15 best rearview mirror DVRs with Aliexpress

In the modern world, there is a lot of automotiveelectronics, and if you use all of it, then there is simply not enough space on the windshield. But you can assemble some modules, for example, by purchasing a DVR built into the mirror. There may also be a navigator, radar detector and much more useful things. In general, a convenient gadget, and if you buy it on Aliexpress, you can also save a lot.





1 4.85 The best ratio of price and quality
2 4.80 Excellent video clarity
3 4.75 Best price
4 4.65 Top characteristics
5 4.60 Variable aspect ratio

1 4.90 The most popular
2 4.85 The best defense
3 4.80 Best shooting quality
4 4.70 Convenient management. Moving camera
5 4.60 3-in-1 device

1 4.90 The most reliable
2 4.85 Best quality in night mode
3 4.80 Maximum safety
4 4.75 Convenient software
5 4.70 Full-fledged on-board computer

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DVR-rearview mirrors morerecently were considered something unusual, and now several dozen of such models are presented on Aliexpress. Almost all devices are powered by a cigarette lighter, they do not have a battery for autonomous operation. Some come with an optional camera to provide full front and rear views. Models with a touchscreen display and additional functions are popular: navigator, radar detector, FM radio, etc. The best rear-view mirror registrars from Aliexpress are presented in the rating.

Inexpensive rear-view mirror DVRs with Aliexpress: budget up to 3000 rubles

Video recorder built into the rear mirrorview is a rather complex device, and even on Aliexpress it costs a lot. True, there is also a budget segment where goods do not go beyond 3 thousand rubles. In such devices, you are unlikely to find a built-in navigation module, and most likely there will be no rear-view camera. This is a recorder, not a multifunctional gadget with dozens of options. Although in this section there are interesting options with additional functionality, it is important for us that the device is of the highest quality, because we include them in our rating.

Top 5. Podofo Car Monitors

Rating (2021): 4.60
Considered 22 recall from resources: Aliexpress
Variable aspect ratio

The device allows you to change the aspect ratio of the displayed image, which is very convenient when switching to parking sensors when the driver needs a larger picture on the screen.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 2140 rubles.
    • Number of sales: 50
    • Camera: 1200 MP, 170 ° viewing angle
    • Video Resolution: 480 * 272, 30fps
    • Display: 4.3 inches

Before us is a car DVR,built into the rear-view mirror, able to interface with third-party parking sensors. You just need to connect them to the line-out of the device, and now you will see not only what is happening in front of the car, but also behind. In this case, you do not have to switch modes manually. As soon as you turn on the reverse speed or parking mode on an automatic transmission, the gadget itself switches to the parking sensors and displays the image from them on the screen. Moreover, the picture changes the resolution and aspect ratio. If in shooting mode you see a 4: 3 square, then when parking it is 16: 9, that is, the viewing angle is significantly increased, which makes parking easier.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Works with third-party parking sensors
  • Automatically changes aspect ratio
  • Easy connection of cameras and parking sensors
  • Intuitive interface
  • The image is located only in the center of the mirror
  • Low camera resolution

Top 4. BYGD

Rating (2021): 4.65
Considered 6 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
Top characteristics

A device with top performance and advanced functionality, but with a very attractive price tag.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 2300 rubles.
    • Number of sales: 39
    • Camera: 1200 MP, viewing angle 170⁰ / 120⁰
    • Video resolution: 1920 * 1080, 30fps
    • Display: 4.3 inches

Buying a budget DVR in yourcar, you do not expect much from it initially. As a rule, these are not very functional devices with low resolution and a simple camera. But not in this case. Before us is the most equipped gadget, whose price tag is truly shocking, since it knows how to work with two cameras. Displays picture in picture, interfaces with third-party parking sensors, and takes pictures in 1080P resolution. The 170⁰ viewing angle will also please, though only on the front camera. The back has only 120 degrees, but this is quite enough to see everything that happens. There is also a motion sensor, a night mode and a G-sensor.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Rich equipment
  • Shooting in high quality
  • Second camera and all cables included
  • Availability of night mode and g sensor
  • Static image layout
  • Limited angle of view of the rear camera

