5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress

Every woman pays great attention to cleaningat home, and does everything thoroughly. The process begins with dust that settles on surfaces. Cleaning floors and furniture will take less time if you use a household appliance called a vacuum cleaner.

There are not a few varieties of such a valuable assistant - this is a robot vacuum cleaner, and a vertical one in the form of a "stick", as it is usually called, and built-in, and in the classic version.

Before you buy a vacuum cleaner, check out our selection from Aliexpress just on this topic.

Handheld vacuum cleaner TINTON LIFE

Price from 5602.68

Seller reliability: excellent!

Compact yet powerful vacuum cleaner equipped withlithium battery, supplied with three brushes, which allows not only to effectively clean the floor, but also furniture, mattresses, curtains, etc. Equipped with a special mount that allows you to hang it on the wall, as well as LED lighting for cleaning hard-to-reach places. One battery charge is enough to clean about 230 sq. m. surfaces. When fully charged, it works continuously for 55 minutes.

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The vacuum cleaner is very nice, but not powerful.For daily cleaning only, to maintain cleanliness. The bin fills up quickly and needs to be emptied frequently. Often clogged at the beginning of the pipe near the bin. Check if it's clogged.

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5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress2

Came very quickly. Everything is whole and safe. Came loaded, assembled easily. Sucks powerfully. For laminate flooring and small carpets, enough. Very sensitive on / off button. Comfortable.


5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress3

Delivery is very fast, received in the mail. The battery is charged, immediately vacuumed. Very tight latches, I'm afraid to break! Hope it will last a long time! For that kind of money - super!

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ROIDMI Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Price from 7515.60

Seller reliability: excellent!

This vacuum cleaner is just a godsend!It is lightweight, compact and versatile. There is no dust bag in it, which is very convenient. Powered by its own 2500 mAh batteries, making you mobile. The vacuum cleaner is 100% worth the money. This is the case when the price matches the quality. There are two modes of operation. Comes with 2 replaceable hepa filters and 3 replaceable nozzles. They clean in a way that will take your breath away! Charges in 2.5 hours and lasts 55 minutes. The vacuum cleaner does its job perfectly. It perfectly removes dust, fine grains of sand, hair and pet hair, and also easily cleans in hard-to-reach places due to the convenient maneuverable attachments. In addition to carpets, they can also clean cabinets, chandeliers, sofas and other furniture! Due to the fact that the vacuum cleaner is wireless, it can also be used in the passenger compartment! After work, the vacuum cleaner is attached to the wall with a magnet. The care is very simple.

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The vacuum cleaner is worth the money!I have been looking for a model for a long time, roidmi price = quality! Performs its functions! Dust collects well, easy to clean, not heavy and due to the fact that the roller rotates the hand does not get tired. The only thing was that there were creases on the roller, but this does not affect the quality of work! Fastened with a magnet to the wall, wire charging. Came in a few days (about a week).


5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress6

The goods arrived very quickly in the Moscow region.from Russia., in 6 days. Free door delivery. In a box shaped like a suitcase with a handle. I tried it right away. I am delighted. With the garbage that the previous BOSCH vertical cordless vacuum cleaner could not cope with, this one does it with a bang !!! He collects all grains of sand as usual in hard-to-reach places. In turbo mode, it ideally cleans carpets with high pile and curly cutouts. I am generally silent about cat pile. I have something to compare with. Fully charged in 1.5 hours. Cleans quickly and easily. Oh, how I like it. How long it will serve I DON'T KNOW, we'll see in the future. ADVICE. I ordered 11.11 20 g with a discount.


5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress7

An excellent vacuum cleaner, everything is super - I'm happy, my wife too, hepa filters included 2 pieces, one for battle, the second for reserve. Delivery within Russia several days by courier to the door. Very happy with the purchase.


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Cordless vacuum cleaner Proscenic P11

Price from 16442.05

Seller reliability: excellent!

Another compact and maneuverable verticalvacuum cleaner for comparison. The device has an adjustable power level - it is at the level of 200-300 W. Thanks to the built-in rotating brushes, it does the job perfectly. There is a built-in illumination on the case, it will come in handy in the dark. Charges for 2.5 hours and works for 60 minutes. Good suction power, the ability to use the "turbo" mode for difficult dirt or automatic mode under normal conditions are the clear advantages of this model of vacuum cleaner. Comes with many accessories, including a convenient magnetic dock. The vacuum cleaner is quiet. Easy to clean floors, carpets, furniture and even ceilings. In normal mode, it will be able to work up to 40 minutes continuously. And if you set the maximum suction power, then the autonomy will be 23 minutes. The quality of the materials is good, the build is excellent, not worse than Dyson. The suction power is the same as that of expensive vacuum cleaners - 26000 PA.

