15 most popular soft toys on Aliexpress

Stuffed toys often become a friendinterlocutor and playmate. Big and small - they are so cute and pleasant to the touch, give comfort and a lot of positive emotions. If you do not know which one to choose on Aliexpress, use a selection of the most popular soft toys for children of all ages.

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Characteristics in the rating

1 Good wear resistance
2 Best for the little ones
3 The most practical toy
4 Most Popular Cartoon Characters

1 Can be used instead of a night light
2 Good resemblance to the prototype
3 Suitable for toddler learning
4 The optimum ratio of price and quality

1 The cutest toy for girls
2 Best quality
3 Better detail
4 Volumetric interior pillow

1 Best wow effect
2 Popular hero Saiki K
3 The most glamorous

Mass production of soft toys began inlate 19th century in France. And earlier they were made for babies by caring mothers and grandmothers from scrap materials. A soft toy can become a real friend for a child. She is great for developing the imagination during role play, and also soothes children before bed. Below is a rating of the most popular soft toys from Aliexpress.

Popular small soft toys from Aliexpress: budget up to 400 rubles.

This category contains inexpensivepopular toys. They are small in size, so it will be convenient for babies to play with them. When compiling the rating, positive and negative customer reviews, as well as the number of orders, were taken into account.

4 Disney cartoon characters

Most Popular Cartoon Characters

Price for Aliexpress: from 198.74 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Disney Cartoon Characters - Favorite Softtoys for children of all ages. On Aliexpress you will find well-known and beloved cartoon heroes: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Stitch, Vinnie, Tigger. Small 10 cm figures are available for order, as well as rather large characters up to 23 cm high. All of them are very cute and funny. The pile is short, does not roll off during washing. Toys meet the most important requirement - they are safe.

Miniature and full-size soft figurines made ofplush looks very cute. And although they have become a hit for a long time, even today they are not inferior in popularity to fashionable novelties. However, the main category of toys is the smallest kids. They take them to their crib before going to bed, they love to listen to fairy tales with the participation of cartoon characters. Cartoon characters are one of the best gifts for babies. These soft toys have every chance of becoming a child's friend for years to come.

3 Валик-подушка PLAYTOY в виде кота

The most practical toy

Price for Aliexpress: from 383.90 rub.

Rating (2021):

Lovely pillow animals will be the best additioninterior of a children's room, and not only. This is the safest bet if you are looking for a gift. After all, this toy has a utilitarian bias. That is why the lot is so popular on Aliexpress. The seller has options in different sizes. Small pillows are suitable for newborns, medium ones are suitable for older children, and the largest ones are suitable for pregnant women. And you can also take such "animals" on a plane, on a train, they will not be superfluous in the car.

The play function of the pillows is also performed.Bright and beautiful - children and parents like them. Fabric with soft texture, provides a pleasant tactile feeling. The seams are perfectly straight. Inside synthetic fluff, which is close in properties to natural fluff. The cover is removable, can be removed and washed. The only drawback is the density of the fabric, which seems to some to be insufficient, the texture of the filler is visible through it.

2 Metoo Mini Dolls

Best for the little ones

Price for Aliexpress: from 340.04 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Soft Metoo dolls are perfect for toddlers.All toys are made of hypoallergenic materials. These charms are sewn of pleasant plush and cotton. The fabrics have different textures, so the doll is not only pleasing to the eye, but also develops fine motor skills of the child's hands. Customers will also like the choice of varieties of toys from this company on Aliexpress. In addition to the popular Angela scops toys in different dresses and suits, the seller has key rings in the form of toy animals.

But the most popular are still smallgirlfriends of a large angel doll. Each element of the textile toy is well stitched and held very securely, so that the dolls are suitable for the smallest children. Older audiences can use them as a stylish keychain. The toys look great, even better than the photos in the catalog. The height of the products is 18 cm. This is the ideal doll size for a one-year-old child.

1 Cute cats key rings RUIMUMORE

Good wear resistance

Price for Aliexpress: from 151.66 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Cats of all stripes and sizes have always been the mostpopular soft toys for children and adults. Only bears can compete with them in demand. And believe me, these handsome guys will not disappoint! They are soft, perfectly sewn. There is no unpleasant smell and sticking threads - everything is very decent, especially considering the price. Such an affectionate animal can become a favorite toy, with which it is not scary to fall asleep even in the dark. These kittens are also loved by teenagers, because they are very good as trinkets for backpacks.

The toys are not as small as they seem to be.photo - height about 9 cm. Material - plush, pleasant to the touch (the seller declared cotton, but there is no trace of it here). The product can be machine washed. The seams and fabric can withstand severe stress. The price in the review is for one toy. They look great as a set. The item arrives with Aliexpress well-packed.

Popular medium-sized soft toys from Aliexpress: budget 500–1,000 rubles.