Top 3. E-ACE A08

Rating (2021): 4.75
Considered 655 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
Best price

The rear-view mirror DVR is cheaper than analogs with Aliexpress. Despite this, it has all the necessary features and a reasonably good camera.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 1132 rub.
    • Number of sales: 2247
    • Camera: 1200 MP, 170 °
    • Video resolution: 1920 * 1080, 25fps
    • Display: 4.3 inches

In the rearview mirror E-ACE A08 is idealthe price, quality and functionality are combined. It has digital zoom, G-sensor, water and vibration protection. For the best image quality, a dual lens with automatic white balance is used. There is a function of simultaneous recording from 2 cameras. Videos are saved on a memory card up to 32 GB. When it is full, the car recorder will continue filming, but the new files will be overwritten. To prevent important clips from being deleted, you must send them to a separate folder. Buyers from Aliexpress are not happy with the fact that videos take up too much memory. It is recommended to choose the card with the maximum volume.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Simultaneous shooting from two cameras
  • Minimal thermal distortion
  • Excellent visibility at night
  • Water and vibration resistant
  • Digital zoom
  • Not wide enough viewing angle
  • Large weight of video recordings
  • Flimsy mounts

Top 2. ADDKEY D031D

Rating (2021): 4.80
Considered 1236 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
Excellent video clarity

Thanks to the large wide-angle lens and anti-reflective coating on the display, the image is clear at any time of the day, regardless of the weather.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 2770 rubles.
    • Number of sales: 2255
    • Camera: 500 MP, viewing angle 105-140 °
    • Video resolution: 1920 * 1080, 30fps
    • Display: 4.3 inches

ADDKEY D031D combines the best featurescar DVRs. It has a G-shock sensor, loop recording, parking mode, and digital zoom. The anti-reflective screen provides good visibility in sunny weather, and at night the videos are high-quality thanks to the backlight. The camera is double, the front lens is wide-angle, its diameter is 25 mm. Thanks to anti-shake (stabilization) technology, the picture will be clear, regardless of the quality of the roads. A memory card is traditionally used to store files. Its volume should not exceed 32 GB, although in other models 64–128 GB media are allowed. Another drawback of the device is a poor microphone.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Large 6-lens lens
  • High-quality recordings in night mode
  • Built-in stabilization
  • Convenient menu
  • Competent packaging
  • Maximum memory card size - 32 GB
  • Wheezing and noise on sound recording

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Top 1. Belaibo RoHS

Rating (2021): 4.85
Considered 611 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
The best ratio of price and quality

A video recorder with high quality shooting and many additional functions, worth the same as more modest models.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 2150 rubles.
    • Number of sales: 1095
    • Camera: 1200 MP, viewing angle 170⁰
    • Video resolution: 1920 * 1080, 30fps
    • Display: 3-5 inches

In most cases, a budget DVRcannot shoot normally at night. But this device can do it and does it in high resolution. The recording is carried out constantly, but it loops when the memory card limit is reached. You yourself can set the duration of the recording, as well as mark important fragments that will not be automatically deleted by the system. The gadget can be connected to parking sensors and rear-view cameras. If necessary, the picture-in-picture mode is activated so that the main function of your rearview mirror is not lost. The transition to parking sensors is automatic, with a change in resolution and viewing angle.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • High-quality night shooting
  • Convenient settings
  • Automatic switch to parking sensors
  • Picture-in-picture
  • Support for memory cards no more than 32 gigabytes
  • Weak built-in battery

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The best rear-view mirror DVRs with Aliexpress: budget up to 5000 rubles

In the middle price segment you can already finddevices with multiple functions. With it, your rearview mirror will become a radar detector, a navigator, and a video recorder. All in all, it will replace a whole bunch of gadgets that would otherwise have to be placed on the windshield. Now you will have it clean and nothing will interfere with the review. In addition, in this segment, the manufacturer can already afford to increase the camera resolution, which is very important when viewing material. In cameras with low resolution, some elements are not readable at all.

