5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS

Rub your back or just give a light massagebody wash will help you. The condition of your skin directly depends on the quality of the material of such a simple remedy. Be sure to consider this before buying a washcloth.

There are many sizes, colors and types of such useful products. In our today's selection with Aliexpress, there is more than one body wash for every taste and wallet.

Body wash with pink soap So'Natural

Price from 1456,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

Introducing a natural body scrub withpink soap So Natural Smooth Body Bubble Bath Cube Soap. This unique multifunctional product performs several functions at the same time - it intensively moisturizes and replenishes the lack of moisture in the cells. Inside the washcloth there is a special natural rose soap - it foams well, deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, eliminates flaking. A convenient exfoliant washcloth perfectly exfoliates dead skin cells, activates the processes of regeneration and renewal, helps get rid of goose bumps, pimples and acne, heals inflammation and softens the skin. The exfoliant washcloth not only effectively cleanses, but also deeply moisturizes the skin, preventing dryness. The product is 97% natural ingredients - 87.16% vegetable oils, 6.0% shea butter, 3.95% other natural ingredients. The base of rose soap is coconut oil - it instantly removes dryness and tightness, nourishes and retains moisture in the skin cells, keeping it hydrated even after taking a shower. The product has a pleasant, delicate powdery aroma. With daily use, the product lasts for 3-4 weeks. After the soap runs out, the loofah can be used on its own as an excellent exfoliating agent.

5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS1

Everything matches the description. I will use it when washing. Smells good.

T @ nOk_Bobr @

5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS2

The washcloth is comfortable. The whole came. The packaging is sturdy. Scrub perfectly.


5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS3

Nice and comfortable washcloth. She washes well. I arrived in my own package. The skin does not dry out, it smells good. The composition is excellent. I recommend it for purchase.


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Linsbaywu Washcloth Set

Price from 369.93

Seller reliability: excellent!

A chic set of loofah loofahs will help you gentlytake care of the body. For a small amount, you have the opportunity to purchase 3 washcloths at once - a mitten, a classic washcloth with two handles and a sponge-ball. The color palette of the set is delicate and very pleasant, all shades are powdery. There are pistachio, pink and purple. The size of the mitten is 23.5 * 12.5 cm, the two-handed washcloth is 60 * 9.5 cm. The washcloth effectively cleanses, perfectly exfoliates dead skin cells, fights dryness and rashes. Especially for those who just need a classic washcloth, there is an opportunity to buy one piece. Daily use of Linsbaywu Body Wash leaves the skin soft and velvety.

5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS5

Excellent. I liked the washcloth very much. Thank you seller!


5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS6

Delivery for about a month. Everything is as in the description, the color is as in the picture. The set is cool!


5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS7

The long washcloth is straight for me. The other two small washcloths will do their job perfectly. My wife is happy and I am.

Foxy_ [Pirate]

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Scrubber with TENSKE handle (3 colors)

Price from 327.38

Seller reliability: excellent!

With the help of such a washcloth, you can easily rubyour back. This is possible thanks to the long plastic handle. It goes in color with a washcloth. There is a choice of pink, beige and blue. The size of the product is 43 * 12 cm. The scrubber gently removes horniness from the skin, makes a light massage and stimulates blood circulation. It is enough to use it every day so that the body is beautiful, and the skin is elastic and velvety. The washcloth is unpretentious in care, after use it must be rinsed under the tap and hung to dry by a loop.

5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS9

The brush came quickly, whole. Corresponds to the description. I really like everything!


5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS10

The sponge is great. The handle is flexible, long. Everything is as in the description. I recommend it for purchase.


5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS11

I bought two pieces as a gift for myself. Washes cool. Dries quickly. I waited in Moscow for 3 weeks.


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Sponge for body

Price from 95.87

Seller reliability: excellent!

Small sponge when wetincreases in size. Perfectly rubs the skin, massaging it. Stimulates blood circulation, makes the skin smooth and soft. Most buyers liked the soft and easy-to-use sponge, thousands of rave reviews confirm this. After use, it can be hung on the wall to dry using a loop. The size of the product is 18 * 10 * 9 cm. The product can be purchased in six bright colors. Good mood and healthy skin are definitely guaranteed to you!

5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS13

When it gets wet, it increases in volume. Foam formation is weak (not to the liking of heavy foam lovers). Rubs well.


5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS14

2 months to Krasnodar. A good sponge, elastic and soft. When wet, it increases in size and fits comfortably in the hand.


5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS15

I reached Petersburg in a month. Dispatched quickly. The sponge is odorless, small, but enlarges when wet.


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Wu fang body scrubber (4 colors)

Price from 142.64

Seller reliability: excellent!

A beautiful neat sponge in the shape of a ball will helpwash thoroughly. The colors of the washcloths are pastel, everyone will like it. The size of a washcloth with a diameter of 12 cm, it will be just right for an adult. It is very pleasant to wash with such an assistant. Buyers in their reviews note the high quality of the washcloths and the unsurpassed appearance. The sponge will serve you for a long time, as the manufacturer maintains strict quality control. After use, the product can be hung by the loop to dry.

5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS17

Good washcloth. The diameter of the sponge is about 12 cm. I recommend the product and the seller. The package was tracked all the way to St. Petersburg.


5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS18

Good washcloths. Not small (12 ... 13 cm in diameter), dense. The color is really not blue as in the photo, but gray. I took another pink one. Surprisingly fast dispatch and delivery to the Republic of Belarus (11.11.20 -> 21.12.20).


5 incredibly gentle washcloths with ALIEXPRESS19

The sponge came quickly, the product is good. Washes thoroughly. I'm happy with the purchase.

Forever Young

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