15 ski suits and overalls for a comfortable winter holiday

Men's ski suits

1. With ventilation slits

The suit with taped seams is designed fortemperature down to -30 °C. In it you can ski, snowboard or just walk on a frosty day. The top made of waterproof fabric will not let clothes get wet, and the membrane layer will allow moisture to evaporate freely from the inside during active movement. For better ventilation, zippered slits are provided in the armpits and hips.

Jacket with a high collar fastens at thedouble zipper. The hood can be tightened with an elastic band with clamps so that snow does not clog. The sleeves have tight inner cuffs and adjustable outer cuffs with Velcro. Two outside pockets and one hidden pocket with zipper closure. Another one - for the ski pass - is located on the sleeve.

Trousers are fixed with elastic adjustablelength of suspenders. There are Velcro on the sides of the waist to tighten the model according to the figure. Inserts made of durable material will protect the bottom of the legs from abrasion. External side zippers help pull trousers over ski boots. Four pockets, all of them fastened with waterproof zippers.

The ski suit is available in three colors and sizes M-XXL.

Price: 26,400 rubles.

2. With removable suspenders

The ski suit is suitable for use whentemperature down to -30 °C. Dense fabric protects from moisture and wind, but at the same time passes air well. The double zipper on the jacket is covered by a placket with a button. Inside there is a snow skirt with an elastic band. The detachable hood is adjustable in size. The sleeves can be tightened with Velcro.

Practical detail - roomy mesh pocketon the back of the jacket. It is suitable for storing a ski mask, gloves and other bulky items. Little things like a ski pass, a smartphone and keys can be placed in numerous outer and inner pockets.

Gaiters with elastic at the bottom of the legs will not let the snowget inside. The side slits fasten with buttons. There are belt loops on the outside of the waistband and drawstring side straps with Velcro. The length-adjustable suspender straps can be detached and not used. Two pockets close with zippers.

There are several colors to choose from in sizes XS-XXL.

Price: 5 693 rubles.

3. With a cross zipper on the back

In overalls you can comfortably spend onslope all day. The model is maximally protected from snow penetration: there are elastic leggings on the legs, and a skirt with an elastic band on the jacket. Long cuffs with thumbholes cover the hands. The voluminous hood is easily put on the helmet and tightened with laces. A high collar will protect the lower part of the face from the wind.

Inside the overalls there are adjustablestraps with a belt. They will provide a comfortable fit, and will also hold the overalls if you want to lower it. There is a cross zipper at the back in the lumbar region.

Ventilation cuts are located in the hip area. On the knees there are inserts made of dense fabric for protection against wear. All zippers on the jumpsuit are sealed. Sizes available - 44-56 in four colors.

Price: 31,000 rubles.

4. With membrane layer

The jumpsuit fastens with a zipper and placket.It can be tightened at the waist - for this, there are a pair of Velcro straps on the sides. Sleeves with long cuffs are adjustable in width. The membrane fabric from which the model is sewn does not let water through and is not blown. A drawstring drawstring lets you tighten the hood for extra warmth.

Thanks to the straps inside the jumpsuit, the top can bethrow off. There is a cross zipper at the back. There are five outer pockets: two on the front and back, and one on the sleeve. The zippers on the sides of the legs are additionally fixed with buttons.

There are four colors to choose from. Sizes - S-XXXL.

Price: 26,300 rubles.

5. With a belt

Coverall with waterproof top,a zipper covered by a placket and snow gaiters. Detachable hood lined with soft fleece and adjustable in volume. The cuffs are adjustable with Velcro.

To make the jumpsuit fit snugly to the body, on the outsideThere is a drawstring strap with a fastex closure. The knee area is reinforced with thick overlays to protect against wear. Safety in the dark will provide reflective elements.

Available for order in two colors. Sizes available from XS to XXXL.

Price: from 5 685 rubles.

Women's ski suits

1. With a trim on the hood

Ski suit with jacket and trousers onadjustable straps. A faux fur trim on the hood and a high collar will protect your face and neck from wind and snow. The jacket with a glued zipper is tightened at the waist with a fastex belt. There are zippered pockets on the outside, inside and on the sleeve.

The belt on trousers is regulated on volume by belts withVelcro. Elasticized gaiters keep snow from getting under your legs. The pockets are fastened with waterproof zippers. Both the jacket and trousers have ventilation slits. The suit is made of membrane fabric and is designed for temperatures up to -30 °C.

There is a choice of white, red, blue and black colors in sizes S - XXXL.

Price: 23,900 rubles.

2. With a belt on trousers

Complete with a jacket decorated with a print withombre effect, trousers come in different colors. You can choose a discreet or bright suit with a contrasting bottom. Inside the jacket there is a snow skirt and two pockets: with a zipper and mesh for goggles. Thick elongated cuffs will protect your hands from the cold in windy weather. The bottom is tightened with an elastic band with clamps. The hood is removable.

In addition to removable straps, the trousers have a belt withfastex fastener - it will help you choose the most comfortable fit. Two pockets are on the sides. There are zippers on the bottom of the legs. The suit is made of waterproof breathable fabric. Sizes available from S to XL.

Price: 6,000 rubles.