Top 5. ADDKEY Dashcam Speedcam

Rating (2021): 4.60
Considered 238 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
3-in-1 device

This rearview mirror combines the functions of a DVR, GPS navigator and antiradar. Despite its versatility, the product is one of the cheapest in the ranking.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 3960 rubles.
    • Number of sales: 403
    • Camera: 500 MP, 170 °
    • Video resolution: 1920 * 1080, 30fps
    • Display: 2.7 inches

The DVR looks a bit like another modelfrom ADDKEY, the main difference is that there is a navigator and a radar detector. This turns a conventional rear-view mirror into a multifunctional device for the car. But there is also a drawback - due to the abundance of opportunities, it was necessary to reduce the screen area on which the road is visible. But the image quality is excellent, even in the night mode, you can see the numbers of the cars moving towards you. As with the previous registrar from ADDKEY, the maximum memory expansion is 32GB. This caused complaints from buyers from Aliexpress. Also in the reviews they complained about the fine print of the instructions. But the speed of delivery and the reliability of packaging are at the highest level.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Fast shipping
  • Strong protective packaging
  • Good video quality
  • Built-in navigator and radar detector
  • Regular firmware and map updates
  • Small amount of memory
  • Most of the display is occupied by the control panel
  • Unreadable instruction

Top 4. E-ACE HD Car

Rating (2021): 4.70
Considered 592 recall from resources: Aliexpress
Convenient control

DVR with large touch screen and convenient operation. All functions can be moved around the display by simply dragging.

Moving camera

The camera is configured separately and has a variable angle. You do not have to put the mirror in an uncomfortable position to provide a normal view of the recorder.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 4700 rubles.
    • Number of sales: 947
    • Camera: 1200 MP, viewing angle 170⁰
    • Video resolution: 1920 * 1080, 30fps
    • Display: 10 inches

For DVRs built into the mirrorrear view, there is often a problem with positioning. If the camera is fixed, you will have to position the mirror at a certain angle, which is not always convenient. In the case of this gadget, there is no such problem. Its camera extends from the body by 2 centimeters, and also knows how to change the viewing angle. It is enough just to adjust it with the help of the sensor, setting the most convenient angle. Also, using the sensor, you can control other functions. For example, transfer a calendar with a clock and change the transparency of the picture. No buttons and complicated control menus. Even an absolute beginner can figure it out.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Convenient sensor
  • Camera that changes the angle of view
  • Setting transparency
  • Responsive controls
  • Complete set goes beyond the established price segment

Rating (2021): 4.80
Considered 268 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
Best shooting quality

Video recorder with 4K resolution, allowing you to shoot in the best quality and with maximum detail.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 3667 rub.
    • Number of sales: 526
    • Camera: 800 MP, viewing angle 170⁰
    • Video Resolution: 3840 * 2160, 30fps
    • Display: 12 inches

Typically, a car recorder hasa small screen on which it is difficult to see something in detail. And the quality of shooting leaves much to be desired. But not in our case. Before us is a powerful device capable of shooting in 4K resolution. The picture is displayed on a large 12-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 16: 9. Not a single detail, even the smallest detail, will go unnoticed. And so that all files are stored in memory for a long time, 128 gigabyte flash cards are supported here. The gadget also supports an optional tracker connection. Having bought it in addition on Aliexpress, your DVR will also become a navigator. And the car will be protected by a motion sensor and a sensitive G-sensor supplied as standard.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • A high resolution
  • Large display
  • Responsive touch controls
  • Support for large memory cards
  • A complete set is twice as expensive
  • No Russian language voice function

Top 2. OBEPEAK D80

Rating (2021): 4.85
Considered 217 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
The best defense

The device will work stably at temperatures from -50 ° to + 80 °, and it is also protected from water and vibration. The DVR is suitable for regions with any weather.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 4917 rub.
    • Number of sales: 388
    • Camera: 1200 MP, 170 °
    • Video resolution: 1920 * 1080, 30fps
    • Display: 12 inches

