5 handy tripods from AliExpress

Our collection was created for those who are passionate about photography and adore high-quality images. Making them in low light is difficult, but having such an accessory as a tripod at hand will make the impossible possible.

You can buy an entry-level and professional-level tripod at Aliexpress. Scroll through our top five and make the right choice.

Lusweimi Flexible Tripod

Price from 1202.25

Seller reliability: excellent!

A tripod from the Lusweimi brand is equipped with 3 flexiblelegs. They bend excellently. The device is useful for installing gadgets in a position convenient for you. It can be rolled into any shape to suit your needs. You can wrap it around a bike, wood, and other things. The small size of such a device is a definite plus of this brand's tripod. It is so convenient to take it with you on trips. Thanks to the screw mount, you can mount soap dishes, smartphones and even action cameras on a tripod.

5 handy tripods from AliExpress1

Perfect as described. Very fast delivery in less than 15 days. It's good that the components are strong. 100% recommended.

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5 handy tripods with AliExpress2

The tripod is good for its price point.The quality is excellent. Until I figured out how to use the button.)) The product is good, I recommend it. I arrived in Perm a little late, instead of 5 days, I went for 8 days, but it was not critical.


5 handy tripods with AliExpress3

The courier brought it 7 days after the order. It's a good thing. It works starting from the 5th Redmi model.


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Tripod with INSMA adjustment

Price from 962.98

Seller reliability: excellent!

This is a tripod in a classic form familiar to many.It has 3 telescopic legs, is able to "grow" to a height of 106 cm. When folded, it rises above the surface by 36 cm. The built-in handle allows you to adjust the position of the gadget mounted on a tripod. For fastening devices, a standard thread is used. It is universal and allows you to rotate your smartphone 360 ​​°. The maximum weight for which the accessory is designed is 2.5 kg. The frame of the tripod is aluminum, lightweight, the rest of the elements are plastic.

5 handy tripods with AliExpress5

A very good thing. The stance is strong. Will not break.


5 handy tripods with AliExpress6

Delivered very quickly. The kit is complete. Everything is whole. The only thing I would like is that the box does not beat so hard, in which it was packed. Reports some kind of defense, and so excellent.


5 handy tripods with AliExpress7

It's a normal thing. Everything works - it is regulated, fixed, and so on. I recommend.

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Professional tripod ZOMEI Q111

Price from 2408.95

Seller reliability: excellent!

Looking for a professional tripod model?Zomei Q111 is what you need. It has 3 telescopic aluminum legs, each of which consists of 4 sections. Covered with anti-slip rubber. The tripod can be easily raised to a height of 145 cm. It can support any of your gadgets weighing up to 5 kg. The accessory itself weighs about 1.2 kg. A built-in handle on its body is designed to adjust the position. It allows you to change the position of the camera with one movement of your hand. The tripod comes with a carrying bag.

5 handy tripods from AliExpress9

Great stuff! Dispatched quickly. Everything is whole, only the packaging is a little wrinkled.

Disco Warm

5 handy tripods from AliExpress10

This tripod can be described simply: it will do for my money.) I already use it in full. All OK.


5 handy tripods from AliExpress11

I liked the tripod very much, super. The seller, at my request, put a phone holder as a gift. Fast delivery. I recommend the product and the seller.


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Table tripod

Price from 1050.25

Seller reliability: excellent!

The chic tabletop tripod is equipped with aluminumfeet with rubber inserts for safety. When unfolded, the height of the device is 45 cm, when folded, it is 25 cm. The mount for the gadget is universal, you can rotate it as you please. The angle of inclination of the tripod can be changed. In general, the thing is weighty, of high quality. It has earned thousands of positive reviews from both professionals and ordinary photography lovers.

5 handy tripods from AliExpress13

The stand is super! The package arrived in 7 days from China! Served all the way !!! The seller is class! I am very pleased.


5 handy tripods from AliExpress14

Great tripod.Stands on the table steadily, turns, tilts as you please. Height is set. Thanks to the seller. Delivery 3 weeks Krasnodar region. I recommend, great for filming master classes and reviews.


5 handy tripods from AliExpress15

My baby! My darling! Heavy, stable, comfortable. Came in 2.5 weeks!


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Mini tripod MAYWAY

Price from 322.75

Seller reliability: excellent!

Every tourist should have such a tripod!It is extremely compact and easy to use. Designed for the installation of mobile gadgets and miniature cameras. One of the holders has a hole for mounting the mount, and the other 4 serve as supports. The legs of this tripod are flexible and can be attached to various objects. It is noteworthy that the surface of the tripod legs is rough, it is able to provide strong contact with any surface. See for yourself! The brightly colored tripod is eye-catching. There are 4 options to choose from.

5 handy tripods from AliExpress17

I came very quickly, literally in a few days. Delivered to the checkout of Pyaterochka, which is rather strange, but okay. Everything claimed by the seller has come. All are of excellent quality.


5 handy tripods from AliExpress18

Great thing. You can watch take photos and videos. I am very pleased with the purchase.


5 handy tripods from AliExpress19

There was no need to communicate with the seller. Submitted quickly, no questions asked. The product is fully consistent with the description. There is no foreign smell. Excellent purchase. The quality is high. I recommend.


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