5 best remedies for coronavirus protection from AliExpress

The colors are thickening, the third wave of coronavirus in Russia is underway. Use protective equipment to protect yourself and your loved ones. These include a mask (medical), medical gloves and an antiseptic.

Now, as in the first wave, when everyone was insweeping away, there is no shortage of these funds in the pharmacy and any store you can buy an antiseptic, and a mask and gloves without leaving your home. Scroll through our selection with Aliexpress and make purchases without leaving your home.

Disposable gloves (100 pcs)

Price from 101,80

Seller reliability: excellent!

This set of disposable gloves is veryuseful, because without them nowhere! They are ideal for any brush body. One package contains 100 pairs of thin gloves. They do not contain latex, which is often allergic. Many housewives use them for paraffin therapy and cooking. As you can see, the range of applications is large, in any case, after use, it is recommended to throw them into the trash can.

5 Best Remedies to Protect Against Coronavirus with AliExpress1

Corresponds to the description. Large, for any hand. It will not work to store in its packaging: it breaks immediately.

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5 Best Remedies to Protect Against Coronavirus with AliExpress2

I really liked it, I took several at oncepackages. Very thin, but for their own purposes (quickly mix the minced meat or remove something dirty) so that your hands do not get dirty, it is very wonderful. The price / quality is optimal. Thank you.


5 Best Remedies for Coronavirus Protection with AliExpress3

We arrived whole and well packed. I did not choose the size, came L. Everything fit.


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Two-layer masks

Price from 399,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

This mask is an effective remedy for individualprotection. The material of the product is soft, does not cause allergies and does not interfere with even breathing. Adaptation of breathing in the mask takes 5-7 minutes on average. For the mask, two layers of cotton with a density of 140g / m2 are used (corresponds to GOST 29298-2005), the final density of the mask is 280 g / m2. The mask is fixed to the face by means of elastic ear loops. The size of the mask allows you to close both the nose and the chin, protecting the mucous membranes from external influences. Mask care is necessary to prolong its protective properties. It is necessary to wash the product using detergents manually or in washing machines in hot water, but up to 60 degrees Celsius. Thorough rinsing is required after washing to remove any residual detergent. Pre-washing the product before use is mandatory. Disinfection is carried out by steaming at a high temperature. It is possible to use natural antiseptic agents. Reusable mask is allowed when washing at home.

5 Best Remedies to Protect Against Coronavirus with AliExpress5

The goods arrived very quickly. Delivered by a courier. Thank you very much to the seller!


5 best remedies to protect against coronavirus with AliExpress6

Friends, the masks are gorgeous, cotton, very comfortable !!!!!! Thank you seller !!!!!! I recommend it very much !!!! Fair!

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5 Best Remedies to Protect Against Coronavirus with AliExpress

Very fast shipping.For which many thanks to the seller. Good quality masks. Washable - reusable. Pure cotton fabric. It is very easy to breathe. 2 layers of fabric. Convenient thin elastic bands, put on the ears. Fully protects against any germs and viruses. Much more convenient than disposable ones. Many thanks to the seller. Recomend for everybody. Buy and be healthy.

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UV ozone germicidal lamp

Price from 1372.48

Seller reliability: excellent!

The germicidal lamp from MALITAI removesfoul odor, kills airborne bacteria, helps fight mold that can cause breathing problems, kills tiny, dust mites hiding in soft tissues. The quartz lamp purifies the air by reducing allergens that cause asthma and allergies. Should be used from one to three times a week, within thirty or sixty minutes, and after use it is necessary to ventilate the room. Direct ultraviolet rays are hazardous and you must leave the room while the lamp is on.

5 Best Remedies to Protect Against Coronavirus with AliExpress9

Everything is whole, I checked the lamp, it works,remote control too, everything is fine. BUT! THE ORDER WAS IN November (13 or 14) and it came only in February if you order, take into account the delivery time !!! The seller is certainly smart, the order was sent quickly.


5 Best Remedies to Protect Against Coronavirus with AliExpress10

Fast delivery in five, excellent packed ... The lamp is huge, I thought it would be more compact. Let's see how it works.


5 Best Remedies to Protect Against Coronavirus with AliExpress11

We use it several times a month. The timer is running, everything is ok. I'm happy with everything.


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HelSurDis valve mask

Price from 356.69

Seller reliability: excellent!

The mask effectively cleans the air from dust, smoke andviruses. This is 95%. This is possible thanks to the filter located inside the product. After use, it must be replaced with a new one. Depending on the configuration, one package may contain 2 standard filters, but somewhere around 8 filters. Be sure to research this before ordering on the seller's page. The mask is available in blue, red and black. To make the mask fit snugly on the face, there is a Velcro on the neck and a clip for the nose. It is very comfortable to breathe in such a mask, as holes and valves are provided.

5 Best Remedies to Protect Against Coronavirus with AliExpress13

This fits great. Regulated. Breathe normally. Let's see how the summer will be.


5 Best Remedies for Coronavirus Protection with AliExpress14

A good mask ... For sports ... not medical. Satisfied.


5 Best Remedies to Protect Against Coronavirus with AliExpress15

The mask is excellent. It fits snugly to the face. Red fire!


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Hand sanitizer

Price from 129.71

Seller reliability: excellent!

Small-sized bottle antisepticdesigned to handle the hands will help you not to get sick with coronavirus. The composition of the antiseptic is simple - alcohol and aloe with glycerin. It is necessary to drop a couple of drops on your hands and rub thoroughly to produce an antibacterial treatment. The skin will not only be clean, but also hydrated. A light scent will create a pleasant haze. The volume of the bottle is small - only 29 ml. They will last for a long time, since the consumption is economical.

5 Best Remedies to Protect Against Coronavirus with AliExpress17

Smells very tasty with coconut. The smell is not chemical, but just like smelling a coconut. I'm happy with everything.


5 Best Remedies to Protect Against Coronavirus with AliExpress18

Delivery always takes (~ 2.5 months), but it's finally here! Smells good and looks pretty cool, maybe I'll order more.

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5 Best Remedies for Coronavirus Protection with AliExpress19

Smells strongly of lemon. I bought 3 different ones at once. I gave it to all my friends.


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