40 cool lamps from AliExpress

Desk lamp

Lamps are designed for reading, needlework, work with documents and a computer.

- one -

A small e-reader lamp is a great option for those who have a reader without additional illumination. Two batteries are included.

Price: 517 rubles.

— 2 —

Desktop compact USB lamp with clip and flexible leg. There are three backlight modes: weak, medium, strong. Creates both pleasant twilight and bright light. Three colors are available to order.

Price: 817 rubles.

— 3 —

Table lamp with magnifying glass and metal holders. The kit comes with two lenses: large and small, which magnify 12 and 3.5 times. Runs on batteries.

Price: 764 rubles.

- four -

Powerful, bright lamp.You can adjust the comfortable angle of incidence of light yourself thanks to the flexible leg. There are several brightness modes that change with one touch of the touch button. There are two colors to choose from: white and black.

Price: 849 rubles.

- 5 -

Table lamp with a classic design.You can set the most comfortable light angle thanks to the 360° flexible leg. The reviews write that the lamp is very firmly attached to any surface and is generally of excellent quality. Available in black and white colors. The lamp is sold with or without bulb.

Price: from 1,153 rubles.

— 6 —

A lamp with a magnifying glass and a tool holder keeps your desk organized. The magnifying glass magnifies 5 and 10 times.

Price: 1,780 rubles.

— 7 —

LED table lamp with gooseneckplate for notes. Works in three brightness modes: weak, medium and strong. The kit includes a USB cable for recharging and a special felt-tip pen for drawing. On the other side of the marker is an eraser for removing inscriptions. The lamp is sold in three colors.

Price: 1,294 rubles.

- eight -

Table lamp with secure mounting forinstallation on the edge of the table adjustable in height. The model supports three color temperature modes, each of which has three brightness modes. You can adjust the modes using the block on the cable. Available in two colors: black and white.

Price: 2,198 rubles.

- 9 -

Table lamp on a long, height-adjustable leg. Fastens to the edge of the table, freeing up the working space. There are five colors to choose from: red, black, white, yellow and silver.

Price: from 1,121 rubles.

- ten -

A table lamp with a concise design is idealwill fit into the discreet interior of a home study or office. The light is adjusted in brightness and temperature: from a weak warm shade to a bright cold one. When ordering, you can choose a model of green or pink.

Price: 2,029 rubles.

- eleven -

Lamp with LCD display

Multifunction lamp with LCD display showing time, date and even temperature. There is also a built-in alarm clock.

Price: 2,038 rubles.

- 12 -

Vintage table lamp with colorful green shade and bronze colored stem.

Price: 1,143 rubles.

- 13 -

Table lamp with large LED panel andlong folding leg. Like many others in the collection, there are three brightness modes. The lamp is attached to the edge of the table. Controlled by remote control. Available in black, gold, silver or grey.

Price: 2,515 rubles.


Nightlights with additional features, original bedside lamps and small USB lamps to create soft, dim light.


- one -

A small night light in the form of a rose automatically changes colors during operation. Gives a soft light, does not hurt the eyes. Size: only 6.5 x 5 cm. The night light is powered by three LR44 batteries, which are included.

Price: 77 rubles.

— 2 —

A night light in the form of mushrooms is inserted into the socket and turns on automatically after dark.

Price: from 175 rubles.

— 3 —

A small USB lamp with a flexible leg. You can connect it to a laptop, power bank or power adapter. There are 8 colors to choose from.

Price: 77 rubles.

- four -

Compact USB lamp with flexible stem.Buyers note that, despite the small size, the lamp shines brightly. The reviews also say that many did not understand how to turn it on. Therefore, we say right away: in order for the lamp to work, open the helmet until it clicks.

Price: 248 rubles.

- 5 -

Cute light cactus will be a good sourcedim light at night. Runs on batteries. The reviews say that the seller puts batteries in the package, although the description does not indicate their presence in the kit.

Price: 831 rubles.

— 6 —

Set of 10 balls of cotton threads andLED strip will envelop the room with tenderness and warmth. When ordering, you can choose a battery-powered or USB-powered model. The seller offers four color options.

Price: 234 rubles.

— 7 —

The Star Wars fan lamp is mains powered via a USB cable. You can choose from Master Yoda, the AT-AT Walker, or the Stormtrooper Helmet. A total of 10 designs are available.

Price: 910 rubles.