This category contains the most popularstuffed toys with a height of more than 20 cm. Many sellers offer products in several sizes at once, so that everyone will find what they need. They can be used both for games and for interior decoration. Often, toys are ordered as a gift for a girlfriend on an anniversary or Valentine's Day, as well as for a friend or relative for a birthday.

4 GFNANHAI soft mouse

The optimum ratio of price and quality

Price for Aliexpress: from 483.62 rubles.

Rating (2021):

These plush friends are very soft and perfectlysafe for children. The collection includes mice of a wide variety of styles - there are ballerinas popular this season in exquisite tutus, there are housewives in chintz aprons and even mice-boys in stylish overalls. The size of the soft toy is average - the height of the toy is 42 cm. They are bought on Aliexpress as a gift for children and as decor for the interior.

The quality is excellent - the seams are even and withoutpasses, the threads do not stick out. The materials do not have any foreign odors. The product tolerates washing well. There is practically no marriage in these toys. Some buyers are saddened by the lack of a tail in a toy mouse. But for such anatomical inaccuracies, they do not lower the product rating. Children like the mouse: in the reviews they write that the toy quickly becomes almost a member of the family.

3 Soft pyramid Kidsbele

Suitable for toddler learning

Price for Aliexpress: from 889.40 rubles.

Rating (2021):

It is difficult to find a more popular developmentala toy than a pyramid. They are usually made of wood. However, for the smallest, they are not very suitable. But even newborns will be delighted with this toy. It is very soft, and some details have rustling inserts and sound effects. The set includes five elements - a head, two rattle rings, a piece with a squeaker and a base on which all this is strung.

When assembled, the pyramid takes the forma bright elephant with a height of about 26 cm. In the photo the toy looks large, in fact it is medium in size. This is the only thing that customers are unhappy with. Children, on the other hand, react very well to a beautiful elephant. There is no smell and protruding threads. The product description on Aliexpress does not say anything about caring for the toy. However, in the reviews they write that it can be washed in a typewriter at a temperature of 40 degrees.

2 Plush Dinosaur Rex by MIAOOWA

Good resemblance to the prototype

Price for Aliexpress: from 666.48 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Soft dinosaur is the dream of many boys and girls,who love the Toy Story cartoon. This is the same awkward and funny favorite Rex. The toy is distinguished by meticulous detailing of the elements. Therefore, the similarity with the character of the same name from the children's series turned out to be excellent. The legs are movable - a wire is hidden inside, so that they can be fixed in the desired position. The dinosaur is sewn from quality certified material.

The growth of the squishy dinosaur figurine can be chosen -toys are available from 40 to 100 cm in height. The stability of the animal is not bad, but not ideal - Rex is not very confident on his paws. The filler is soft, does not get lost over time. Washing is allowed, but dry cleaning is best, as the toy is large and will take a long time to dry. Reviews about the quality of the product are positive.


Can be used instead of a night light

Price for Aliexpress: from 510.06 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Soft Teddy Bear with LED Lightsinside it is powered by three AA batteries (not included in the package). The manufacturer offers several colors of toy fur to choose from - bright yellow, pink and blue. The toy is stuffed with PP cotton, which is a soft stuffed material that is popular in the production of plush animals.

The lamps inside the bear can change their color byseven different shades. The toy will serve as a night lamp for a children's room - it is unusual, any child will like it, and there will be enough light from the bulbs so that the baby is not afraid of the dark.

Popular large soft toys from Aliexpress: budget 1,000–1,500 rubles.

Big bears, kittens and mice will always befriends of children. It is so comfortable to hug with them, it is pleasant to fall asleep, and in games it is better to find a friend. Soft toys form a positive emotional background in kids. You can play with them without fear of getting hurt. Plus, big teddy bears and other stuffed animals bring a sense of security to your little one’s life. It is only important to choose a quality product that will delight parents and children.

4 Big cat pillow

Volumetric interior pillow

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 1,056.57

Rating (2021):

Fat white cat can be used aspiece of furniture or as a pillow. The similarity with the Persian breed is achieved thanks to the funny upturned nose, deep-set large eyes on the "muzzle" of the pillow and sharp ears, which are barely visible from the fluffy plush wool. The shaggy tail is incredibly soft and fluffy, and is about half the size of the body.

The toy is made of cotton plush andfilled with polypropylene cotton - a bulky and at the same time light material, popular in the production of decorative pillows. The manufacturer offers two sizes of pillows - 30 and 55 cm high.

3 Realistic wild cats PUNIDAMAN

Better detail

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 1,219.99

Rating (2021):

Popular direction in the design of soft toys isimitation of animal figures. Wild cats look very interesting in this performance - this is how this duet with Aliexpress. The toys are very soft, they have no frame, so the products can be used as pillows. The maximum size of one animal is 120 cm. Such large toys are bought by both children and adults. The seller also has small panthers and leopards, which are cheaper for buyers.

