15 best folding knives with Aliexpress

A folding knife is an indispensable assistant in a hike, onfishing and even at home. Its main advantages are its compactness and retractable blade. Such a product can be carried in a pocket or on a belt without fear of injury or cutting. MarkKachestvo experts have selected the best knife options in different price categories, which are sold on Aliexpress.

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Characteristics in the rating

1 Best tactical knife
2 The thinnest blade. High quality steel
3 Lightweight and compact folding keychain knife
4 The most reliable. Excellent quality materials
5 Best price. Unusual design

1 The most popular. Five built-in blades
2 The best package. Alternative to scalpel
3 Unusual design. High-quality opening mechanism
4 Best knife with two blades
5 Easy to maintain, repair and replace parts

1 Better steel quality
2 Bright design. Precise blade position
3 Most trusted brand
4 Fixing the clip in three positions
5 The best ratio of price and quality

When choosing a folding knife, you should pay attentionnot only the convenience of the model, but also the quality of the blade. Sooner or later, any blade needs to be sharpened, and if it was made of low-quality steel, it will have to be sharpened constantly. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the quality of knives presented on Aliexpress, so in our rating we will be based on external characteristics, convenience, size, as well as descriptions of sellers.

Not all manufacturers indicate the brand andhardness of steel, but you can clarify these parameters immediately before purchasing. Also important characteristics are dimensions, weight, blocking and opening mechanism. We took all this data into account when compiling the top so that choosing the best model took a minimum amount of time.

The best folding knives with Aliexpress: budget up to 1000 rubles

Within 1000 rubles on Aliexpress you canorder compact knives for hiking. There are also more solid models that sellers call tactical, but their quality does not always meet expectations. When buying the cheapest goods, you should especially carefully study the top and user reviews.


Best price. Unusual design

Price for Aliexpress: from 71 rub.

Rating (2021):

When choosing a folding knife, pay attention toattention to the grade of steel from which the blade is made. On materials for the handle and the strength of the connection. But there are models in the top where these parameters simply do not make sense. One of them is in front of us. The purpose of the product cannot be guessed at first glance. Externally - a plastic key with a folding blade. The simplest and even the most primitive design, which is difficult to find application. Unless you can try to use the device for self-defense in the late evening.

The seller with Aliexpress describes this knife asa device for cutting paper, or rather opening letters. A very strange description, given the compact dimensions and not very convenient blade recess system. However, this is an ordinary keychain with a small blade made of unknown steel. A toy that can be worn over a bunch of keys and used in some situations, such as opening bottles or sharpening a pencil.

4 Doom Blade 57HRC

The most reliable. Excellent quality materials

Price for Aliexpress: from 486 rub.

Rating (2021):

A folding knife can be tacticaltourist and even kitchen, and in this case it is just two in one. In appearance, the product could easily become part of the ammunition of a military or policeman, but its full length when unfolded is only 150 millimeters, and when folded, it is even 65 mm. A miniature copy, but very high quality. To begin with, there is a handle with wooden inserts, and this is not a cheap imitation, as is often the case with manufacturers with Aliexpress. Real wood, varnished.

The hardness of the steel used on the blade - 57units. Not a bad result, the seller is silent about the brand, simply claiming that it is the best and most durable. There is no way to check the possibility, and there are not enough reviews under the product to form a definite opinion. But the price and quickness of the seller mentioned in the comments will please. Already not bad, especially considering the visual appeal of the knife.

3 ACCHAMP 31751

Lightweight and compact folding keychain knife

Price for Aliexpress: from 398 rub.

Rating (2021):

There are many folding items on Aliexpressknives of compact size. Some of them made it to this top, but we managed to find the smallest version, the length of which when unfolded is only 9 centimeters. In fact, this is a keychain, and there is even a special ring at the end of the handle. But in the product description, the grade of steel 5CR15 is indicated, from which this tool is made, and it is worth noting that this is not the worst material for the production of blades.

