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If earlier car owners preferred to washcar only at a car wash or with your own hands with a bucket and a sponge, now the second option has come a less troublesome replacement. And all from the fact that a sink, which not everyone could buy before, has become affordable.

The high pressure washer turned out to be universalby application. In addition to the usual washing of vehicles, it can be used to clean various surfaces, paths, bicycles. Many people use a mini-washer to clean fish scales.

In general, a pressure washer, which you can buy in our selection from Aliexpress, is a useful thing in the household!

High pressure cleaner HAMMER MVD1900C 641229

Price from 7999,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

High pressure washer from HAMMER haswith a power of 1900 W, consumes water clearly at a speed of 390 l / h. The high-pressure hose is convenient, its length is 8 meters, there is protection against kinks. The device can take water not only from the water supply, but from a container without pressure. The sink has a filter for water purification, it prevents clogging of the pump. Functional foam generator. The washing gun fits comfortably in the hand. The jet shape is changed by turning the nozzle. For storage of components, compartments are provided in the sink body. When registering on the manufacturer's website, you have the opportunity to receive a 5-year warranty for the car wash.

5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS1

Although the sink is small, the pressure is decent. Inconvenient sending - EMC mail of Russia. The courier delivers only during working hours - I had to pick it up at the department.

Foxy_ [Pirate]

5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS2

I received the goods, everything is as in the description.I have not tested it for performance yet, but I think there will be no problems. Immediately issued an additional 5-year warranty on the official website. The order was placed on 17.10, received in Tyumen on 25.10.20. Thanks to the seller. I took on the action.


5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS3

The delivery is very fast. Works. Registered on the manufacturer's website, received a 5-year warranty. I didn’t like the jet adjustment. I could not achieve a fan, only slightly expanded.


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High pressure washer Karcher K 3

Price from 8490,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

The Karcher K3 high pressure washer is equipped withQuick Connect system, which allows you to connect a 6 meter high pressure hose in one stroke. A mud blaster can help tackle stubborn dirt, while the Vario Power jet lance with pressure regulation is useful for washing motorcycles, garden furniture and more. The sink also has an integrated water filter. The high-pressure hose will not get in the way, and thanks to the quick connection system, the time for assembling the mini-sink will be reduced! The practical container makes it easy to work with the cleaning agent. The cable can be stored on a hook located directly at the sink. Productivity: 380 l / h, power 1400-1799 W, pressure - from 20 to 120 bar. Composite pump.

5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS5

The sink came quickly, everything is whole, it looks like in the photo. Includes a warranty card and instructions, lightweight and compact. We haven't tried it yet, my husband is happy, I recommend it for purchase.


5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS6

At the time of ordering, the desired product is out of stockit turned out. The seller announced the date of receipt of the goods, asked to extend the processing time until 21.10. I extended it and the goods were sent to me on the 21st. On the 25th, the Russian post office was brought home. The package is complete, good quality materials. We have not tried it yet, we already have a sub-zero temperature outside. A magnet with the company logo was put as a gift. A trifle is nice. I definitely recommend both the store and the product.

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5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS7

The sink was sent super quickly, in five days. Everything came exactly as in the description. Everything is whole.


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Pressure Washer Greenworks

Price from 16442.53

Seller reliability: excellent!

High pressure washer from the Greenworks brandsuitable not only for washing cars, but also for garden paths. Equipped with a 2200 W motor. The metal pump has good performance, pumps 440 l / h, maximum pressure: 135 bar. The basis of the engine is a 3-axis stainless steel piston, an aluminum pump head. There is a valve to relieve excess pressure. There is a FullStop function - when the trigger is released, the pump stops supplying water. In the presence of the possibility of quick change of attachments. There is a function of suction and water intake from the tank. The index of protection against dirt, dust and water is IPX5-S1. The sink is standard. The hose is 6 meters long.

5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS9

Received in the Republic of Belarus by DPD company without customs clearance and other payments. The packaging is good, everything is intact. Thanks to the seller.


5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS10

My father-in-law liked the sink, until they checked it! Sent by Russian Post. The sink is good.


5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS11

The order came in 10 days to the Tula region. Collected and tested today. I am satisfied with the sink, the device is powerful. Washes perfectly, I don’t know how to proceed. I recommend the seller.


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High pressure cleaner Huter W 195-PRO

Price from 15090,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

High pressure washer from HUTER W195-PRO - the mostpowerful in the line of washing machines of the German manufacturer. This equipment will cope with the toughest dirt in a short time. Such a functional unit is intended for use in everyday life and at enterprises (as auxiliary equipment). It should be noted that the unit provides significant water savings. In some cases, this savings can be as high as 70-80%. And if you use additional replaceable attachments, the area of ​​use becomes even wider. The advantages of the sink are as follows - it is equipped with a hose reel and wheels for transportation. There is a holder for storing a pistol and a 5 m power cord. The metal pump gives a longer service life. Thanks to the special feet, the sink is stable during use. Double electrical insulation ensures safety during work. There is a possibility of taking water from any container. For operation from a water supply system without pressure, it is advisable that the water level is always above the sink and the water drains. It is also recommended to fill the hose with water immediately before turning on the sink, so that there is no airlock and the sink does not run dry. The delivery set includes a professional foam generator, a nozzle for adjusting the shape of the jet (by turning) or a nozzle. Convenient connection. The water inlet is conveniently located at the bottom of the sink. Easy transportation. In the upper part of the body there is a handle for easy carrying of the device. The Huter sink is pressurized up to 190 bar, working pressure 130 bar. Productivity - 420 l / h.

5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS13

The order came very quickly! I am satisfied with the store's service! The sink is very good, the penny is just super! I washed my motorcycle for the winter! 🙂


5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS14

Everything is as in the description, the package is complete. Hose 8 meters, foam, two nozzles, filter, mounting bolts. I didn't check it at work, it's frosty outside. Delivery by courier on the ninth day. Thanks.


5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS15

Delivery was 4 days, packed well, instructions in Russian. The cistern is professional, I am satisfied with the sink. She arrived whole.


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High pressure cleaner Kolner KHPW1900SP

Price from 5967,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

The pressure washer has a capacity of 1900W, creates working / maximum pressure - 90/135 bar. The maximum productivity is 400 l / h. The sink comes with a gun, a spray gun, a 5 m long high-pressure hose, a 5 m cable, and wheels. Power supply 220V. Judging by customer reviews, the sink perfectly copes with the task. Powerful, washes bicycles and cars as well as dirty garden tools and paths. For its low cost, the pressure washer works from 5.

5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS17

The package arrived in the Krasnodar Territory a week later by mail. Everything is whole. I have not tested it yet.

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5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS18

I am very pleased with the purchase. Soon I'll try it out at the dacha. The factory packaging came intact, like the sink itself.

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5 free standing pressure washers with ALIEXPRESS19

I have no complaints about the car wash. To the seller too. The package is complete. Everything is.

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