The product is fully consistent with the photo on the sitethe seller. It is of high quality, does not smell. The fur is short, even, does not climb. The seams of the toy are well made - they are strong and reliable, the animals will not suffer in games. This is an interesting toy that will be useful for those who love animals.

2 Big elephant AERUIY

Best quality

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 1,422.14

Rating (2021):

A large plush elephant looks like a cute onebaby elephant Dumbo - the main character of the Disney cartoon of the same name. The products have quality certificates confirming compliance with safety requirements adopted in the European Union and the United States. The material from which the toy is made does not cause allergies. The manufacturer points out that the elephant can be used as a pillow, since the inside is made of soft polypropylene cotton.

The soft toy is presented in gray, pink,blue, yellow and purple, therefore it will become an accent addition in any interior. Since the elephant is tightly sewn and does not have separate elements, it is safe for the child and will serve not only as a toy, but also as a comfortable pillow.

1 Giant plush unicorn PUNIDAMAN

The cutest toy for girls

Price for Aliexpress: from 1,029.46 rubles.

Rating (2021):

Mythical winged horses conquered the whole world.For several years now, this has been the most popular trend. Marketers have managed to turn unusual creatures into a symbol of innocence and fabulous dreams. Many girls dream of getting a coveted soft toy. A large plush unicorn will bring a touch of magic to your world. The maximum size of the toy is 110 cm. It is sewn of the softest material.

All colors are very beautiful and delicate.The tail and mane are made of long fur, they perfectly retain their presentable appearance after active games. Girls are delighted with such a toy. And since an inner child lives in every adult, unicorns are bought as a gift, regardless of age.

Popular branded soft toys from Aliexpress: budget 1,500-2,000 rubles.

Annually large toy manufacturersdemonstrate their new products at international thematic exhibitions. Indeed, this industry has its own trends and fashion trends. And every manufacturer knows that a novelty can become mega-popular very quickly, or it can quietly leave store shelves as an unclaimed product. As the analysis shows, the most fashionable this year are toys designed for certain game scenarios. They surprise, evoke positive emotions and develop.

3 Interactive dogs in the style of CHI CHI LOVE

The most glamorous

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 1,485.61

Rating (2021):

The glamorous dogs from the Chi Chi Love collection are notare going to leave the top of the ratings of the most popular toys. They are awesome! Little girls especially love them. After all, this is not just a soft toy with accessories, but almost a real pet. Dogs can walk, wag their whole body, sing songs and bark. Dogs' ears can be bent. The set includes a beautiful handbag in which the baby can be taken out for a walk. If you want to complement the wardrobe of fashionistas, you can order it separately on Aliexpress.

The quality of tailoring is excellent, the manufactureruses the best materials and doesn't skimp on accessories. The dog's outfits are removed, the child can change them independently. Buyers of the site note that the soft toy is by no means small, in size it resembles a real Chihuahua or Toy Terrier. But please note that this is a replica, and the stripes on the purse may not match the original.

2 Anime character by Uoozii

Popular hero Saiki K

Price for Aliexpress: from 1 960.23 rubles.

Rating (2021):

A popular toy among those who know wellwhat superpowers a simple Japanese guy Saiki Kusuo possesses. This is the hero of a sensational comic book who won the hearts of many with his vivid adventures. And now he has left the screens and reincarnated into a stuffed toy. The result is an unusual doll in a very high quality performance. The height of an adult toy hero is 26 cm, his baby double is a little less - only 23 cm.

Saiki K is sewn from soft and at the same time densefabrics. All details are embroidered, not painted. You can order a toy along with a set of clothes. The wardrobe is made so well that it just makes the buyers of the Aliexpress website feel emotion. There are even antennas and lenses that are fixed with Velcro. A good toy that is worth the money.

1 Toy in the egg rainbocorn

Best wow effect

Price for Aliexpress: from RUB 1,536.28

Rating (2021):

Three of these cute pussies made popularthings - excellent design, high quality workmanship and mystery. The fact is that each toy is hidden in an egg container. Having received such a gift, the child does not know what is inside. The idea is not new, but this time the contents of the egg are not a small plastic toy, but a cute soft animal. This can be a unicorn, hamster, puppy, rabbit, kitten, or monkey. Parents who buy popular fun on Aliexpress do not know about this either, since the seller sends animals of their choice.

The surprises don't end there.Customers receive a bonus egg as a gift. It's small, Boboboocorn's friend is hidden there. The toy is intended for girls. There are a lot of sequins, beautiful fabrics and sparkling elements in the decoration - everything is the most stylish and fashionable. Egg height 18 cm. The container is reusable, it is convenient to store a soft toy in it.

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