5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress

The umbrella will not only protect you from rain, but also beautifyappearance. Popular models are the automatic umbrella and the classic walking stick. The cane is not always suitable for daily use due to its large size. If you have to move around the city, it is better to carry the compact version with you. It fits easily into a small bag.

You can buy an umbrella that will last a long time from our selection from Aliexpress. The products placed in it have excellent customer reviews.

Automatic umbrella TOPX

Price from 980.25

Seller reliability: excellent!

Stylish automatic umbrella from TOPX presentedin black and blue. Opened diameter of the dome: 120 cm. When folded, the umbrella is only 33 cm long. The handle is 10 cm. The frame consists of 10 metal knitting needles. The umbrella as a whole is lightweight, weighing about 450 g. It is convenient to take with you due to its compact size. Made of wind and moisture resistant material. One press of the button and the umbrella opens, the second press - the dome of the umbrella closes. Storage pouch included. It is in the color of the umbrella.

5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress1

The umbrella can be said to have arrived.)) Very fast courier delivery to the door. Satisfied with the quality. A small souvenir - a keychain as a gift)) Automatic umbrella. One press of the button - opens, the second press of the button - the dome of the umbrella collapses, then you can assemble it.


5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress2

Lightning Fast Delivery - Five Days Afterthe order was delivered to Pyaterochka. Until I used, like all the rules, the fabric is not tightly stretched, but perhaps it is even better, the needles will not pierce it. In general, let's see how it will serve. Now I'm happy with everything.


5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress3

A lovely umbrella. It looks strong. Time will tell in the case. Thanks for the keychain gift. Very cute.

Crazy pirog

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Automatic umbrella with flashlight (9 colors)

Price from 891.21

Seller reliability: excellent!

The compact umbrella has a built-inflashlight. It will come in handy both in autumn and spring. The flashlight will provide good illumination of the road in the evening, so as not to step into a puddle. The umbrella is fully automatic, the width of the canopy is 105 cm when opened. In addition, the folding system is reversed, which ensures less splashing during this process. The umbrella is available in 9 colors. They all look beautiful.

5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress5

Great umbrella, small but high quality and comfortable. The flashlight option is very useful in the dark. Autumn is dark early.


5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress6

Everything is as in the description. Everything is working. Flashlight battery included. Good quality. I am very happy!

Spik [er]

5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress7

Very long. Delivery within 8 weeks. But this beautiful umbrella is well packaged and looks pretty sturdy.


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Ultra-light umbrella OLYCAT (4 colors)

Price from 1340.15

Seller reliability: excellent!

Need a compact, sturdy umbrella?The model from OLYCAT when folded takes a flat form and becomes 27 * 4 cm in size. The umbrella is supplied in a case. The construction is sturdy. Frame material - aluminum and fiberglass. The umbrella has six spokes. When unfolded, the width of the dome is approximately 94 cm. The umbrella is available in dark blue, pink, beige and red. The palette will appeal to both men and women.

5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress9

The umbrella came in a week and a half. Well packed. It opens and closes with a bang. The material is excellent. The seller is great. Recommend.


5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress10

Ordered on 26/04/21, received the parcel on 22/05/21.The package and the goods arrived in order. Product description is accurate. The umbrella is beautiful, made with high quality. The machine works fine. I didn't have to communicate with the seller. We recommend the product and the seller.


5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress11

Cool umbrella! Easy! Small. Let's see how it will behave in bad weather. I will add a review later. The needles are thick. Cloth material, dense. Delivery is super fast in MO and on time !!!


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Umbrella against strong wind

Price from 1105.66

Seller reliability: excellent!

Very often, the classic cane umbrella breaks fromgusts of strong wind. But not a TOPX umbrella. He is able to withstand any weather. This is possible thanks to an additional valve in the canopy of the umbrella. With gusts of strong wind, it begins to pass part of the air flow through itself and does not allow the umbrella to turn inside out. This solution saves the umbrella from breakage. The accessory will easily accommodate the spirit of adults under its dome. The diameter of its dome is 130 cm, the cane is 80 cm long. The product can be purchased in black, red and blue.

5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress13

Super umbrella. Very large, high quality! Packaged very well. They put the keychain as a gift. Fast delivery. Thank you so much. I recommend the seller and the product.


5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress14

The umbrella is lightweight. I have not experienced it at work. Matches the description.


5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress15

Thanks to the seller for the quick dispatch and the keychain gift. The umbrella is a complete mechanic. Large, but how much the knitting needles can withstand the wind, and the fabric rain, time will tell.

Only you

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Children's umbrella (10 colors)

Price from 699.76

Seller reliability: excellent!

5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress17

A great umbrella for a child, high quality and cute. Delivery in 10 days.


5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress18

A wonderful children's umbrella.I liked the quality, packed perfectly. Everything is super. On the site you can find an organizer for documents or children's drawings in A4 format for the umbrella. I am very happy with the order, the child is happy.


5 cool umbrellas from AliExpress19

Delivery to Kiev without two days a month, packed securely !! It looks pretty good (I expected it to be worse) - the main thing is that the child is satisfied, which means that I generally recommend it.


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