Of course, such a knife will be used infrequently,so the sharpening will probably last for many years. As for the functionality and application of this tool, here it is already to each his own. On a hike or fishing, it is unlikely to come in handy, although the mechanism is made in such a way that the blade can be reached with one hand, that is, for example, it is quite possible for them to cut off a piece of fishing line. In general, another semi-decorative tool with Aliexpress.

2 TUWO M390

The thinnest blade. High quality steel

Price for Aliexpress: from 649 rub.

Rating (2021):

Surely, the first thing that caught your eye -price. But do not rush to skip the review. This knife is really worth the money. Its main feature is high quality Austrian steel. The marking of the goods shows which steel grade was used in the manufacture, and this is a real article, which denotes a metal with a high carbon content. Such a blade is practically not dull and does not require sharpening. It does not rust even after prolonged contact with water and easily takes impacts. The knife is not afraid of any adversity and it can be safely used for its intended purpose, without fear that the blade will break or fail.

According to the seller with Aliexpress, such knivesare part of the arsenal of Austrian rescuers. That is why the lot looks minimalist and strict. There is nothing superfluous here, since it is not a decoration or just a beautiful attribute. In addition, the set includes a scabbard made of genuine leather with strict stitching. Unfortunately, there is no belt attachment or even a protective cover, that is, the scabbard itself is more of a decorative element than a necessary attribute.


Best tactical knife

Price for Aliexpress: from 456 rub.

Rating (2021):

Folding knives are more than just a camping tool.They are in service with all the armies of the world, as well as special services. Manufacturers often try to repeat such designs, since they have carefully thought out ergonomics and functionality. Before us is just such a knife. Of course, he is not in service with the army, but only copies the real arsenal of the military. However, all the advantages of a true tactical tool are present here.

The first thing that catches your eye is the appearance.The knife looks harsh and brutal. Black blade, complex body with many details and the presence of a folding mechanism that allows you to open the knife with one hand. The manufacturer also indicates that the blade is made of high-alloy steel (3Cr13 with a hardness of 57 HRC), that is, sharpening will be required extremely rarely. What will definitely delight the buyer is the price. Less than 500 rubles for an interesting and attractive model of an army tactical knife.

The best folding knives with Aliexpress: budget from 1000 rubles

Если говорить о среднем ценовом сегменте, здесь presented the most popular folding knives from Aliexpress. Each of them has earned a place in the top due to the optimal combination of quality and value. The products are suitable for use at home, fishing or on a camping trip.

5 Browning FA18

Easy to maintain, repair and replace parts

Price for Aliexpress: from 1058 rub.

Rating (2021):

The seller with Aliexpress claims that in front of usa real military knife. The description on the site indicates that 7CR18MOV steel is used for the manufacture of the blade. Its hardness is 57–58 units, which is a fairly high indicator, which tells us that the knife lends itself to sharpening, does not dull from contact with hard objects and overall durability.

The handle is two-component.It uses unknown grade steel and G10 grade plastic. But the main advantage lies in the design of the product itself. It is not solid. Each element can be removed, cleaned, and, if necessary, replaced. By the way, the same seller has components for this knife, which, on the one hand, is good and convenient, and on the other hand, it is strange, given the high quality of the steel used. However, if we consider the knife as a model for tourism, then this is the best option in terms of convenience. And it can be cleaned after use.

4 Rainy

Best knife with two blades

Price for Aliexpress: from 1028 rub.

Rating (2021):

Before us is the most original folding knife withAliexpress. Its uniqueness lies in the presence of two blades made of 440 steel with a hardness of 57 units. Outwardly, it resembles some attribute of a superhero from a comic book or computer game. In practice, it is an ordinary toy, which even a tin can cannot be opened. The toy got into our top not only because of its unique appearance, but also because of the good quality of materials.

Many buyers complain that the product is nothas a specific purpose. Keychain decoration, nothing more. However, it would be strange to expect any outstanding results, given the compact size of the product and its maximum inconvenience to use. But the design is collapsible, that is, the knife can be cleaned. For domestic purposes, Rainy is quite suitable, but more from a knife is not required.