OBEPEAK D80 is a multifunctional device,able to work even in extreme conditions. Manufacturers have managed to integrate not only a DVR into the rear-view mirror, but also a navigator, radio and ADAS. For playing music and watching videos, Wi-Fi, 4G and Bluetooth modules are provided. Of course, the quality of the shooting should be the deciding factor in favor of the purchase - and it is excellent here. Now an updated version of the D90 is also sold on Aliexpress, its main feature is the memory capacity increased to 4 GB. The disadvantages of the registrar include the lack of backlighting in night mode, which makes it difficult to consider the car numbers. Also in the reviews they complained about the unfinished software.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Frost and heat protection
  • Large display
  • Clear picture with good detail
  • A wide range of additional functions
  • Stable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G connectivity
  • No backlight in night mode
  • Damp software

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Top 1. Jansite T28D

Rating (2021): 4.90
Considered 634 recall from resources: Aliexpress
The most popular

The product has been bought on Aliexpress almost 5,000 times, now there are more than 2,700 reviews on the site. Despite minor flaws, many buyers re-order this particular model.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 3795 rubles.
    • Number of sales: 1358
    • Camera: 1200 MP, angle 150-160 °
    • Video resolution: 1920 * 1080, 30fps
    • Display: 10 inches, aspect ratio 16: 9

Jansite T28D is the most budgetary model, itcomes without rear camera. But on the same page of Aliexpress, you can order an updated version of the T29S or T49S. It comes with a camera and a 6/10 m cable. To switch between the front and rear images, just touch the screen or slide your finger over it. You can also merge videos on the display. One of the main advantages of the DVR is the support for memory cards up to 128 GB. Thanks to this, you can not be afraid that the device accidentally deletes important files during the recording process. A significant drawback of the model is that it does not recognize rear cameras from other manufacturers, so it is better to order the complete kit.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Expandable memory up to 128GB
  • Combining rear and front camera images
  • No blind spots
  • Infrared illumination in night mode
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Doesn't work with rear cameras from other brands
  • Sound is recorded with noise

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The most expensive mirror DVRs with Aliexpress: budget up to 10,000 rubles

Without limiting yourself to the framework of budget price tags,manufacturers can go for a good walk. DVRs with a price tag of about 10 thousand are complex, multifunctional devices with the highest build quality. They work as a full-fledged on-board computer, not only fixing what is happening on the road or behind the car, but also looking for radars on the way and plotting routes. Also, they often contain voice assistants and many other add-ons that greatly facilitate the use and configuration of the device.

Top 5. Jiaboer Z68

Rating (2021): 4.70
Considered 25 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
Full-fledged on-board computer

"Smart" gadget running the Android 8.1 operating system with advanced functionality and many additional options.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 9205 rub.
    • Number of sales: 35
    • Camera: 1200 MP, viewing angle 170⁰
    • Video resolution: 1920 * 1080, 30fps
    • Display: 12 inches

If your car is not equipped with a stationaryon-board computer, then you just need this video recorder built into the rear-view mirror. In general, it is difficult to call it a recorder, since it is also a navigator, a radar detector and even a device for listening to music and watching videos. You don't have to buy anything with it. A rear camera is already included in the package, and a GPS module is built into the device. He also has his own database of traffic cameras. You will always be aware of what is happening on the road, and the navigator will pave the way and help you bypass traffic jams. But the gadget cannot be used as a mirror, but it is completely replaced by the rear view from the camera.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Many basic functions
  • Navigator and radar detector included
  • Convenient interface control
  • Maximum memory card only 64 gigabytes
  • Inconvenient to use as a regular rear-view mirror

Top 4. Pongki B500

Rating (2021): 4.75
Considered 39 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
Convenient software

The gadget works with its own smartphone and PC application, through which you can control the device even when you are out of the car.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 9580 rub.
    • Number of sales: 89
    • Camera: 1200 MP, viewing angle 170⁰
    • Video Resolution: 3840 * 2160, 30fps
    • Display: 12 inches

