15 best fishing reels from Aliexpress

Fishing reel with Aliexpress is greata way to save money when assembling a spinning rod. In terms of the variety of offers, this site is ahead of all well-known marketplaces, and there are even eminent brands among the models. Our rating includes the best options that can boast an excellent combination of price and quality.

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1 Instant backstop
2 Most popular model
3 Rich equipment
4 Most reliable budget model
5 Best price

1 Best lifting capacity
2 Lightest coil
3 The best ratio of price and quality
4 High reliability
5 Robust design

1 The best choice
2 The richest package
3 Universal coil
4 Best price tag for a multiplier model
5 Best design

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The coil has long ceased to be optionalan attribute of the inventory, turning into one of the main (along with spinning) elements of full-fledged fishing. The development of these mechanisms began with the emergence of inertial models, the main advantage of which was ease of development and ease of maintenance. When using such reels, anglers often encountered line tangling during casting ("beard"), which led to the further development of the design of the reels. The next step was the creation of a new, inertialess model, structurally and difficult to master, but more unpretentious in use. Having corrected the frequently occurring problem with the "beard" and having become the main attribute of modern spinning rods, the spinning rods have firmly settled on the world market of fishing equipment.

However, their positions were not shaken by the appearancemultiplier reels, which were created on the basis of the inertia that have lost their former popularity. Since the multiplier has a greater margin of safety than the standard spinning model, such reels are used for aggressive types of fishing (mainly trolling and for serious trophy fish).

Having carefully analyzed the assortment of goods forthe famous trading platform "Aliexpress", we have selected for you 15 of the best fishing reels for spinning and float rods, which have earned high marks from customers.

The best spinning fishing reels: price up to 1000 rubles

Although the spinning coils are nothave a large margin of safety and are not able to provide the proper resistance to trophy prey; they are very often used by novice anglers who want to master the technique of fishing with spinners. Their main advantage (besides the price) is ease of use: they prevent the appearance of a "beard", and also provide good casting accuracy. They are used mainly with float rods rather than spinning rods.

5 Topline Tackle Costa 200

Best price

Price for Aliexpress: from 310 rub.

Rating (2021):

Despite the fact that the seller submits the goods as"Ultralight spinning reel", using it for spinning would not be the best idea. But as a very budget option for a float rod, Topline Tackle is just right. The device is assembled quite well, it is lightweight and convenient ergonomics (if such concepts are generally applicable for such simple mechanisms). In their reviews, users now and then note that this reel should be recommended primarily to beginners, since it comes with a line immediately wound. It is not necessary to strongly believe in the presence of the 4 bearings indicated in the description, it is rather a psychological number, less than which the Chinese seller simply cannot indicate (in fact, there is only one bearing, as, indeed, on many other budget models).


Most reliable budget model

Price for Aliexpress: from 673 rub.

Rating (2021):

A budget fishing reel can rarelyboast high quality, reliability and durability. To keep an attractive price tag, the manufacturer has to save on materials, but there are exceptions, one of which is now in front of us. This is the best model in terms of reliability. It is completely metal, including a spool and an internal gearbox. There are also two protective covers. The first is a zinc layer that protects the coil from corrosion. The second is a polymer paint with a powder structure.

But despite the protection from rust, into the waterit is better not to lower the coil. There are no seals here, so all bearings are open. They are also galvanized, but due to constant friction they still rust. With proper handling, such a coil will last for more than one season. There are practically no weak modules here. Even the handle is fixed quite well, and the line guide bracket is one-piece, not tubular.

3 GLS yms-90

Rich equipment

Price for Aliexpress: from 703 rub.

Rating (2021):

It's no secret that Chinese manufacturers,presented on Aliexpress often like to embellish their products, attributing nonexistent parameters to them. In the description of this coil, we see the mention of 12 ball bearings. This is a lot even by the standards of elite models, and we have a budget fishing reel, whose price is below 1000 rubles. We go down to the reviews and see that this is not a hoax. There are actually 12 bearings in the housing, and they are all working. True, there are no seals and protection against leakage, so it is better not to immerse the coil in water

In practice, this number of bearings givesbetter running smoothness. The softness of the reel, thanks to which the reel is ideal for use with trolling and other fishing methods that involve guiding. But it's better not to think about big trophies. The power is quite low, and the whole structure is exclusively plastic. True, there is a spare spool in the kit, but it does not differ in durability either.


Most popular model

Price for Aliexpress: from 767 rub.

Rating (2021):

LINNHUE budget reels are some of the mostpopular on Aliexpress, largely due to the optimal balance of price and quality. This series is intended primarily for small fish, made of metal (the only plastic part is the bracket holder). All the declared functionality (note the presence of a locking flag to block reverse rotation) works properly, there are no backlashes, soft travel and friction, and the tip of the handle is made in the form of a wooden knob for more convenient rotation (if desired, it can be removed). There is a wide range of models with different bobbin sizes. Sometimes the seller also has overlays, but judging by the reviews, it is not so difficult to get the money back for the marriage.

1 Yumoshi AX500-9000

Instant backstop

Price for Aliexpress: from 769 rub.

