5 cool budget quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS

A quadcopter is a welcome gift.It is ideal for entertaining and capturing exciting videos. There are some things to look out for when choosing a quadcopter. For example, the size, battery capacity, control radius, on which the flight range depends.

Before you buy a quadcopter, be sure to check out our selection from Aliexpress. We have selected the best models for you in various price categories.

Quadcopter EKEN E525 PRO

Price from 1489.28

Seller reliability: excellent!

Introducing the budget model.The quadcopter has functions such as flight along a given trajectory, an auto return button and 360 ° rotation. Three sensors on opposite sides of the drone are responsible for obstacle avoidance. The built-in camera allows you to take photos and view videos in real time. The battery is powerful, providing a good flight duration. It flies for about 25 minutes. This is quite enough to take beautiful shots and learn how to operate the gadget. In short, this product is ideal for those who want to get to know more about quadcopters.

5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS1

Received the package. Includes 1080P camera, 2 batteries, and a bag. I bought it as the first drone as a familiarization toy, which it does an excellent job. Delivery 50 days.


5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS2

Very fast delivery to Ukraine.Only 14 days, it came to a new mail. This is already my tenth drone and there is something to compare with. If the battery is fully charged when the green LED lights up and the voltage is 4.38V, it takes off and immediately turns off. Probably I don’t know the protection or the jamb. But it is worth discharging a little battery up to 4.20v and it starts to fly normally. This is a serious disadvantage. I do not advise, do not buy. On the street he is very weak, even at 3 speeds, he is carried away by a light breath of wind. It's probably only for indoor flights. He is very obedient, he hangs well in the air. Almost does not pull to the sides. The gyroscope is calibrated. The flight time is about 10 minutes. The seller is good, I recommend! 01 Dec 2020 23:25


5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS3

The package arrived very quickly. In 12 days. How does a toy fit. I recommend it for purchase.


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Quadcopter Syma X5C X5C-1

Price from 3373.23

Seller reliability: excellent!

Introducing an improved version of the quadcopter fromSYMA brand. She came with a 2 megapixel HD camera. The device can be used both indoors and outdoors in calm weather. Buyers in their reviews note the high-quality assembly and good performance of the camera. The picture is clear, the sound is excellent. The resolution of the pictures is 1440 * 2560. The manufacturer provided the goods with strong packaging.

5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS5

I am very glad that he flies. All is well, arrived on time. I recommend.


5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS6

Delivery was 2 months. Flies. The package is complete. The child is happy.


5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS7


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Quadcopter Caldecott L900PRO GPS

Price from 6219.96

Seller reliability: excellent!

Relatively lightweight apparatus.It is convenient to take the quadcopter with you. There is GPS, manual control and 50x optical zoom. And the flight duration is 30 minutes. When the battery is low, the drone will automatically return to base. A dual camera with a 20 ° wide-angle lens captures video. Connecting to smartphones takes place without delays. Judging by the reviews, the quadcopter has a high-quality assembly. In windy weather, the manufacturer does not recommend using it.

5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS9

All perfectly!The product is intact, the styrofoam packaging saved it, although it itself suffered a little. It is a pity that the separately ordered protection did not fit. Everything works, but with the help of the instructions in English, it has not yet been possible to start.


5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS10

In principle, everything is fine. The package arrived quickly. Goods match the description. Flies fast. Pictures class.


5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS11

Ease of handling. I liked the quadrocopter. The assembly is of high quality. The battery lasts 10 minutes.

Angry bunny

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Quadcopter Visuo XS816

Price from 3030.34

Seller reliability: excellent!

5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS13

Ordered at sale 11.11, I chose delivery from the Russian Federation. On November 16, the courier brought home (Moscow). The box was a little wrinkled, but this did not affect the contents. I have not tried to use it yet, since this is a gift to my husband for others.

Foxy_ [Pirate]

5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS14

Very fast delivery to the apartment.The seller is very good, sociable, he solves all issues quickly, the goods were sent almost immediately. The order came as in the description. I recommend the drone and the seller. Would give more than 5 stars !!!


5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS15

For the first drone, this is a great option. Easy to connect, controlled by norms. For flights in calm weather. Shoots well.


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Price from 9059.63

Seller reliability: excellent!

The advantages of this model arelong flight time (up to 25 minutes) and brushless motor. The battery is powerful, with a capacity of 2500 mAh. Controlled from the remote control. Batteries are supplied to him. The controller operates at 2.4 GHz. Video on 5G frequency is broadcast at a distance of 400-600 m. The complete set with the drone includes a carrying bag and 2 batteries.

5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS17

Great drone, came very quickly 7 days. I am very glad. The first flight went just fine.


5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS18

Good packaging condition. As the first drone will come down. Like it flies too.


5 Cool Budget Quadcopters with ALIEXPRESS19

Delivery from Russia IML very fast lessweeks warehouse in Moscow. The whole thing is connected to the smartphone, the test is done by the drone, the camera stub is working. Writes a video of the photo left to run, but we have no winter flight conditions The seller is great, the store discount is 1500 rubles thanks !!! Everything is clear !!! Prosperity to your business !!!


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