15 best gamepads with Aliexpress

A good and convenient gamepad is the key to a comfortable gameand better results when it comes to esports. But not everyone can afford expensive devices of famous brands, so we found a quality alternative on Aliexpress with a more democratic price tag, positive reviews and excellent functionality. The top includes the most relevant models for 2021 in three categories: wired for PCs, wireless and the best joysticks for smartphones.

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Characteristics in the rating

1 Universal game controller for all platforms
2 Best budget Xbox 360 counterpart
3 The best gamepad for fighting games
4 Classic USB controller for retro gaming
5 Sega MD USB Joystick

1 The most affordable and popular gamepad for Sony PS
2 The optimum ratio of price and quality
3 Most Popular New
4 Enhanced Nintendo joystick with sticks
5 Best Price for Nintendo Switch Gamepad

1 Better autonomy
2 Universal gamepad with bracket for smartphones
3 Pocket console for smartphone
4 Analog triggers for mobile shooters
5 Convenient trigger buttons

There are more and more good games every day andthis pleases many gamers, but the question of control remains open. The combination "keyboard + mouse" does not suit everyone, and not all games interact effectively with it. One of the main accessories through which contact with the virtual world is made is a joystick or gamepad. Since their inception, they have seriously evolved, transforming into advanced manipulators and controllers. With such devices, you can say goodbye to the problem of obstruction of game hits on "keyboard mice". The only catch is in the price of branded solutions.

If you have no desire to spend money on deara well-known joystick, or you only need an accessory for one game, or you don't know if you need it at all - consider alternatives. A good replacement is the Chinese gadgets from AliExpress, which we included in today's selection. All joysticks and gamepads presented in the rating sell well, have at least 90% of positive reviews and are distinguished by advanced functionality.

The best wired gamepads for your computer

The best gamepad is the one that is comfortablelies in the hand, interacts with the required operating systems and suits your needs. Some of the most affordable are wired gamepads. They restrict the player's movements - this is a minus. But do not worry that at the most important moment the battery will run out and you will not be able to prevail. And this is a big plus. Well, they cost less than wireless counterparts.

5 Kebidu USB Gamepad

Sega MD USB Joystick

Price for Aliexpress: from 290 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Classic controller from Sega consoles,which will undoubtedly be useful for those who want to plunge back into childhood and play their favorite 16-bit games, but this time on a computer. The developers claim that the gamepad is specially designed for retro gaming and adapted for the very games from Sega Mega Drive (though it's not very clear how this compatibility is implemented, because there are quite a few emulators, and none of them is mentioned in the description).

Anyway, all buttons can be assignedmanually, which means that there should not be any special problems with the configuration. And, judging by the reviews, Kebidu connects to systems independently and without additional manipulations. They also advise the most stable emulators and praise the build quality of the device. One of the drawbacks is the lack of a mode button (for some games it is critical).


Classic USB controller for retro gaming

Price for Aliexpress: from 225 rub.

Rating (2021):

Another interesting copy for gamers of the oldtemperings that started their way back with 8-bit hits from the times of Sega and Dandy. MOONBIFFY will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy retro games with a specially adapted gamepad. The classic appearance and layout of the buttons, as well as universal compatibility with all operating systems of modern PCs (Windows / Mac) will help you plunge into childhood and re-play your favorite games. The C091 copes with its tasks more than successfully (except that some users had problems with the response of the cross, but this is fixable and rare), no additional software is required.

On Aliexpress, this retro-style controller has collectedalmost 400 reviews, of which 96% are positive. The functionality did not upset anyone, the buttons have a pleasant soft stroke, there are no problems with connection, and even the color of the gamepad body matches the declared one, but the Chinese like to be wise in this matter.

3 Cewaal Joystick

The best gamepad for fighting games

Price for Aliexpress: from 2240 rub.

Rating (2021):

Dedicated device for PCs and laptops (compatibleand PS3), designed to facilitate control in a number of specific games - first of all, we are talking about the fighting game genre and games such as Tekken and Street Fighter, but in many arcades such a manipulator will also be useful. The controller holds firmly on a smooth surface, and the handle fits comfortably in the hand - in general, there is everything for a comfortable game. The model is available in a variety of colors, everyone will find an option for themselves.