3 Brother 1502G

Unusual design. High-quality opening mechanism

Price for Aliexpress: from 1314 rub.

Rating (2021):

Brother 1502G is a successful copy of the so-calledthe gentleman's knife Kershaw 1993-2 and the slightly less popular Navy K661. Its handle is made of G10 plastic, the blade is made of 440C steel with a hardness of 58-60 HRC. The dimensions of the cutting edge are 70.5 * 3 * 19.4 mm, the total weight of the tool is just over 70 grams. It is small and sleek, fits comfortably in the hand. The opening mechanism works well with a quiet and pleasant click. The axle assembly is not separable here, like in the classic old-fashioned models.

Site users usually praise the product in reviews.on Aliexpress. The folding knife is neatly made, there is only one drawback - the sharpening marks on the slopes look too rough and noticeable. The blade is sharp, it handles wood, textiles, fruits and vegetables without any problems. The length of the blade is not always sufficient for cutting large objects. Before using it, be sure to wipe the knife, as the seller lubricates it with oil.

2 WARHERO Titanium Pocket Knive

The best package. Alternative to scalpel

Price for Aliexpress: from 881 rub.

Rating (2021):

Strict and laconic knife WARHERO manufacturercalls it tactical. Featuring a titanium alloy handle, this compact model is durable and sharp. Its dimensions are 81 * 135 mm, the length of the blade is 30 mm. The cutting edge is made of stainless steel, the brand of which the seller does not provide. It locks securely in the open position. The total weight of the folding knife is only 30 grams. This item is shipped in a metal box, including 10 replacement blades.

In reviews on Aliexpress they write that WARHEROrather a scalpel, it should not be used as a regular knife. But for creating deep and thin cuts, the tool is ideal. There are different uses: you can chop fruit, cut the rope, open the packaging, etc. The spring is tough, the product will not open accidentally in your pocket. Buyers consider the only drawback to be a short blade - it may not be enough for office needs.


The most popular. Five built-in blades

Price for Aliexpress: from 1005 rub.

Rating (2021):

The leader of this top category is the bright foldingknife from the famous brand WORKPRO on Aliexpress. At a cost of just over 1,000 rubles, it is a multifunctional tool for repair and household use. There are as many as 5 stainless steel blades inside the handle. The seller did not indicate its brand and firmness. The handle is light enough, it is made of ABS plastic. On the body of the product there is a blocker, a button to increase the pressure of the blade, as well as a slide switch to open the compartment with the rest of the knives. In addition, there is a clip to secure the tool to the belt.

Buyers highlight good quality in reviewsplastic, but the assembly as a whole leaves much to be desired. There are certain gaps, burrs, and the axial screw of the blade is not tightened enough. But the folding knife is really sharp, the mechanism is well fixed. Considering all this, the product corresponds to its price on Aliexpress.

Premium quality folding knives with Aliexpress

This category includes folding knives from variousprice categories, they are united by one thing - excellent workmanship and materials. Even Aliexpress comes across original products from international brands. These are the products that we included in the top.

5 WARHERO Folding Art Knife

The best ratio of price and quality

Price for Aliexpress: from 818 rub.

Rating (2021):

Unnamed model of a folding knife from WARHEROopens the category of the highest quality instruments in the top. At a relatively low price, it boasts solid workmanship and a sharp blade. For the manufacture were used carbon and titanium. At the same time, the total weight of the instrument is a little more than 22 grams, dimensions - 134 * 16 * 36 mm. Replaceable blades are included as well as a sturdy metal carrying box.

The blade received predominantly positivereviews from users of Aliexpress. Due to its compactness and minimal weight, WARHERO will be the best option for small household chores, it is also convenient to take it with you on a hike or a business trip. The cutting edge can be easily removed for cleaning and changing blades. You can only find fault with the fact that revision is required. It is recommended to disassemble and clean the knife. Another caveat - the packaging is not perfect, damage occurs during transportation.

