5 great bakeware from AliExpress

Every housewife has a silicone mold on the farm. Thanks to the properties of silicone, nothing burns and bakes well.

Our selection is dedicated to all those who come todelight at the word "baked goods". A form designed for this will easily help you bake pie, muffins and even casserole. Don't worry, the baking dish can handle the heat of the oven just fine. Quickly scroll through our "five" and acquire such a necessary piece!

Muffin baking dish FACKELMANN ZENKER (50,100 pcs)

Price from 100,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

The muffin tins are thick and bright.Designed for making muffins, muffins, cupcakes. Made of waterproof and grease-repellent thick paper. Impregnated with food grade silicone, no need for additional oiling. These disposable paper molds are able to maintain their original appearance, even if the temperature inside the oven is very high. Molds can be used simultaneously for cooking, storing, transporting, heating and serving dishes. The special surface inside the mold acts as an oil coating between the walls and the baked goods. The muffin molds do not need to be lubricated or sprinkled with anything. During the baking process, the dough does not stick to the mold and does not burn. It is very easy to remove the baked goods from the mold. The molds are heat-resistant, easily withstand + 220 ° C. During the baking process, the dough is baked evenly, quickly, and does not burn. Sold in packs of 50 and 100 pieces with a diameter of 7 cm.

5 great bakeware from AliExpress1

Good muffin tins. I'm taking it here for the second time. They arrive quickly.


5 great bakeware from AliExpress2

I gave these molds to all my friends. The quality is excellent. The drawing on the forms is beautiful.

Spik [er]

5 great bakeware from AliExpress3

Packaging of 100 pieces is just super! enough for a long time. Diameter approximately 7 cm.


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FACKELMANN casserole dish (2 types, 5 pieces)

Price from 132.05

Seller reliability: excellent!

Aluminum molds from FACKELMANN weretested by Julia Vysotskaya's culinary studio Julia VYSOTSKAYA. The product is intended for cooking, heating, storing, freezing and transporting food. High sides allow you to use the pan for preparing jellied dishes, baking muffins, freezing and reheating. Temperature range from -30 to +220 ° C. Each mold comes with a lid for carrying and storing the finished product. Safe in contact with food. Disposable molds make it easy to prepare delicious and healthy food. They are irreplaceable in your kitchen. Attention! Do not use in a microwave oven! You can purchase a product with a capacity of 0.5 liters or 1 liter. Each package contains 5 forms, regardless of capacity.

5 great bakeware from AliExpress5

Goods match the description. The molds are excellent. It came quickly, in about a week.


5 great bakeware from AliExpress6

Delivery a week to the post-machine of pyaterochka The packaging was damaged, but everything was intact. I haven't tried it yet.


5 great bakeware from AliExpress7

The forms are good. I bake lasagne in them. I bought it for 1 liter. The package contains 5 pieces.


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Chocolate mold

Price from 312.82

Seller reliability: excellent!

Homemade sweets according to the original recipe alwaystastier than the purchased ones! To make such a treat, you will need a plastic mold. It will literally form 54 neat chocolate balls in one fell swoop. The form is large, its size is 31.5 * 21 cm. The size of one cell is 3 * 1.5 cm. The form is collapsible, consists of two parts. Customers are happy to use the product in their kitchen!

5 great bakeware from AliExpress9

The molds are transparent. The balls are very beautiful. I am very pleased with the purchase.


5 great bakeware from AliExpress10

I was waiting for the parcel for 2 weeks to Voronezh. The packaging was normal. The shape is excellent.


5 great bakeware from AliExpress11

I have not tried it yet, but I think everything will work out. The shape is dense. The sizes all coincided with the description on the site.


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Silicone Cake Mold

Price from 361.84

Seller reliability: excellent!

The round silicone mold is ideal for cake andpirogue. Thanks to the raised letters on the baking form itself, the baked goods receive a beautiful inscription - "happy birthday". The product is quite large, its diameter is 20.5 cm. The sides are high, their height is about 5.2 cm. The dough will not spill out of such a form. Be sure that the baked goods will bake well and will not burn, as silicone has excellent non-stick properties and also tolerates high temperatures well. The silicone mold is ideal for ovens and microwaves and is dishwasher safe.

5 great bakeware from AliExpress13

Very beautiful. Good size. Everyone to buy.


5 great bakeware from AliExpress14

I thank the seller for the product without deformation. Haven't used it yet. I think everything will be ok.


5 great bakeware from AliExpress15

Super fast delivery. Original shape, with the inscription I baked a cake, it turned out beautifully.

Grandma in sneakers

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Silicone pancake mold

Price from 214.99

Seller reliability: excellent!

Spoil yourself with beautiful fragrant pancakesfamily for breakfast. With just one movement of your hand, you get four pieces at a time. You have to choose the appearance of the form from 6 options. They are laid out in detail in the form of a photo on the product page. All six are silicone, have comfortable grips so as not to accidentally burn yourself when frying. The size of one form is 34 * 19 * 1.5 cm, the rest are 34 * 16 * 1.5 cm. Many housewives, with the help of such assistants, fry not only pancakes and scrambled eggs, but also bake cookies in the oven. This form was created for lovers of daring culinary experiments. Be sure that the silicone will withstand everything and nothing will stick to it!

5 great bakeware from AliExpress17

I like! Improved a little, tk.it was inconvenient to turn around. In order not to spill pancakes through the bow from below, I had to overcook. I cut off where there was freedom so as not to cut off the edge. Fry piece by piece is familiar and convenient to turn over.


5 great bakeware from AliExpress18

Cool, small. Came quickly. I haven't tried it yet. I bought 2 pieces.


5 great bakeware from AliExpress19

The goods reached Moscow in about a month.Looks decent. Doesn't smell. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope for a positive result. During transportation, it was slightly crumpled, but straightened in turning for several minutes. I thank the seller for the product.


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