In reviews, buyers complain about the qualitytransportation and wrinkled packaging, but in this case it is more a signal not to trust the free delivery service than a claim to the goods. Buyers have no complaints about the functionality of the gamepad. The gadget does its job perfectly, providing ease of control in fighting games on a PC, fully interacts with all the announced platforms, is soundly assembled and is not afraid of strong hits on the buttons.

2 ONLENY Xbox 360

Best budget Xbox 360 counterpart

Price for Aliexpress: from 1200 rubles.

Rating (2021):

ONLENY is a worthy clone of the original controllerfrom Xbox 360. All buttons and sticks work absolutely identically, vibration has not gone anywhere, and the PCs themselves define the gamepad as the Xbox 360 (so you won't have to look for third-party emulators and deal with complicated settings). The assembly and quality of the buttons are also excellent, and a 2.5 meter cord is enough in any situation. The device is even packed in a box that looks like the original one, but, of course, without any logos.

On Aliexpress, this model has more than 92%positive feedback. Buyers love the ability to choose from several colors, including "feminine" shades, high-quality gamepad ergonomics, reliable assembly and full compatibility with all operating systems. At the same time, judging by the negative feedback, there is a risk that a defective copy will be sent to you, although this happens quite rarely.


Universal game controller for all platforms

Price for Aliexpress: from 1900 rub.

Rating (2021):

Wired gamepad, similar in appearance to the controllerfrom PS4 and is compatible, in fact, with the Sony console itself, as well as with PC and Android (via an OTG adapter). There is a headphone jack, vibration and backlighting of 4 function buttons (it looks very organic and is designed to help gamers not get confused when playing in the dark, but it is made non-disconnectable, which may well not be liked by someone). For its price MPOW has decent ergonomics and plastic quality, all sticks and triggers are soft, which means that no effort is required to press.

According to customer reviews, the declared widecompatibility works well - the device connects instantly to all the specified systems without any problems with configuration. Of the existing shortcomings, the main one is the presence of small dead zones at the sticks (in many games this will not be noticeable, but in shooters they can lead to some inconvenience when moving and jumping).

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The best wireless gamepads for game consoles and PCs

The main advantage of wireless gamepads ismobility. You can sit comfortably on the sofa without getting tangled up in wires and without looking for a free socket for connection. Otherwise, they are identical to their wired counterparts, but they can throw a surprise - a sudden discharge at the most interesting place in the game.

5 Gen Game Nintendo Switch Pro

Best Price for Nintendo Switch Gamepad

Price for Aliexpress: from 500 rubles

Rating (2021):

Cheap Chinese analogue of the Nintendo controllerSwitch. Of course, wireless, with high-quality copying of the original dimensions and functionality. Available on Aliexpress in several colors, including designer ones, and as additional accessories you can buy a silicone protective case and removable stick pads with a special anti-slip design that helps to more accurately determine the direction of inclination. In addition, the manufacturer promises up to 20 hours of gaming on a single charge of the 550 mAh battery.

Sounds good, but reviews say thatthe functionality of the gamepad is still not completely copied and a couple of functions are missing (HD Rumble and Amiibo). On the other hand, in operation the manipulator shows itself perfectly, in the hands it sits like a glove, defective copies have not yet "surfaced", and the gamepad connects with a PC via the Xinput emulator with a wired connection without problems.

4 Ipega Nintendo Switch SN30 PRO

Enhanced Nintendo joystick with sticks

Price for Aliexpress: from 3180 rub.

Rating (2021):

In the event that the ergonomics of the joysticks areYou still consider the good old 8-bit consoles to be the best, but you cannot refuse using the sticks, as well as the usual triggers and bumpers, the SN30 is just the solution for you. This model is ideal for retro gaming: it is compatible with all modern systems, supports both wired and wireless connections (up to 16 hours of battery life) and the classic chips of the original Nintendo joysticks (cross button, optimal pressing force, etc.) ...

