5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS

Introducing a selection dedicated to musicalspeakers that you want to take with you everywhere. A portable speaker, known to all as a bluetooth speaker, is distinguished by its mobility, compactness and, of course, sound quality.

So I turned on the phone, the speaker started playing and it immediately seems that you are sitting at a live concert of your favorite artist. Portable acoustics are a thing!

Scroll through our small music collection, it contains only the top devices found in the vastness of Aliexpress. Do not forget to read the reviews, they will help you make the right choice!

Portable speaker JBL Flip 5

Price from 5344.50

Seller reliability: excellent!

Take the bestseller column and go!The Original JBL speaker features signature quality sound, durable materials and a rubberized chassis to keep the Flip 5 safe on all your adventures. Don't worry about trifles like battery power. Flip 5 is able to work 12 hours of playtime. With an IPX7 water resistance rating, this speaker can be taken with you to the pool or to the beach. The built-in speakers are rated at 20 watts. The device supports voice control. This is possible using the remote control. It comes with the speaker. The frequency range is 65-20000 Hz. Bass and treble are on top. The volume level of the new Flip 5 speaker is now even higher. Enjoy deep bass in a compact package. Battery charging time is 2.5 hours. You can buy such a cool speaker in 10 colors, all of them are bright and eye-catching. The seller gives 1 year warranty for the product.

5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS1

Excellent, everything came on time, even a day earlier than promised, I picked it up at the checkpoint. Packaged clearly, the column itself is packed with seals, the body is flat. Plays clearly, there are no jambs, I advise.


5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS2

Column fire! Door-to-door delivery. Very happy with the purchase! I highly recommend it! My first review in 7-8 years of use, so the thing is really worth it.


5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS3

Everything is super! Top quality !!! Mouzon shakes! For the old iPhone se fits))) thanks for the delivery! Requires the purchase of a charger, only a TVSI wire is available.


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Bluetooth speaker HOPESTAR

Price from 6189.62

Seller reliability: excellent!

Excellent speaker with good sound, with a highpower and quality bass. The Hopestar H20 has two full-range (8 watts) and one large woofer (15 watts). The total power is 30 watts. Plays music from a memory card (there is a microSD slot) or via bluetooth. This device can be used as a power bank. The column housing is well protected from moisture. Battery capacity: 4400 mA. Charges 3-4 hours. Frequency Response: 70Hz-20KHz. The speaker is available in black and blue. The product comes with a USB charging cable and a 3.5mm AUX cable - 1 pc.

5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS5

The column is great! The sound is clear, even very clean! I reached Moscow in three days.

u n i v e r s e

5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS6

The column arrived in 12 days. The quality is good, the bass is there. Good for the money.

Spik [er]

5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS7

The parcel was delivered by courier, at my requestthe courier brought to work in another city, thanks to him for that! As for the speaker, the quality is up to the mark, it sounds just super, it came 40% charged. By the way, I ordered from China came to Stavropol in 9 days, the fastest delivery from China! I recommend the store and the seller!


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Bluetooth speaker Xiaomi

Price from 3309.17

Seller reliability: excellent!

The portable speaker from has a compactsize. It is easy to carry with you. The column from the Xiaomi brand is waterproof. Please read the specifications of the device carefully before using in high humidity places. Moisture protection allows you to use the device in the bathroom and outdoors. The speaker produces a rich, balanced sound. By default, the equalizer is great for jazz, but there are settings for other genres. Supports Bluetooth: 5.0. There is a volume reserve. The battery is Li-Ion, 2600 mAh. Charges for 4 hours and works at 50% volume for 13 hours. At full volume, the sound does not creak or clog. Have a microphone. It allows you to use the speaker during a call without disconnecting during a call. The kit includes a cable and instructions in Russian.

5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS9

An excellent speaker in sounding, it can compete with jbl. In terms of sound and quality of performance, perhaps the playing time margin is less. For the price, this is a great speaker.


5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS10

The column is super! I'm happy with everything. I ordered it for myself and a friend. It turns out they can be connected. The sound is generally a bomb! Worth its money anyway! Recommend!

Grandma in sneakers

5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS11

Juicy balanced sound. The default EQ is great for jazz. Bluetooth breaks through 2 concrete walls at a distance of about 7 meters. I bought it inexpensively.


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Bluetooth speaker ACHAS

Price from 952.70

Seller reliability: excellent!

Introducing the extraordinary-looking wirelesscolumn from the brand ACHAS. It was created for Muslims. External design and built-in Quran in 15 different languages ​​are proof of this. The Qur'an has been translated with high quality. You can also listen to music from the speaker. The backlight built into the device in 16 modes gives you the opportunity to use it as a night light. The light will be soft and pleasant. Control is carried out using the remote control. The instruction will help you to understand its work. It just comes with a column. The column quickly connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth: 4.0. It catches at a distance of up to 10 meters.

5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS13

Delivered 57 days before Bashkiria. Nice lamp. Everything is working.


5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS14

The lamp is great, I like it very much! But it just took an awfully long time to reach Moscow. Longer than the stated protection period. The speaker is loud.


5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS15

Best item I bought from Aliexpress. Thank you very much, I am very pleased with my purchase.

black coffe

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JBL GO super portable speaker

Price from 1644.09

Seller reliability: excellent!

Superportable, but no lesshigh-quality speaker from the renowned JBL brand. She is not afraid of water, but it is advisable not to keep her in water for more than 30 minutes. It is offered in as many as 18 possible configuration options and 12 different colors. The built-in lithium-ion battery provides up to 5 hours of continuous playback. The column supports Bluetooth: 4.1. It is small in size, but loud, the sound is clear and surprisingly, at this size, it gives out noticeable bass. Sold complete with a usb adapter. It connects to the phone without any problems. Judging by the reviews, it is good and of high quality, it will last a long time.

5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS17

Small but loud speaker. The sound is good, clean. Comes complete with an adapter. I connected to the phone without any problems.


5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS18

The column is good.The sound repeats a little at very strong bass at high volume. For the house, the very thing, in the water did not check. Packaged perfectly. The only negative, it took a long time to send. I received the column already 3 months after ordering. Until the dispute was opened, no one sent anything. In general, the description of the product is true, I am satisfied.


5 loud bluetooth speakers with ALIEXPRESS19

The package arrived in Poland in two weeks. Perfectly packed. He plays well and I really like it. There is a cord. Very comfortable and small.


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