5 coolest tents on AliExpress

Vacation is always good. Some people are more familiar with the seashore with the amenities of a hotel, others prefer serene relaxation in the bosom of nature with a tent and a kettle on the fire.

Our next selection with aliexpress will help you buy a tent that will be comfortable and of high quality, and without unnecessary overpayments and nerves. Be sure to experience this kind of relaxation yourself!

Tourist tent up to 10 people

Price from 8707.35

Seller reliability: excellent!

This is a super roomy tent for up to 10 people,you can stand upright. The set includes a bag for storing the tent. The tent turns out to be large: 2 vestibules and a tent. The tambour is divided among themselves and closes with a zipper. The tent holds two 2 x 2 mattresses. There are windows with mosquito nets everywhere. The tent is good. You will not see any drawbacks, everything is of high quality. It can handle heavy rain with ease.

5 coolest tents on AliExpress1

Came quickly, the seller worked well, alwaysin touch, the tent is huge, the instructions are there, but not very detailed, you can figure it out, assembled one in 50 minutes, with a smoke break. I think in the future it will be faster, on the knurled one. The seams are not glued, you have to go through the impregnation, and sewn crookedly, but oh well, not for an exhibition. Worth its money.


5 coolest tents on AliExpress2

The description of the product is exactly the same.The communication with the seller is excellent. Always answers all questions. On July 05, I placed an order, on July 09, they brought it at the entrance, although it was agreed that the delivery would be to the point of issue in a neighboring city. The set included 2 mattresses. I just do not understand how to inflate it, since there is an entrance for inflating the pillow, and on the couch itself, it cannot be unscrewed only to release air.


5 coolest tents on AliExpress3

The tent came with a delay.Failed by the transport company. Komsomolsk-on-Amur is poorly supported by this company. The product itself is a solid four. Nice dense fabric. The seller is very worried about the product. In general, we are satisfied with the purchase and the price. The sizes coincide, somewhere slightly exceed.


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Alltel tent for 4-8 people

Price from 6855.04

Seller reliability: excellent!

The Alltel tent istwo-layer tent. High quality seams, branded fittings make the product strong and of high quality. If necessary, it can be installed inside a clamshell so as not to sleep on the ground. The top canopy is removable, the walls are made of mesh, so insects do not get inside. Material - polyester, dimensions are as follows - 300 * 300 * 210 cm.

5 coolest tents on AliExpress5

It seems like a good thing. the lightnings are all intact.most likely it will not protect from a shower, but it will be just super from the sun. The pegs are ordinary, the arcs are not flimsy, they look strong. Let's see how it will behave in the field. Came in a week.


5 coolest tents on AliExpress6

Thanks. Installed in the wind. We did it in two. Everything is well stitched and glued. I recommend the tent reached the address in 4 days.


5 coolest tents on AliExpress7

For my money, a very good tent. Roomy. solid quality 5.


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Hui lingyang tent

Price from 7157.94

Seller reliability: excellent!

This tent is the hit of the season!It installs quickly. The frame is stable and can withstand strong winds. It cannot be used for a long time in heavy rain, since the material is single-layer. Water may seep inside. When folded, the tent does not take up much space. It's perfect for short hikes in fine weather!

5 coolest tents on AliExpress9

Fast delivery. It unfolds very quickly, the quality is excellent, without defects. really big. It also develops quickly, but you need to adapt. retaining pins are available. I recommend to buy.


5 coolest tents on AliExpress10

Good afternoon, the goods arrived in damaged packaging. The tent was not damaged. I'm happy with everything.


5 coolest tents on AliExpress11

Review # 3: The best price with delivery from Russia. Unfolds in 2 seconds. Easy to fold.


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Tent for 3-4 people

Price from 2865.76

Seller reliability: excellent!

Small size camouflage tenteasy to unfold and fold. It is small and can be put on the trunk of a car. Steel bars provide high structural strength. Polyester waterproof taffeta is a tent sewing material. There are two colors to choose from. The tent is single-layered, you won't be hot in it, and it also doesn't let the water through during the rain. For ease of transportation, a backpack is included with the product.

5 Coolest Tents on AliExpress13

The order came very quickly, a good tent, pulled it out of the cover, now I don't know how to assemble it ... well, it takes up very little space. 3-bed room, enough space for three ... I recommend the seller.

Foxy_ [Pirate]

5 coolest tents on AliExpress14

The order came quickly. The tent matches the description, the color is excellent, better than the photo. All locks are in the same position, the seams have an external overlap with material. I am excellently satisfied. Thanks to.


5 Coolest Tents on AliExpress15

The order came quickly. The color is excellent, the locks are in good order, the seams are normal. Separately, the lock on the canvas and separately on the mask.


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Tent for 1 person

Price from 3613.51

Seller reliability: excellent!

A single tent will always come in handy.It can be used both for fishing and hiking. Lightweight, weighs about 1 kilogram, it will be easy to carry. Many climbers use these models. But due to the low weight, there are very few options here. The bottom is missing. The material of the tent is dense. If installed correctly, there will be good wind protection. The undoubted advantage of this model is that moisture does not linger on the tent.

5 coolest tents on AliExpress17

Everything is fine. I bought it for fishing. Strong.


5 coolest tents on AliExpress18

Not yet disassembled. The packaging inside the bag was badly wrinkled and damaged. The weight is light. The tent is intact.


5 coolest tents on AliExpress19

First impressions are extremely positive: the tent is very well made. It remains only to test it “in combat conditions” 🙂 I recommend both the manufacturer and the seller 😉


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