This modification is a revised versionThe SN30 controller has improved cross-platform compatibility, slightly redesigned design and new body materials for a more pleasant tactile response. After the changes made, this is undoubtedly the best wireless gamepad on Aliexpress, made in the style of Nintendo.

3 EasySMX ESM-9101

Most Popular New

Price for Aliexpress: from 1870 rub.

Rating (2021):

EasySMX ESM-9101 Controller - Wirelessa gamepad that literally blew up the top sales of Aliexpress. There are many reasons for this takeoff. First, the thoughtful Xbox-style design with non-slip grips and a pleasant tactile feel to the controls. Secondly, the functionality. There are quality sticks, a configurable turbo button and linear triggers for smooth speed control in racing simulators on PC. Thirdly, the 600 mAh battery holds up to 12 hours of active gaming. Well, as a bonus - absolute compatibility with any devices, including tablets and smart TVs.

All of the above is confirmed by reviews.customers who praise the model for its excellent looks, ease of use, first-class performance of a pair of vibration motors and the absence of the smell of cheap plastic after unpacking. As a result, we get the best all-round gadget for a relatively budget price.

2 TECTINTER Gamepad for Xbox 360

The optimum ratio of price and quality

Price for Aliexpress: from 1350 rub.

Rating (2021):

The TECTINTER gamepad completely copies the appearancethe classic Xbox 360 controller from Microsoft, but has a number of additional benefits. First, it is wireless (battery powered). Secondly, a wide selection of designs (seven different colors) that will help the gamer stand out from his friends. In terms of functionality, no complaints were found - all buttons work perfectly, including vibration, and the case itself is soundly and firmly assembled (nothing backlash or creaks).

In general, if you are looking for a wireless gamepad toXbox 360, then TECTINTER is one of the best choices, considering that the original joysticks are discontinued and not easy to find. If, in addition to the console, you want to try the device, for example, on a PC, you will have to buy a special adapter for it.

1 SZKOSTON 800366

The most affordable and popular gamepad for Sony PS

Price for Aliexpress: from 750 rubles.

Rating (2021):

This multifunctional game controller forThe PlayStation will delight those looking for a budget replacement for the DualShock. The design of the accessory is classic. The manufacturer did not bother with its transformation and used a shape well known to gamers with a symmetrical placement of the sticks. If you look closely, you will notice differences in the images on the buttons. And, of course, no corporate logos. Otherwise, everything is like the original: the joystick is excellent, the buttons do not stick.

Most users are satisfied andthe autonomy of the gamepad, they assure in the reviews that it fully complies with the declared characteristics. The build and soldering quality is excellent, even the plastic looks like the original. Unless, a copy from Aliexpress is a little easier. But the device connects with a PC without any problems. The working range is 10 meters. The seller offers 6 colors to choose from. This is the best Sony PS gaming controller you can buy for around $ 10.

The best gamepads for mobile

Gamers are divided into PC lovers and fansconsoles. But there is also a third group - adherents of telephone games. For a long time they were not taken seriously even by manufacturers of gamepads and joysticks, because games for smartphones and tablets are mainly focused on the touchscreen. However, in fact, even they sometimes require a joystick. Phone controllers generally use batteries. They have a phone mount on the case, but most devices can be connected to a PC as well. Of course, gamepads with Aliexpress are different from branded originals. It is more of a budget option that may be the best for those who are not ready to spend more than $ 20 on its purchase.

5 BASEUS Gamepad for PUBG

Convenient trigger buttons

Price for Aliexpress: from 375 rubles.

Rating (2021):

These manipulators are not completejoysticks in the direct sense of the word, however, greatly simplify the life of those who like to play shooters from mobile devices. The model in question is positioned by BASEUS as an ideal solution for playing PUBG MOBILE. The design consists of trigger buttons that are attached to the smartphone screen using a plastic case. Accordingly, pressing one of the buttons of the device automatically transfers the force to the display, which allows you to play comfortably using all four fingers (this greatly facilitates aiming and shooting).

Since the very principle of operation of the gamepadas simple as possible, BASEUS does not provide any additional chips. Customer reviews say that this model is one of the best on Aliexpress in its segment, however, it does not provide one hundred percent reliability either. There are false positives and reverse situations (lack of response at critical moments). However, this is quite an adequate payment for the benefits obtained, and also for the lowest possible price.