3. With prints

The costume has an interesting design with abstract prints. The jacket has a zip fastening with a placket, long cuffs with finger holes, a deep hood and plenty of pockets.

The straps on the trousers are adjustable in length.The waistband can be tightened with Velcro straps. From below on trouser-legs — snow-protective leggings and lightnings. The front pockets are sealed so wet snow won't spoil the contents. The suit is made of membrane fabric, which will provide comfort at temperatures down to -30 °C.

Four colors: red, yellow, light green and blue. Sizes - 42-48.

Price: 14 490 rubles.

4. With mittens

Quilted winter overall with fur trim onhood. The model has a fitted cut, a removable belt emphasizes the waist. The model does not have cuffs, but the wind will not blow into the sleeves - complete with overalls are mittens with fur trim. There are zippers on the front and bottom of the legs. You can order models in black, pink, white and blue. Available in sizes from S to 5XL.

Price: 2,097 rubles.

5. With foil lining

High Collar Winter Jumpsuit Fitsfor temperatures down to -20 °C. Water-repellent fabric with a membrane layer will not let you get wet and sweat during outdoor activities. A button placket covers the zipper from the wind. There is a Velcro strap at the waist to tighten the jumpsuit to your figure. Adjustable in volume and hood.

The contents of the pockets will remain dry thanks tosealed zippers. The interior is lined with foil for added warmth. There is a cross zipper on the lower back. Legs with snow gaiters have zippers on the sides.

Available in two bright colors: blue and fuchsia. Sizes - 40-50.

Price: 10 990 rubles.

Children's ski suits

1. With chin guard

Winter suit is suitable for outdoor activities onnature and protect from frost while walking in the city. The model with a top made of waterproof membrane fabric and a fleece lining is designed for temperatures down to -20 ° C.

The jacket with a detachable hood has a snow protectionskirt, outer and inner pockets. On the sleeves there are tight cuffs with finger holes and reflective elements for safety in the dark. The lightning is covered by internal and external levels. There is an overlay on top so that the slider does not scratch the chin.

The wide shoulder straps on the trousers are adjustable in length. To prevent snow from getting under the legs, the leggings have an elastic band. There are zippers on the sides. You can order a suit for height 146, 158-176 cm.

Price: 8 399 rubles.

2. With lengthening sleeves

Children's ski suit from a jacket withmulti-colored prints and plain semi-overalls. The hood of the model is non-removable, but you can unfasten the fur trim. In addition to the soft cuffs, the sleeves have drawstring velcro straps. The snow skirt on the inside will protect from the wind.

The jumpsuit fits snugly to the body thanks toelastic at the waist. The straps are adjustable in length. Pants can be rolled up a few centimeters and fastened with Velcro. Bottom inserts made of wear-resistant fabric. They are easily cleaned of dirt with a damp cloth - the suit does not have to be completely washed after each walk.

Another feature of the model is a hidden seam, withwith which the sleeves are extended by 4 cm. This will allow you to wear a suit even when the child grows up a little. There are two colors available to choose from. Available sizes for height 92-104 cm.

Price: 6 880 rubles.

3. With rubberized straps

The suit will be comfortable at temperatures down to -25°C Mittens are included with the model. Made from the same water-repellent fabric as the suit, they won't get wet during winter games. With the help of a loop, mittens can be attached to the jacket so as not to lose.

Sleeves with cuffs and legs are tightenedVelcro straps. The hood does not come off. The straps on the semi-overalls are rubberized - with active movement they will not slip off the clothes. Detachable belt with fastex closure allows you to tighten the dungaree at the waist for wind protection.

Fleece lining for extra warmth. There are pockets on both the jacket and the overalls. Both products are fastened with a zipper. Sizes for height 110-128 are available for order.

Price: 12,099 rubles.

4. With hairpins

The jumpsuit is sold in two colors:pink and purple. The voluminous hood is tightened with laces and fastens with Velcro and a button, covering the lower part of the face from the wind. A high collar will protect your neck from the cold.

The glued lightning does not pass moisture.Velcro straps ensure a snug fit at the waist. There are cuffs on the sleeves, on the legs there are leggings with an elastic band and removable footstrings that will not allow the legs to ride up.

Straps from inside of overalls are regulated on length.In addition to the side pockets, there is a zippered pocket on the sleeve. The set comes with mittens, they can be attached to the sleeves with eyelets. The suit is suitable for skiing and walking at temperatures up to -25 ° C.

There are sizes for height 98-128 to choose from.

Price: 10,768 rubles.

5. With reflective details

Overalls designed for temperatures up to -30°C, made of waterproof fabric with a stain-resistant finish. It fastens with a zipper and button placket. The hood and collar are lined with soft-touch velor.

Elastics on sleeves protect from wind.There are four pockets: two with flaps and a pair with zippers. In the lumbar region, an elastic band is provided that is adjustable in volume - it can be tightened so that the jumpsuit fits snugly against the body and is not blown. The hood and trim on it are removable.

Legs have snow gaiters and laces. Reflective details are located on the front and back - the child will be visible in the dark. Sizes available for height 110-128 cm.

Price: 14,599 rubles.

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