Rating (2021):

One of the best selling fishing reels onAliexpress, which has an optimal balance of price and quality. For relatively little money, the user is offered a neatly assembled device, without any crooked joints, gaps and other defects. Also, Yumoshi will delight the fishermen with a soft and measured move, without noise and jerks, with an instantly triggered blocking of the reverse entrance.

The ratchet on the spool allows for smooth dispensingtightening forces for fine tuning. However, we immediately warn you that you should not trust the official description too much: it does not even smell of any 12-13 bearings, in reality there are only 3 of them installed, and everything else works on ordinary plastic bushings. In principle, this is not critical, and it does not affect the power and driving characteristics very much, but it is important to choose the right spinning rod and equipment for it.

The best spinning fishing reels: price from 1000 rubles

The main difference between spinning coils of highclass from the initial is not only purely visual, but also in design features. Such models are capable of withstanding serious loads, and, therefore, the limits of their applicability are much wider than that of cheap counterparts. They are more reliable in terms of durability and are the main "weapon" of professional anglers.


Robust design

Price for Aliexpress: from 1176 rub.

Rating (2021):

Positive feedback on products from the pastthe categories were mainly associated with the low price of the monitored coils (where phrases like “it's hard to expect more for that kind of money”). Therefore, they had all sorts of shortcomings, albeit not particularly critical ones. LIEYUWANG, in turn, is already praised not just for the price, but also for many other characteristics. The following advantages of the device are distinguished:

  • Decent build quality. The reel is almost entirely made of metal, a bit heavy, but sits perfectly in the hand.
  • Optimal travel balance. It is light and smooth enough to make precise and accentuated casts. The reverse brake is also quite good quality and comfortable.

There are some questions about the handle, a number of buyers noted the presence of small backlashes (this is not a marriage, but rather a technological inevitability), but they did not spoil the general impression of the coil.

4 Yumoshi OMW1119

High reliability

Price for Aliexpress: from 1173 rub.

Rating (2021):

Japanese company Yumoshi did not exchangefor the production of a meager single product, having realized the idea of ​​creating a full-fledged multi-series line of OMW1119 reels for completing spinning rods of various standard sizes. Seven nominal series quickly gained popularity in Russia, and good reliability and not the highest nominal price served as an incentive for this.

Despite the fact that all series are different from each otherother dimensions and weight, their design remains unchanged. The moving parts are equipped with 14 rolling bearings, which provided fishing reels with a long service life and a long service life before complete failure. Buyers who have tried the reels in business, complementarily speak about their work in tandem with a spinning rod, but at the same time they argue that it is better to purchase the 1000th (initial) series for a float rod.

3 SeaKnight WR III

The best ratio of price and quality

Price for Aliexpress: from 2 099 rub.

Rating (2021):

Before us is one of the most popular brands,presented on Aliexpress. There are always positive reviews under his products. High quality, attractive prices and manufacturer's guarantees do their job. Moreover, this brand does not deceive its customers. If something is stated in the description, you can be sure that it is so. For example, this model has 10 ball bearings and a sectional diagram is presented, where all of them are perfectly visible.

This fishing reel is made of carbon fiber.Only aluminum spool. With a size of 5 thousand units, the product weighs just over 200 grams. An excellent result, besides the winding speed is decent. The gear ratio of the coil is 5.8 to one. The speed is controlled, that is, the module can be used with different fishing methods. It is also suitable for jigging. This is facilitated by light weight and better running smoothness provided by bearings and gear ratio.

2 Fishdrops XLBE

Lightest coil

Price for Aliexpress: from 1 337 rub.

Rating (2021):

Weight is an important parameter for a coil.It determines how balanced your spinning rod will be. Before us is the lightest model with Aliexpress. With a size of 2,000 units according to the Shimano classification, it weighs only 85 grams. This is made possible by the use of carbon as the base material. Not only the body is made of it, but also the spool. The perforation of the movable carriage also contributed to weight reduction. This makes sense, since the strength of the product has not decreased, but the weight has decreased.

In addition, there are initially no oil seals in the coil,protecting the internal modules from water and dust ingress. That is, even if the case were one-piece, it would not affect the security in any way. It is better not to immerse the reel in water, and after the end of the fishing season, it is necessary to clean and lubricate. In this case, the model will last for many seasons. And finally, we note the attractive design also thanks to the noble matte carbon.

1 Kastking sharky ii

Best lifting capacity

Price for Aliexpress: from 3252 rub.

Rating (2021):

Kastking Sharky II is the most famous and most famousthe most powerful reel in the Kastking range. The statistics speaks for itself: literally in six months, serial samples were sold in the amount of 4-5 thousand pieces, and about half were purchased by domestic fishermen. According to the manufacturer, this reel was created specifically for fishing the carp family, which in no way prevented domestic fishermen from making a full-fledged universal component out of it. The design of the model assumes the presence of 11 rolling bearings, therefore, the clutch and other moving parts perform smoothly.

