5 best car trash cans from AliExpress

Garbage container for a car - usefulaccessory designed to collect small debris in the cabin. Often, motorists use bags, ashtrays and cup holders for this purpose. It is inconvenient to remove accumulated garbage from there, but simply throwing it out the window is unethical.

Our selection contains reusable models, they are made of durable plastic.

Trash bags Halojaju (15 pcs)

Price from 413.50

Seller reliability: excellent!

Halojaju's garbage collection bagas in the car is not so at home. It adheres with ease to any surface with a sticky layer to always be at hand. On long journeys, all passengers, including the driver, must have such a package. The design of the package is minimalistic, with 6 fun prints for you to choose from. Such a useful piece is sold in a package of 15 sachets, each measuring 31 * 24.5 cm. You can view the product in detail at the link that is posted immediately after the reviews about the product.

5 best car trash cans from AliExpress1

The quality is really good. I liked the packages. I use them everywhere.


5 best trash cans in cars from AliExpress2

I bought it with discounts. We have already arrived. The package contains 15 pcs. The drawings are funny. I bought it for a trip.


5 best car trash cans from AliExpress3

Thick and beautiful. They stick to the surface tightly, they can also be removed. Recommend.


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Trash can in a car AvtoPoryadok

Price from 460,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

Another roomy thing for order in the cabinauto. In order not to be distracted by the search for a garbage bag while driving, use such an urn. It looks like an organizer. Just put a replaceable package into the trash can (5 pieces are included in the kit at once) and install the trash can. Put your rubbish in the trash can during the trip, then just take the bag and throw it in the trash. The car will now always be in order thanks to such a thing. The trash can is hung on the gearbox handle, does not interfere with driving, can be easily removed and emptied. For passengers in the back seat, the trash can can be hung behind the headrest, attached to the armrest on the back of the rear seat, placed on the floor and attached to the armrest between the front seats. Needle-punched, frost-resistant plastic 1.5 mm thick is inserted inside the urn. The dimensions of the trash can are as follows: width - 23 cm, height - 21 cm, bottom width - 12 cm. Holds 5.1 liters. Sold in black, gray and beige. All options look neat and beautiful.

5 best trash cans in cars from AliExpress5

Good trash can for cars. Packages included. The seller is good, I canceled one order, did not look, I wrote out with delivery, they returned the money. I wrote it out again, it came quickly. Five stars.


5 best car trash cans from AliExpress6

Cool thing. Took the children for garbage in the back seat. The set already comes with bags. A very good quality. There is no smell. I advise.


5 best car trash cans from AliExpress

A very useful thing. The manufacturer is Russian.Sends from the prominent Moscow region. Delivery in Moscow and the region takes a week, when the mail does not mow. The basket itself is well made. I'm buying the third one: for myself, my wife and my beloved mother-in-law) In the cars, the incomprehensible deposits of papers and bottles in the pockets of the doors immediately disappeared. There are no papers on the floor now either). And yes, we support the domestic manufacturer))).


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Waste container Extractme

Price from 496.40

Seller reliability: excellent!

Waste bin from Extractme in excellentthe performance of eco-leather perfectly fits the interior of any car brand. The highlight of the product is that the trash can be folded after use. In this form, it does not take up much space in the glove compartment. There is an insert for garbage collection inside the trash can, it is reusable. You can easily pour liquid into such a mini bucket. Product size - 16 * 20 cm. Available in burgundy, black and gray. The trash can can be placed anywhere in the car; a special mount is provided for this.

5 best car trash cans from AliExpress9

Very good stuff. According to the description. High quality and beauty. Fast delivery by the seller. I recommend the store.


5 best car trash cans from AliExpress10

Compact and spacious bucket. Satisfied with the product. Dispatched quickly.


5 best car trash cans from AliExpress11

A very cool trash can. There is a mount. Now it will not be constantly tossed with garbage. Classssss. I was pleased with the fast delivery. Thank you.


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Trash can in the car Dawndesslo

Price from 459.13

Seller reliability: excellent!

Large roomy waste bin is greatkeeps its shape due to the fact that it is made of dense plastic. To prevent the contents from accidentally spilling out, a lid is provided, it closes tightly. It has a hole for collecting debris. Product size - 160 * 155 * 140 mm, capacity 1 liter. Even liquids can be poured into such an urn, it will withstand everything. And you can also put it anywhere, the mount located on the back of the trash can allows you to attach the product to the side pockets of the car doors.

5 best car trash cans from AliExpress13

The trash can came, made with high quality. It fits a lot. I advise everyone to buy.


5 best car trash cans from AliExpress14

Super!! As pictured, received in very good condition and faster than expected! The dimensions are the same.


5 best car trash cans from AliExpress15

Everything is whole. You can't hang the Kodiak on the door in Skoda, it doesn't fit. Well, and so the normik.


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Baseus car trash bin

Price from 1098.63

Seller reliability: excellent!

Stylish, compact car trash can fromof the famous brand Baseus perfectly copes with the task. Its body is plastic, pleasant to the touch. The lid closes tightly, opens from a light touch. Holds about 500 ml. You can stir the product anywhere, even at home it will also come in handy. Quality, equipment, design and packaging - everything is as always on top of the Baseus brand.

5 best car trash cans from AliExpress17

I finally received this package.The bucket is of high quality, the whole thing came without damage, despite the deformation of the box. It would be necessary to lower the mark to the seller for a long dispatch, ay-ay-ay sent for a very long time, almost sent the very last of all my purchases to an emergency, although I placed an order in the first hours of the beginning of an emergency. I will not reduce it - I liked the product! I hope it will work for a long time. A separate "respect" to the PR for rolling this bucket from Yekaterinburg to Makhachkala and back))) The bucket finally saw the World. I recommend the seller, the product.


5 best car trash cans from AliExpress18

What a good thing! Looks exactly like the picture. The bags are easy to change.


5 best car trash cans from AliExpress19

Good quality, I really like it. I recommend. Thanks to the sellers.


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