use in all respects. This is a semi-automatic with a whole range of useful functions. It has overload protection and an automatic emergency shutdown that is triggered if the number of coffee beans in the hopper is insufficient. Millstones with spikes, their diameter is 8 cm. The declared rotation speed is 1400 rpm.

The electric coffee grinder is working relativelyquietly, unnecessary vibrations are not noticed. Manual grind setting - 10 levels of adjustment are available. The hopper for ground coffee is made in the form of a flask with a narrowed inlet. The grinding is uniform. The price of the model is indicated with delivery, since it is paid by the seller. At the same time, the delivery speed often leaves much to be desired.


Best price

Price for Aliexpress: from 3 798.80 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Considering the price and functionality of this grinderthere are no competitors on Aliexpress. It provides stable performance at home. The unit comes assembled, with tuned millstones. If desired, the device can be adjusted to suit your needs. The equipment operates quietly, there are no special vibrations. The upper hopper for loading and the receiving container are removable, large enough - designed for 250 g of coffee. The power of the model is 100 W. But despite the modest figure, the unit showed itself excellently in operation. For an espresso machine or a turkish machine, the machine will prepare the best powder with the correct particle size.

Overheating protection is provided.In critical cases, it works automatically. The power button is in a convenient place. Grinding fraction of a stable size. But the tuning step is large, which can be considered a disadvantage. The device did not work out with the design either. He looks ugly, but he knows his job.


2 modes of operation, 5-step adjustment of the degree of grinding

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 7,255.28

Rating (2021):

XEOLEO manufactures both manual and electric grinders with burrs. This model is equipped with an electric motor and looks solid and high quality.The body is plastic, but the material is very decent. The model comes with Aliexpress in three different colors. Shaft rotation speed - 2000 rpm, power - 150 W. It is quite enough for home-made coffee. There are 2 operating modes - the first is designed for continuous operation, the second starts the millstones only when the button is pressed.

The millstones here are of an unusual shape, in the form of disks withprotrusions-teeth. They ensure a uniform grinding of the grains. The gap between the millstones is adjustable, 5 settings are available in total. The adjustment is smooth, and the adjustment will not take much time. The case does not heat up during operation. And what is important - even at maximum load, the engine runs quietly.

1 Xeoleo 600N

Best value for money in the category

Price for Aliexpress: from 3 749.46 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Compared to its predecessor, the Xeoleo 600N has becomemore powerful - 180 watts. And the millstones changed their shape a little, now not a single grain will fall through and will be crushed correctly! The grinder container holds 250 g of beans, and the ground product can be immediately placed in the jar. Now users have access to 8 degrees of grind. The device works relatively quietly, stands well in place and does not "jump" on the table.

The Xeoleo 600N coffee grinder can be called one of thethe best among the millstones, as it was able to surprise even opponents of Chinese goods. Users often report that she grinds like a professional. After all, there are real, and not pseudo, millstones on it, which can be found in other models. Among the shortcomings, some distinguish an unpresentable look, sometimes products with uneven coloring come across. But even sophisticated coffee connoisseurs did not have any complaints about the quality of grinding.