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A fishing rod is a tackle in the form of a flexible whip, itspreviously made from wood, at the moment they are made from other materials. A fishing rod consists of a rod, line and rig. With certain knowledge and comfort, fishing will be a real pleasure.

In order not to be mistaken in your choice and buy a fishing rod that will suit you in everything, leaf through our selection with Aliexpress.

JSFUN Telescopic Rod

Price from 3508.95

Seller reliability: excellent!

The JSFUN rod consists of 12 sections.They make the product flexible, durable and super compact during storage. The design is telescopic, facilitates the process of bringing the rod into working condition. The length of the rod is 2.1 meters. A holder is installed at the end, it contributes to smooth guidance and accurate, accurate casting. For a low price, you get a quality fishing rod. It is made of three-layer carbon fiber, comes without rings and coils. You can buy goods from 8 to 15 m. In a word, this is a swing rod. Buyers write about high quality and usability in their reviews. On the rod page, the seller gave a summary table with a detailed description.

5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS1

I received the goods within 1 month, very fast delivery. Satisfied, the rod is not good noodles, take it you will not regret it.


5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS2

It took a very long time, almost 2 months. The rod is good but noodles. I'll check it in the spring.


5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS3

I'm happy with the fishing rod. I recommend to all newcomers to purchase. I drove 3 weeks to Murmansk.


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Lurestar Carbon Fiber Rod

Price from 3553.16

Seller reliability: excellent!

The Lurestar rod is very beautiful.The rod itself is made of carbon fiber, the material allows it to be super flexible and very durable. The handle is made of foam cork, comfortable to grip. Has beautiful wood and gilded inserts. All this makes the rod as attractive as possible. At the same time, the design is reliable. Basically, it is taken for small rivers. You can buy the product in two types, for different types of reels, do not forget that there is no reel in the kit, you need to purchase it separately, but the rod is equipped with rings.

5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS5

I ordered only the handle, it definitely costs its money! The best seller in Ali, everything is simple and fast. Handle length 19cm.

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5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS6

Delivery to Penza took 8 days, the track was tracked.By mistake, I first ordered the wrong spinning modification, wrote to the store, the seller promptly canceled the order and returned the money. I'm happy with the deal. Thanks to the store and its staff! I liked the spinning rod very much - a miniature short, build fast, the last knee is solid, quite rigid. The assembly is excellent, the form itself is even, the rings are straight, the handle is made of cork, metal and wooden inserts. The balance with the FS800 is perfect, the entire weight of the tackle lies clearly in the hand. I took this spinning rod for small rivers, for catching chub on cranks up to 6-7 grams. I will try it in a couple of months, but I think it is perfect for these tasks.


5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS7

The rod looks good. Quality level. The packaging is good. Neoprene cover. I cannot test it in action because it is winter. I have to wait for spring.


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Carp fishing rod JOSBY

Price from 822.57

Seller reliability: excellent!

Another swing rod.Judging by the reviews, this is the best combination of price and quality. The rod has excellent balance. There is a weighting at the end. It is made of dense plastic, hollow inside. The rod is made of multilayer carbon fiber. All rings are brass to prevent rusting. A special flexible holder is installed at the end. Thanks to this, the casting and immersion of the gear and the withdrawal from the water occur without jerks. The predator would surely be fooled by such neat wiring. You will immediately see the result of such a rod! The product can be purchased in lengths from 2.7 m to 7.2 m and in two colors.

5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS9

I received the fishing rod in 2 weeks, the packaging, the quality, everything is excellent, it costs its money. Lightweight, perfect for small fish. Thanks to the seller. I advise everyone.


5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS10

The fishing rod came in one piece. Good quality. Check it out in the summer.


5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS11

A very good rod. Very flexible and lightweight. I advise everyone.

u n i v e r s e

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Spinning rod SeaKnight Kraken

Price from 2911.36

Seller reliability: excellent!

We present a spinning rod from one well-known Chinese brand - SeaKnight Kraken. It is in the highest demand and has a ton of great reviews.

Carbon rod with three layers of plastic andfiberglass make the spinning rod strong and flexible. Fishing rod rings from the Japanese brand Fuji. They are made of tempered metal with polyurethane inserts. Prevents abrasion of the fishing line, as well as its freezing during winter fishing. The rod itself is perfectly balanced. A thin handle with a weighting agent and a comfortable grip are indisputable advantages of the product. In short, a quality product at an affordable price. The durability of the fishing rod is obvious.

5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS13

Everything is super. I liked spinning. Lightweight, comfortable. I took it complete with a coil.


5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS14

The goods were delivered by the courier right to the door. I ordered 11.11 and received 16.11. Super fast.


5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS15

For the money, the quality is excellent. There is no marriage. I took it for the test.


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FTK Carbon Rod

Price from 4509.93

Seller reliability: excellent!

Introducing the chic ergonomic rod witha lot of positive reviews. The case is highly durable. The tackle is made of carbon and the handle is made of rubber. The handle is good for winter fishing, and also has a positive effect on weight - only 90 grams. A stick with a height of 2.1 m and a dough of 2-8 g with a tubular tip is rather tough with an average action and clearly beats a bite into the hand, which is not the case for spins with a full-bodied tip. The fishing rod cover is made of dense material. This model easily holds the bait, which weighs 30 grams. The rod itself weighs 145 g and consists of 3 sectors. More detailed characteristics of FTK rods are given in the summary table on the product page.

5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS17

From the moment of payment until receipt (deliversIML service) to the doorstep of the apartment 7 days. In addition to words of gratitude, for the quality of the manufacturer and delivery service to the Rostov region, I can not say anything else !!! I already order the fifth spinning rod, three for myself (L and two UL) and two for my fishermen friends. Spinning has shown itself only on the positive side, we have such a spinning cost in the region of 4 rubles. I recommend the seller and spinning. If it was possible, I would put more stars, I would not hesitate, they deserve it.


5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS18

The goods were sent quickly, arrived quickly, everything is whole, works, is caught. There was no need to contact the seller. I took 5-20g 2.70m. Satisfied.


5 cool rods with ALIEXPRESS19

The package arrived to Tambov in 32 days. I ordered delivery from Russia. Externally, the spinning is good, the build is fast. Thanks for the gift, carp hooks.


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