4 Kershaw 3655 Volt SS

Fixing the clip in three positions

Price for Aliexpress: from 1002 rub.

Rating (2021):

Kershaw 3655 Volt SS - not the newest, butdefinitely a good model of a folding knife. It uses steel grade 8Cr13MoV, its hardness is 58 units. The parameters of the blade are 7.9 * 2.7 * 0.3 cm, the total length reaches 19.6 cm. The handle is also made of stainless steel, the dies are all-metal. Because of this, the weight of the instrument turned out to be higher than that of its counterparts - as much as 145 grams. It is not very convenient to hold the knife with one hand, but it works well with different materials.

Buyers were satisfied with the appearance andbuild quality of the tool. The blade does not play, the clip is fixed in three positions, it holds well on the belt. The reduction of the blade is quite thin, but the factory sharpening is not always uniform. Also among the disadvantages is the fact that the cutting edge is not quite centered. The box often wrinkles during transportation, so it will not work for a gift - but this is not the most important selection criterion.

3 Kizer V4538N1

Most trusted brand

Price for Aliexpress: from 4580 rub.

Rating (2021):

Knife from the world manufacturer Kaiser,specializing in the production of kitchen paraphernalia, but also producing interesting tactical knives. For the blade, N690 steel is used here, and the handle is made of hard G10 plastic. Such a knife could not fail to get into our top. Yes, the product can be safely called ideal in terms of the quality of the materials used, but, in any case, it is a tourist knife, albeit made in the best traditions of tactical models.

By the way, reviews about the product on Aliexpress are verymany, and all extremely positive. The brand has long established itself in the market and strictly adheres to the company's traditions of maintaining quality. They also praise the design, which is most thought out with good ergonomics. And the quality of the blade, which is rustproof, slow to dull and does a great job on hard objects. If not for the highest price on Aliexpress, Kizer V4538N1 could be considered the best product in the top.

2 Ganzo Firebird F759M

Bright design. Precise blade position

Price for Aliexpress: from 1177 rub.

Rating (2021):

About folding knives and other toolsthe production of Ganzo and its subsidiary Firebird are legendary far beyond Aliexpress. Products from this brand are rarely found on the Chinese marketplace, but they instantly enter the top sellers. For example, the F759M is ideal for everyday tasks and outdoor activities. With a 58-60 HRC 440C steel blade, this tool is a replica of the Spyderco Delica 4, Byrd Cara Cara 2 and Byrd Meadowlark 2.

The handle is made of nylon and fiberglass.It is easy to care for, strong and comfortable. The embossed FRN overlays look stylish and bright. The unfolded length of the product is 175 mm, the weight does not exceed 70 g. Judging by the reviews, Ganzo is small and light, conveniently attached to a belt. The assembly is of high quality, without backlash. The blade is sharp and centered. The only negative is that the blade opens a little taut, it will be difficult to do it with one hand.


Better steel quality

Price for Aliexpress: from 1389 rub.

Rating (2021):

MITSUMOTO SAKARI MS-227 - a first-class knife fromeminent Japanese brand. Its cutting edge is made of Aus-8 stainless steel with a high carbon and chrome content. It is distinguished by the best strength and rigidity, and can do without sharpening for a long time. The model is available in two versions - with and without a blade lock in the open state. The ebonite handle has an ergonomic shape, so that the hand does not get tired during prolonged work with a folding knife. The tool can be easily opened with one hand.

Reviews praise the design of the MS-227 and the sharpness of the cuttingedges. Japanese Aus-8 steel is sensitive to high humidity, therefore it is recommended to store the product in a dry place. It is also important to properly care for the blade, but this rule applies to all models from the top. The disadvantages of buyers include the fact that the blade is loose in the closed position. There is a risk of accidentally opening it and cutting yourself. Otherwise, the product can be considered the best option.

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