But the most significant advantage of the coil over othersIs the maximum weight that can be sustained. The oldest model in the class, the Kastking Sharky II 6000, has this parameter equal to 19 kilograms with a gear ratio of 4.9: 1. The rest of the series are designed for slightly less resistance from the fish, but they can become a worthy addition for any type of spinning rod.

Best Baitcasting Fishing Reels

Baitcasting fishing reels area more powerful alternative to inertialessness and have a number of characteristic differences with them. One of these is the brake mechanism. While in complex spinning coils, braking is carried out by a clutch located in the upper part of the body, in multiplier coils this role is played by magnetic holders. In addition, a distinctive visual distinction is the double handle, the comfort of which is highly dependent on the length of the arm. These coils cost a little more than standard spinning coils, but they are more modern and can withstand much higher loads.

5 Piscifun torrent

Best design

Price for Aliexpress: from 2572 rub.

Rating (2021):

Piscifun Premium Baitcasting ReelTorrent is the perfect combination of polished construction and great style, complemented by good handling and complete control over the current situation. Despite the fact that the main color in the scheme is black, this coil cannot be called inconspicuous and uninteresting. Its solidity and deliberate brightness is given by the dotted selection of some elements (mainly fasteners) in a blood-red color, with a slight admixture of metallic sheen on the drum and axle bolt.

Technical aspects are also eye-catchingPiscifun Torrent, leaving most of the competitive models out of business. The coil design contains only six bearings - no more was needed to ensure optimal operating and resource parameters. The drum of the multiplier is equipped with a ten-stage magnetic brake, the peak frictional force of which is designed to hold 8.1 kilograms of weight.

To the already great list of benefitsthe price is also added: analogues of such a coil in the market retail cost half the price, so the choice of this multiplier as one of the best is quite justified.


4 LIXADA Baitcasting Reel

Best price tag for a multiplier model

Price for Aliexpress: from 1313 rub.

Rating (2021):

Custom reel from LIXADA companyis a model of stylish and at the same time high quality equipment for productive fishing. The body of the product is painted in an unintentionally attractive gray-white color scheme, which is diluted with catchy elements trimmed in gold. The structure itself is made of an aluminum alloy, the mechanical properties of which are an order of magnitude higher than those of a number of alternative structural metals.

LIXADA Baitcasting Reel is perfect forconditions of river and sea fishing. The maximum holding force of the multiplier is as much as six kilograms. This is an excellent result, especially in light of the not-so-outstanding dimensions and overall weight, which is only 192 grams. The final design touch, which has a positive effect on performance, is the presence of 13 bearings in the mechanism. Considering that the cost of this fishing reel is about 30% lower than the cost of competitive models, every angler gets the right to "pump" his own equipment practically for free.


Universal coil

Price for Aliexpress: from 1 084 rub.

Rating (2021):

Professional fishermen love that everyonethey had their own fishing method, a special tackle. All of this is expensive and often pointless. If you are a simple fisherman and love to sit with a rod, but are not ready to buy dozens of reels, this option will be an excellent solution for you. This fishing reel with Aliexpress is suitable for everything from slow spinning to aggressive microjigging. The winding speed is controlled by a magnetic brake. It has 12 positions and is controlled by a simple touch of the carriage.

The maximum gear ratio is 7.3 to one.A good indicator that allows you to very quickly bring the captured trophy ashore. The load of the model up to 10 kilograms will also please. But, reading the reviews, we understand that the parameter, as usual, is underestimated. Some users pulled out even larger individuals, and the coil coped well with them without tearing the gearbox. And most importantly, all this at an attractive price.

2 Bakawa GGG

The richest package

Price for Aliexpress: from 1 220 rub.

Rating (2021):

Before us is a fishing reel of a multipliertype, which also comes with a skein of braided line from the same manufacturer. This eliminates the already low price tag. For a model with a spool capacity of 2000 units, the price is already adequate, and then there is also 100 meters of cord, which itself costs a lot. The technical equipment is also all right. There are several brake options. Including magnetic, which regulates the winding speed. This allows you to make accurate casts to the selected point.

Speed ​​is another major benefit.The gear ratio of the coil is 8.1 to one. This is a lot, even by the standards of multipliers. The speed is controlled by pressing the thumb lever. That is, you just do the wiring at a slow speed, and as soon as a bite occurs, remove the stopper and quickly bring the trophy ashore. This set is suitable for most fishing methods, from the quietest to the most aggressive.

1 KastKing Crixus

The best choice

Price for Aliexpress: from 2 997 rub.

Rating (2021):

If you still have an Aliexpress siteis associated with low quality goods, then look at this reel - a multiplier that can compete with the most famous Japanese brands. This is equipment for professional fishing. It has all the necessary functionality, including a 12-position magnetic brake. It is activated by simply touching the carriage with your finger. With its help, you can control the process of line winding, which makes it possible to make accurate casts to a specific point.

The endurance of the model will also please.According to the documentation, the coil can handle objects weighing up to 8 kilograms, but if you read the reviews, it becomes clear that the parameter is greatly underestimated, and in fact the model is able to deal with much larger trophies, and without straining or grinding the gears. All in all, a great model. This is the best multiplier, and its price will undoubtedly please the lovers of such fishing methods.

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