5 best soundbars on AliExpress

Times change, and bulky equipment like a home theater is being replaced by a new audio system called a soundbar.

Unlike classic home theaterthe soundbar does not provide for a large number of speakers, because absolutely all components of the digital system are assembled in one case with optional additions such as an optional subwoofer. Its compact size does not take up much space, and it also allows you to enjoy clear multichannel sound without a bunch of bulky speakers and speakers.

Our selection from Aliexpress will help you to buy a soundbar and make the right choice.

Soundbar CAV TM1100

Price from 23654.33

Seller reliability: excellent!

Introducing the premium model from the Chinesebrand CAV. The soundbar has a wooden cabinet and 2 built-in subwoofers. There are four modes for watching different programs and listening to music. Choose the one you like! The sensitivity is 80 dB, the impedance of each speaker is up to 6 ohms. The range of perceived frequencies is from 50 Hz to 20 kHz. The soundbar will be well packed for transport and all necessary cables are included. The build quality of the panel and materials is excellent. Setting up when connected to a TV is fast, the sound is excellent, there is bass and all other frequencies. Produces high quality surround sound.

5 best soundbars from AliExpress1

Fast shipping. The quality is decent. The sound is pretty good. Recommend.

Fairy O'Really

5 best soundbars from AliExpress2

Came quickly, ordered on 30.12. 03.01 the courier delivered.The sound is two-fold. For me, they are quite clean, with TV speakers it is quite enough. It is precisely the stereo sound with surround sound that is created. Well, the price, in my opinion, is now overpriced, with all the discounts it was cheap.

Crazy pirog

5 best soundbars on AliExpress3

The seller is great! I recommend. IML delivery to the north of the Tomsk region is 18 days. The product is packed perfectly in 2 boxes.


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Sounderlink Wireless Soundbar

Price from 4761.54

Seller reliability: excellent!

This soundbar is easy to install andquick setup. Only one cable or wireless connection is used to connect to the speakers. The soundbar can be connected to a TV, game console and DVD player. Equipped with an LED display, it is very informative, because it displays the volume level and other parameters from a smartphone, such as the name of the track, etc. The panel comes with a remote control. The power of the device is 60 W, the resistance is 4 ohms. The assembly of the Sounderlink soundbar is high-quality, it is easy to connect and install. The result will please you. The sound is spacious and clear, there is a tangible bass. The soundbar weighs about 2.5 kg.

5 best soundbars from AliExpress5

The soundbar is quite high quality. Everything matches the description. Loud.


5 best soundbars from AliExpress6

Very good value for money bar. Very happy with the purchase. I will buy more.


5 best soundbars from AliExpress7

Very good value for money, really.For its low cost, it sounds really good. At high volumes, the sound loses a little harshness, as for the frequency, it closes, although you can correct it with an equalizer, which has a soundbar with five preset options that you can choose between classic, rock, pop, jazz and flat. I'm happy as an elephant.


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Soundbar SH39

Price from 2830.09

Seller reliability: excellent!

Freaky looking and sounding system with chiccharacteristics. The body of the soundbar shimmers with the vibrant colors of the built-in backlight. It works in a frequency range of 80-20000 Hz, which is very nice. The total power of the speakers is 25 watts. The sound is spacious and clear, there is very pleasant bass. The size of the device is 495 * 88 * 57 mm. Connects with devices via Bluetooth: 5.0. Battery capacity is 3600mAh (watch version and game version) USB / TF: Support 32GB.

5 best soundbars from AliExpress9

Cool thing, mechanical keys, unfortunately, will not last long. In any case, the product is clearly worth the money. I recommend it, it will bring great emotions.


5 best soundbars from AliExpress10

Column fire! I took it specially under the keyboard, now a complete set! Very satisfied! I highly recommend the seller!


5 best soundbars from AliExpress11

It came quickly. DPD. It was packed very thoroughly. The device itself has a proprietary packaging. It looks stunning. Sounds nice. I am delighted.


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Soundbar Samgeno

Price from 2028.83

Seller reliability: excellent!

The soundbar from Samgeno has a built-insubwoofer. Connects to a TV, smartphone, tablet using a cable or via Bluetooth version 4.2 and higher. The model can play audio directly from a sound source or from memory cards. There are two 3.5 mm AUX channels. A soundbar with a built-in battery that can play music from 3 to 7 hours and is waterproof, which will allow you to take it even outdoors to play music. Control is carried out by buttons on the body or a remote control. The size of the soundbar is 55 * 5 * 5 cm.

5 best soundbars from AliExpress13

Courier delivery. The packaging is intact. I switched on the bluetooth with the phone. Works fine. I have not tried it with a TV yet.

Angry cookie

5 best soundbars from AliExpress14

Delivered by courier in 6 days. The sound is good, I'm happy. Thank you.


5 best soundbars from AliExpress15

The column is great. Everything fits the description. No wheezing, normal bass.


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Soundbar Amoi L2

Price from 6287.37

Seller reliability: excellent!

Gorgeous audio system!The package includes a subwoofer, with which the total power reaches 200 watts. Delivers crisp 3D surround sound, comfortable connection and sound quality. Installation is simple, connection without delays, stylish appearance are the main advantages of this soundbar model. You can find out more about its characteristics in the description. product that is posted on the seller's page.

5 best soundbars from AliExpress17

The soundbar arrived intact. Connected to the TV and working. The plug is not standard does not fit the sockets, an adapter is needed.

Forever Young

5 best soundbars from AliExpress18

No problem with sound, and connection to the device. Relatively simple, I think that's okay. You can continue to use.


5 best soundbars from AliExpress19

Excellent as described by the seller. I recommend it. Collect at solid 5 and sound at 4.


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