Top DVRs almost always haveown application through which you can control the device. This gadget also has it, and not third-party, but developed by the manufacturer itself. You can access surveillance cameras at any time, and if the G-sensor suddenly triggers, the device will send a signal directly to your smartphone, and also automatically activate recording. But even without an application, the gadget is very convenient. The interface is intuitive, and the rearview mirror continues to work, despite the abundance of options that can be displayed on the screen. The prosaicity is also customizable. Moreover, you do not have to buy anything in addition. Radar detector and navigator are already built in.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Convenient application
  • Stylish design
  • Navigation module already included
  • Many protective functions
  • Video resolution cannot be changed to save space on the memory card

Top 3. Junsun A103

Rating (2021): 4.80
Considered 214 reviews from resources: Aliexpress
Maximum safety

With ADAS warning system, G-sensor and parking assistant, this car recorder provides the best protection against road accidents.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 9518 rub.
    • Number of sales: 448
    • Camera: 500 MP, 105-140 °
    • Video resolution: 1280 * 720, 25 fps
    • Display: 12 inches

Junsun A103 is one of the most expensiveDVRs built into the rear-view mirror. It has a large touchscreen display and a user-friendly control menu based on Android 8.1. In addition to the standard functions (G-sensor, loop recording and parking assistance), it is worth mentioning voice control, the presence of a navigator and an FM radio. Another feature of the model is the ADAS warning system. The dash cam will give a signal if the driver leaves the selected lane or there is a risk of collision with another car. With 4G support, the device is fast and stable. The main disadvantage of the product is the rather complicated setting of the radio and navigator, which not all buyers have coped with.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • ADAS warning system
  • Voice Command Control
  • There is a GPS navigator and radio
  • Large display with good color rendering
  • Supports 4F and Wi-Fi
  • High price
  • Complicated setup

Top 2. JADO G840S

Rating (2021): 4.85
Considered 52 recall from resources: Aliexpress
Best quality in night mode

Manufacturers use the latest technology to improve video clarity. They managed to eliminate blind spots and glare as much as possible in night mode.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 9,700 rubles.
    • Number of sales: 89
    • Camera: 200 MP, 105-140 °
    • Video Resolution: 2304 * 1296, 30fps
    • Display: 12 inches, 16: 9

This rearview mirror recorder usesnew technologies for ultra-high definition video. With it, you can forget about blind spots and a muddy picture in rainy weather. The slim-bezel touchscreen display is conveniently adjustable, and images from both cameras are transferred without delay thanks to the powerful processor. There are 3 standard display modes: front view, back view or 2-in-1 screen. The seller promises lightning-fast delivery from warehouses in different countries, but in reality, the parcels are sometimes delayed for a month or more. Apart from this, JADO G840S can be called an exemplary video recorder. It receives top marks from customers for its excellent picture quality and stable operation without overheating.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Large, bezel-less display
  • Ultra high definition and video resolution
  • Doesn't get warm during work
  • Russian language instruction and menu
  • Powerful flagship chip
  • Delivery is often delayed
  • Unsuccessful packaging of goods

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Top 1. 70mai Rearview Dash Cam

Rating (2021): 4.90
Considered 1001 feedback from resources: Aliexpress
The most reliable

The product is produced by a well-known brand from the Xiaomi ecosystem. It is well made, protected from water. Thanks to the battery, the device will work in autonomous mode.

  • Specifications
    • Average price: 9,700 rubles.
    • Number of sales: 2406
    • Camera: 300 MP, 140 °
    • Video resolution: 2560 * 1600, 30fps
    • Display: 5 inches

70mai is another brand in the ecosystemXiaomi, so there is no doubt about the quality of the products. In the description on Aliexpress, the seller promises that the DVR will provide a full view of the road without blind spots. The water resistance class is IP67, so you can safely use the device in rainy weather. The main advantage of the product is the built-in 500 mAh battery, which acts as a backup power source. Another interesting feature is the built-in sapphire lens. Due to this, it was possible to completely get rid of glare and light at night. The buyers consider the only drawback of the packaging, which is often damaged during the shipment.


Advantages and disadvantages

  • Powered by rechargeable battery
  • Clear picture at night
  • Rain and fog protection
  • The app works with Android and iOS
  • Premium workmanship
  • Not the best product packaging
  • Heats up during prolonged work

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