5 best bluetooth headsets 2021 from AliExpress

In order to make communication moreconvenient modern wireless devices are very useful. A Bluetooth headset that can be bought on Aliexpress frees your hands during a telephone conversation, provides a clear signal and stable connection. In this review, you will see several modern models of decent quality.



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    oein X9

    5 best bluetooth headsets 2021 from AliExpress

    Price on the website: 351 rubles

    Overall rating: 4.7

    This is a simple budget bluetooth headsetoption. The model has a standard set of functions and characteristics. Voice recognition technology will allow you to control hands-free calls without pressing any buttons. There are functions of noise reduction and protection from sweat and moisture. The 180 degree adjustable design allows you to adjust the angle and wear the headset in your right or left ear. The battery meter is displayed on the smartphone. Charges in 2 hours and lasts up to 8 hours of music playback.

    New bee LC-B41

    5 best bluetooth headsets 2021 from AliExpress

    Price on the website: from 973 rubles

    Overall rating: 4.9

    This is a very popular bluetooth headset thathas collected more than 12,000 orders and has a fairly high rating of ratings and reviews on Aliexpress. Users highlight the sound quality and user-friendliness. The charge lasts a very long time in the talk mode. A full battery lasts as much as 3 weeks of use. A stable connection is carried out at a distance of 5 meters, even if the smartphone is in a car or another room. The set comes with a second earpiece that connects with a wire to the headset. There are also different sizes of nozzles, two holders and instructions in Russian. There are three colors to choose from, as well as fast delivery of goods from Russia.

    Fineblue F990

    5 best bluetooth headsets 2021 from AliExpress

    Price on the website: from 1346 rubles

    Overall rating: 4.9

    This is the latest business bluetooth headset thatattaches to clothing and looks very stylish. The wired earphone can be extended up to 31 cm. The roll-up button is on the side. Of the technical characteristics, it is worth highlighting a large connection radius of 10 meters. Vibration functions when calling and in case of loss of contact if you go out of the range of the connection. A full battery charge lasts for 5 hours of active talk. The bluetooth 4.0 version seems a little outdated, but it is quite suitable for use in open spaces and rooms with thin walls. Users highlight strong signal reception and high sound quality most suitable for phone calls, GPS navigation and other sound notifications.

    gonhaa F990

    5 best bluetooth headsets 2021 from AliExpress

    Price on the website: 1336r

    Overall rating: 4.8

    This is a high-quality bluetooth headset with an ergonomicdesign comfortable to wear. The bluetooth 5.0 version provides a high level of connectivity. 180 degree rotation makes it possible to wear on the left and right ear. The noise control function allows the interlocutor to hear only you, no matter what the noise level around. It is also worth noting portability, the presence of smart voice control, a dual microphone and a capacious battery. A full charge lasts for 10 hours of talk time. There are two model colors to choose from.


    5 best bluetooth headsets 2021 from AliExpress

    Price on the website: from 1822r

    Overall rating: 5.0

    This is a more powerful model that people will like.those who want a clear and stable connection. Supports bluetooth 5.0 version, equipped with two microphones. The latest CVC 8.0 technology blocks background noise such as hum and wind. Thanks to this, you can get clear sound anytime, anywhere. The model can connect to two devices at the same time. The declared transmission distance is up to 30 meters. The capacious battery charges in 1.5 hours and provides up to 16 hours of continuous talk time. Two colors and two configuration options are available to choose from, as well as delivery of goods from Russia.

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    In this review you have seen the newest modelsbluetooth headsets available at reasonable prices on Aliexpress. We hope that the information provided will be useful to you. For more detailed information on the products, we recommend that you follow the links and read the reviews. Everyone is happy!