5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress9

Came quickly 3 days Ekb., packed - MY HONOR! As if I bought a device for 100 thousand, each nozzle is in its own packaging, everything is in thick cardboard. Sucks well. Heavy, it will be difficult for a woman to carry, especially if the curtains are vacuumed, but who vacuums the curtains ???)))) Well, in the end, he looks like, well, a blaster !!))))


5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress10

Delivery from Russia to Volgograd is fast. Kurer.The packaging is normal. Everything matches the description. I carried out tests, I did not know that you can collect so much dust from one sofa and an armchair. Before that, I vacuum cleaned with a wired samsung 1500v. In my opinion this one collects dust better.


5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress11

Delivery by courier, I like it, for the second timeAli delivers the goods to me through them! I'm happy with the vacuum cleaner, before that I always washed the floors with a mop (two types) every day, in the summer and not once! Dust from the street, the windows overlook the avenue! I clean up immediately with a container for wet cleaning, after having moistened it with water! The charge is enough for two cleanings of 45 squares (linoleum, laminate, tiles and a couple of rugs). In general, if you do the cleaning for the first time, then the filter will quickly clog, the subsequent cleaning is enough for it) I did not communicate with the seller.

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XIAOMI MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Price from 15375.64

Seller reliability: excellent!

The size of the robot vacuum cleaner from XIAOMI - 34.5 * 34.5 * 9.6cm. Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that works for two, two and a half hours and can clean up to two hundred and fifty square meters. The compact design allows the vacuum cleaner to clean dust in hard-to-reach places, under cabinets and low chairs. A high-precision laser sensor scans the room to get information about the location of furniture, this allows the vacuum cleaner to avoid bumping into it and quickly clean rooms. If the battery charge is below twenty percent, the vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its charging station. You can also control the operation of the vacuum cleaner remotely, via your phone using a special application on your smartphone or tablet. The kit comes with special black magnetic strips, with which you can isolate unwanted cleaning areas. Works almost silently; the volume of the container for collecting dust - 450 ml.

5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress13

Ordered 11.11 in St. Petersburg came 17.11 ,.Came in two boxes, brought home. I did not connect to the iPhone, I made one account with the android with my husband, there are no connection problems. The vacuum cleaner works fine, I made a map of the apartment myself without any complaints.


5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress14

An excellent vacuum cleaner, cleans in three modes. Connectit is good with the application. Definitely worth the money!


5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress15

Great thing! Looked at him for a year!But then came the sale and huge discounts! I couldn't resist! The seller also answered questions instantly! 5 minutes have passed! I bought it with spare parts for 16 kopecks. It took about 2.5-3 weeks to reach Ekb. How I lived without him before - I can't imagine! They put a plug on Russia. I downloaded my home. I chose the region "China" and chose English (for the voice of the robot). I didn't go into the brain for the purpose of flashing it. And so the rules. The application itself is in Russian. You can set the area of ​​cleaning, time, period of time in which he can talk. Reports on everything. Left, wrote, went to the base, wrote. In general - a dream!


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Vacuum cleaner Vacmaster

Price from 4627.76

Seller reliability: excellent!

Introducing a washing vacuum cleaner from the famousAliexpress brand Vacmaster. It is quite large in size and has good suction power. There are two attachments in the set - a universal wide brush and a flat tool for cleaning in narrow crevices. Strong latches are responsible for fixing and easy removal of the tank. The case is protected against ingress of water according to the IPX4 standard, which is especially important for washing models. The vacuum cleaner can be used as a blower thanks to its separate air outlet and high power.

5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress17

The vacuum cleaner got it quickly, the name was written clumsily onit was not identified at the post office, the vacuum cleaner is worthy, it costs its money, the plastic is not fragile, it looks like plastic from car bumpers, the thickness is ~ 3 mm, it pulls not mega of course, home 2 kV pulls more fun, blowing works perfectly! I took it for a car workshop, connect grinders and orbitals with a dust extraction, and its power through a measure, just over, immediately put a voltage regulator, copes with dust removal at a minimum, despite the fact that it turned out very quietly, the tubes are liquid, but quite suitable, break with normal use will not work, the brush is not suitable for the house at all, but vacuuming a concrete floor with potholes is great, the cord is short, the hose is too, it rolls on wheels at home very easily, and the vacuum cleaner itself is light. Expected the worst, but it exceeded expectations)). I am very pleased with the purchase !!!)))

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5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress18

The dust is valid, I have been using it for 3 months already.Daily cleaning of the 70 sq.m. box, used with disposable bags, there is no hint of "folding". For comparison, pets die in a month (because the cooling is not the same as in the building) and is enough to clean 14 rooms, then shake them out.


5 best vacuum cleaners from AliExpress19

The order came to Orenburg in 14 days.The packaging is intact, no damage. The vacuum cleaner itself is intact, without defects. Complete set. The vacuum cleaner works, the power is very good! Large trash bin! I was pleased with the purchase !!! I hope it will last a long time !!!

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