- eight -

Glowing brain on a stand is suitable for everyonelovers of the unusual. Runs on USB cable and 3 AA batteries. Colors change automatically. The lamp is controlled using the touch panel or the remote control that comes with the kit.

Price: from 984 rubles.

- 9 -

Compact night light in the form of a red telephone boothone of London's most recognizable landmarks. Runs on batteries that are not included. If there is no desire to buy them, you can connect the lamp to a computer using a USB cable. It is included.

Price: 797 rubles.

- ten -

Night light-projector of the starry sky will create in the roomincredible beauty. To enjoy the view of the stars and the moon, it is enough to buy four AAA batteries, or connect the lamp via a USB cable to a desktop or laptop. There are three colors to choose from.

Price: 742 rubles.

- eleven -

An interesting lamp is made in the shape of the moon andturned on looks very impressive. The round ball is on a wooden stable stand. Turns on, off and switches between color temperature modes with one touch. Powered by a built-in battery, charged with a USB cable.

Price: 646 rubles.

- 12 -

Lovely lamps in the form of unicorns, Christmas trees and a crescent moon. They give soft light, creating a fabulous atmosphere. Work from batteries.

Price: from 638 rubles.

- 13 -

An interesting table lamp in the form of a large button turns on and off with one touch. Works from the built-in accumulator. There are models with a cold white or warm yellow glow to choose from.

Price: from 847 rubles.

- fourteen -

A cute lamp-sheep will warm the nursery with light and will be a great decoration. The seller offers models in three sizes with or without a remote control. The lamp is powered by a USB cable.

Price: from 870 rubles.

- fifteen -

Table lamp with three operating modes:from low to bright light. Turns on and off with one long touch of the button on top. A short touch switches between glow modes and colors. Recharges with the USB cable that comes with the kit.

Price: 729 rubles.

- 16 -

Table lamp with original design.When folded, it is no different from a notebook: the same cover, bright pages inside. But one has only to open it, as an unusual lamp is obtained. Powered by a built-in battery that is charged via a USB cable. There are three or five backlit models to choose from.

Price: from 913 rubles.

— 17 —

A lamp that turns a room into an underwaterkingdom and plays music. Supports work with TF memory cards. The connector is standard - 3.5 mm, so it connects to devices such as a smartphone, PC, MP3 player. Models with or without remote control are available on request.

Price: from 1,327 rubles.

- eighteen -

Lamp "Rose under a glass dome" is madeBased on the movie Beauty and the Beast. The delicate flower is wrapped in a thin ribbon with small LED lamps that emit a soft light. Runs on three AAA batteries. More than 30 colors available.

Price: 957 rubles.

Bedside lamps and sconces

- one -

The cute cartoon character "My Neighbor Totoro" is charged with a USB cable. The umbrella handle is bent. There are two colors to choose from.

Price: from 1,040 rubles.

— 2 —

The body of the semi-antique wall lamp is completely made of durable metal. Four colors are available to order. In addition, the seller has other interesting lamps.

Price: 1,763 rubles.

— 3 —

Stylish lamp on a wooden stand. The light lampshade is decorated with a delicate pattern of wheat, flowers or an abstract pattern. You can also choose a model without decor.

Price: 824 rubles.

- four -

A bouquet of three snow-white flowers is 35 cm high and 12 cm wide. Light bulbs can be turned on all at once, or you can turn on one at a time if you want to create twilight.

Price: 1,382 rubles.

- 5 -

Table lamp with a delicate lampshade, decoratedfeathers. The curved leg is decorated with a heart and a small crystal. Powered by 220 V. Before buying, you need to contact the seller so that he supplements the order with a free adapter for a European standard plug.

Price: from 1,594 rubles.

— 6 —

A lamp with an alarm clock and FM radio is a universal thing for connoisseurs of comfort and beauty. A pleasant combination of soft light and sound will help you wake up. Operates in 10 brightness modes.

Price: from 1,550 rubles.

Other lamps

- one -

A small portable light bulb for outdoor use supports three brightness levels. Runs on three AAA batteries. There are four colors to choose from.

Price: 91 rubles.

— 2 —

Wireless LED light with sensormovements for poorly lit places: bookcases, dressing rooms and others. Runs on four AAA batteries that are not included. There is an option with warm light and cold. Two sizes: 18 cm long and smaller.

Price: from 353 rubles.

— 3 —

Set of 10 small LED bulbs. With the help of them you can make unusual holiday balls or paper lanterns. Sets of different colors are available.

Price: from 236 rubles.

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