5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress

In the arsenal of personal care assistants likeboth men and women always have a hairbrush. And the condition of the hair depends on what it is. Some people prefer combs made of wood (for example, a comb), others from synthetic materials.

Before purchasing an accessory such as a hairbrushhair, you need to pay attention to its size, shape and, of course, purpose. Below we invite you to view our small collection of hair care products. Be sure to check it out before buying a comb.

Ameli Hair Comb

Price from 69,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

A wood comb is great fordaily hair care ritual. It is completely wooden - made of birch, the teeth are rounded. Does not injure the scalp. The comb fits comfortably in the hand. Its length is 19 cm. The accessory is just right for constant use. Its main advantage is the gentle care of curls and the ability to discharge static electricity. The Ameli comb can replace an anti-static comb. He is unpretentious in leaving. If necessary, it can be rinsed with warm water and dried thoroughly. Store in a dry place.

5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress1

The usual comb is of good quality, the wood is free from defects, smooth, although the upper part is better polished than the serrated part. Does not scratch the scalp. Length 19 cm. Delivery to the post office in Moscow 4 days.


5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress2

It's okay, thanks. The product is packed neatly. Everything matches.


5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress3

Gorgeous comb. It suited me perfectly. For short hair just right.


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Hair styling comb (9 colors)

Price from 91.16

Seller reliability: excellent!

Large comb with frequent and sparse teeth -the choice of professionals. Available in 9 transparent colors, each measuring 18 * 2.4 * 2.2 cm. The thickness of the prong is 0.4 cm. All the combs are plastic and have a flat profile. The teeth do not scratch the scalp. Judging by customer reviews, the product is very high quality and functional. The combs are ideal for combing hair, and are also convenient for dividing strands for braiding. With the help of such a common hairdressing tool, you can do the bouffant or styling yourself.

5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress5

Beautiful, transparent, gold color. I got it in 20 days. Strength, in my opinion, is average.

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5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress6

The comb is awesome, no worse than professional, it combes well. Wished I had ordered two. I will order more.


5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress7

It differs slightly in color from the original, but the comb is good. Satisfied. Thanks to the seller for the price and quality.


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Price from 285.00

Seller reliability: excellent!

The ESTHETIC HOUSE comb is designed foreasy-to-comb hair Produced in original design, easily tackles the most tangled hair without pulling it out. The bristles of the combs have a unique conical shape, so that they gently glide through the hair, spreading them to the sides, and not dropping the knots down or clinging to them, as usual combs with balls at the ends do. The comb gently smoothes the hair cuticle, eliminating the dandelion effect and restoring shine. To extend the lifespan of your assistant, do not use it when heat-laying and with a hairdryer, iron and curling iron. For reference. The size of the comb is 18 * 3 cm. The comfortable handle ensures comfortable use.

5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress9

The comb is cool! Recommend! Delivery to the Moscow region in a month.


5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress10

The comb is super, nicely combed, very comfortable. Delivery to Moscow in 10 days. 03 Mar 2021 04:05


5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress11

I am very satisfied with the product, excellent quality The hairbrush came within a month.


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Massage Kommen

Price from 281.99

Seller reliability: excellent!

Brilliant, comfortable hair massage is ideal foreveryday. The comfortable grip and the ball-tip cloves make your daily care ritual a real delight. The scalp receives blood flow, which is so beneficial to the hair follicles. The comb is available in eight colors. Its size is 21.5 * 3 cm, the height of the teeth is 2.5 cm. The bristles gently massage the scalp, the hair does not pull out. Has an anti-static effect. Combing with such a comb is a pleasure.

5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress13

I ordered it on March 3. Received in the mail on March 26th. I tracked the track. The goods arrived whole. The hairbrush is good. Comfortable handle. I am satisfied with the order. I recommend to buy.


5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress14

The comb came in 5 days !!!! Very light and beautiful, there is a slight smell, but I think it will go away. Does not scratch the scalp, it combes well. I'm happy with everything.

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5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress15

Looks nice. Hair does not tangle. The colors are all nice. I am very pleased with the purchase.

Spik [er]

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Brushing Mythus

Price from 614.96

Seller reliability: excellent!

The Mythus comb is a combination of brushing andhair dryer. It will help you create a beautiful voluminous hairstyle. The rubberized handle is made of metal, it heats up and you can fix the styling with it. The longer the hair, the larger the diameter of the comb you need. There are 4 sizes to choose from. A comb will not work for curly hair. The length of the comb is 23 cm. The teeth are of medium hardness. The product is made with high quality.

5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress17

Excellent! As in the photo. Good quality! I recommend it!


5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress18

Outwardly it looks good, without any foreign smell.It just scratches the scalp. I would like the bristles to be a little softer. But this is my subjective opinion. The delivery is very fast. To Moscow 8 days.


5 best hairbrushes from AliExpress19

Delivery up to 10 days. The brush is great, very good components. I recommend the seller.


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