4 Rondaful Gamepad K21 PUBG

Analog triggers for mobile shooters

Price for Aliexpress: from 350 rubles.

Rating (2021):

An improved version of the buttons, where the qualitycontrollers for shots protrude triggers. The idea is original and interesting; and in fact, if you went to shoot, then why not simulate the sensations as accurately as possible. According to the manufacturer, the gamepad is suitable for all smartphones with a screen from 4 to 6.5 inches and is adapted for the most popular mobile shooters (PUBG, Critical OPS, Survivor Royale, Call of Duty). Also, the developers claim that they have worked on the ergonomics, thanks to which the gamepad lies comfortably in the hands, the fingers do not get tired of constant pressing, the controller provides a quick response.

In reality, the impressions are very diverse, butin general, users agree that such devices are much more adapted for small hands and it is not so easy to get used to them. At the same time, if you get used to it well, the gaming results will significantly improve, and the point here is not even comfortable control, but the ability to do all sorts of tricks that are very difficult to perform on a conventional device. To prevent scratches on the phone, there are special soft pads and nozzles.

3 iPega 9087

Pocket console for smartphone

Price for Aliexpress: from 1790 rub.

Rating (2021):

If you've always dreamed of a pocket consolelike PSP or PS Vita, but considered such a purchase expensive and irrational, then this sliding joystick is an excellent opportunity to get a rough idea of ​​the gaming experience on the mentioned gadgets. Actually, this is the main sphere of the gamepad, since it is almost impossible to play on the phone without a manipulator - control only on the on-screen buttons will nullify all the fun of games. Although the developers assure that it is also convenient to use it in mobile shooters of the PUBG format, this is more likely for an amateur, plus you will have to tinker with setting up IPega for such titles.

In reviews on Aliexpress, this mobilethe manipulator is praised for its wide functionality and this is justified, because the gadget offers a full set of controls from the classic gamepad: a large selection of buttons, 3D sticks, triggers, bumpers. There are no complaints about the quality of the wireless connection with smartphones of different brands.

2 Gen game x3

Universal gamepad with bracket for smartphones

Price for Aliexpress: from 650 rubles

Rating (2021):

In terms of external and internal characteristics, thisthe device does not stand out much against the background of a large number of similar devices, but it was he who managed to win huge popularity on Aliexpress (2nd place in sales in its category). The reason for such love among buyers is the democratic price tag and versatility of the gamepad (support for smartphones, tablets, PCs, Smart TV and TV Box is declared). At the same time, GEN GAME X3 can work in four different modes at once (for the sake of fairness, we note that in 95% of cases only the first one will be useful to you), it is comfortable in the hand, pleasant tactile and boasts a normal response (it is convenient to play even without additional software). Moreover, the built-in lithium-ion battery holds a charge much longer than the 1 hour mentioned by the manufacturer.

Of the minuses, we will single out only an incomprehensible solution.use the miniUSB connector as the power interface. It is extremely rare today, and therefore the cable included in the kit will have to be carried everywhere along with the joystick. Many also complain about the lack of clear instructions for connecting (which is why some buyers were unable to synchronize the device with nominally compatible devices).

1 MOCUTE 054

Better autonomy

Price for Aliexpress: from 1150 rub.

Rating (2021):

The manufacturer promises 20-30 hours of thisdevice without recharging. User reviews confirm the information. The gamepad really does not have to be charged every day. And the battery charges quickly. But this is not the only advantage of this device. When connected to a smartphone, it quickly connects, plus the response from the device is very good. If you look for disadvantages, you will notice a slight lag of the analog joysticks in the center position. Such a defect is mentioned in reviews, but it rarely appears.

You can connect the device via Bluetooth toTV box, and play your favorite games in a big company. Data transmission is declared at a distance of 2–8 m. In practice, a little less, but it is enough to comfortably sit with a gamepad in an armchair or on a sofa, even in a large room. USB cable is not included. The box contains only a gamepad. Well, be prepared for the fact that it is really small. For those with large hands, this can be a problem.

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