5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS

Wireless earbuds are so comfortable, many don't leave the house without them. When buying a device, you should pay attention to the sound quality, battery life, weight and size, battery capacity.

The earbuds have a charging case for charging. And this case also protects the device from damage.

Baseus WM01 Plus Wireless Headphones

Price from 1651.83

Seller reliability: excellent!

These are lightweight and compact headphones.High-quality construction delivers wonderful distortion-free sound. Dual 8mm pickups provide original Hi-Fi quality. The earbuds come with a compact and stylish charging case. It fits easily into your pocket or bag. Also, the case is used as an external battery and protects the headphones. Each earphone can be used as a stand-alone unit to connect to various devices. The product can be purchased in three colors - white, black and pink.

5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS1

While everything is working, I like the headphones. Factory packaging, everything was sealed in a film. I bought it in white.

Foxy_ [Pirate]

5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS2

A chic package to get the most out of your wireless sound. The new version with the case is just awesome. Aptx supports, plays for a very long time.


5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS3

The sound quality is very pleasing! Sit comfortably in your ears, instructions included in English and Chinese. They play cool.


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EDIFIER TWS200 Wireless Headphones

Price from 2809.39

Seller reliability: excellent!

Compact headphones at an attractive price.The left ear automatically connects to the right ear. They are connected automatically when the cover is opened. The sound goes through APTX. They play for 24 hours. The body is made soundly and does not play, the charge holds perfectly, the microphone works. In general, the headphones are good for the money. The assembly is of high quality. The sound is good. In the case, the headphones sit well, do not fall out. You can order the device in black and white.

5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS5

Delivered to Moscow in 2 days. Courier to the door.Satisfied with the quality. We connected via aptX without dancing with a tambourine. While left at full volume for a couple of hours to warm up. I think the sound will be even better. The microphone in the apartment works well.

Angry bunny

5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS6

We went from Moscow for 4 days, but the courier service did not call for 2 weeks. Total 3 weeks delivery. The headphones sit comfortably in the ears, the sound is normal, there are a lot of high frequencies, it is corrected by an equalizer.


5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS7

Delivered to Moscow within 3 days, headphonesgood ones. I use my ears for a week. The boxing charge lasted for a week when talking and watching videos, I can't orientate the number of hours. I like the sound, a little big, I have to press them down, although the holes in my ears are not small))), but for me this is not critical, they sit well in mine, even when I fall asleep, I often wake up with them in my ears. There are several “musical” programs on the phone that I don’t work with, the sound comes from the speakers automatically, in other programs everything works perfectly. During a conversation, the interlocutor hears well. It is convenient to place them in the box for charging, because they have a certain shape. In general, all the rules. Thanks.


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OnePlus Wireless Headphones

Price from 2850.71

Seller reliability: excellent!

Headphones from the OnePlus brand.The sound is clear and balanced. Supports Bluetooth 5.0 and AAC codec. The case has a built-in battery: 450mAh, headphone battery capacity: 40mAh (work up to 5 hours). A somewhat unusual, but comfortable shape of the headphone case. Quick Charge Function - In 10 minutes, the earbuds can be charged for up to 2 hours of music playback. A full charge takes 1.5 hours.

5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS9

Chic headphones for their price, all frequenciesevenly expressed, there is no dissonance, fast charging and good autonomy with the case, they sit nicely in the ears, do not fall out, during sports you do not have to constantly correct them, like other models. In addition, I ordered a black case, convenient, the seller put an anti-loss cord for the headphones as a gift. I ordered on 23.08, the seller sent it on the same day, came on 06.09 Chelyabinsk, I am very pleased with the purchase.


5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS10

Good ears, not bulky, fit perfectly. The connection is instant with oneplus, a bunch of settings and very loud. I liked the packaging very much. It is not very convenient to put the headphones in the case.


5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS11

The earbuds came in an air pack, itselfthe box is sealed in a film, the first impressions are good, the case is pleasant to the touch, the lid does not play, closes tightly, the magnets are good, the headphones do not fall out, they connect instantly, the first time you connect, the firmware update came, I really like the sound, with my OnePlus 7 pro in the settings bluetooth, shows separately the charge of the left and right headphones, and also the case, which is very cool, the charge is normal, I recommend it for purchase, especially who have OnePlus phones.


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Anker Soundcore Life Wireless Headphones

Price from 3710.05

Seller reliability: excellent!

Headphones from the Anker brand have 2 microphones andmoisture protection. The headphones play for 7 hours, the case will quickly recharge them. The case is charged within 10 minutes, allowing the headphones to work for one hour. They can work in mono and stereo modes. The sound is juicy, high quality. The case is beautiful, weighty. The headphones are made of high quality, they look pleasant. There are control keys on the headphones: play / pause, accept / reject a call, switch track. Includes XS / S / M / L / XL ear pads and a USB Type-C charging cable. Based on the reviews, the headphones are excellent.

5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS13

The order came pretty quickly.Brought to the point of issue 5Post. The box was not even damaged, which is good news. Now on the headphones: for my money (3k) I expected a little more, but this is generally okay. The microphones are excellent, you can hear it well. They work with the iPhone without any problems. Those who say that there is not enough low (bass) - experiment with ear pads - this is an important point. Let the earbuds work, they will open and the sound will get better. There are really a lot of high frequencies, well, here for an amateur. For your money, the ears are great, take it.


5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS14

Fast delivery in Russia, IML courier delivered to me. Ordered on August 31, brought on September 7 in the Moscow region. The headphones are great, the sound is great. I recommend the brand.


5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS15

Headphones rocket! I will not say anything about the microphone, because.because it doesn't matter to me. The sound is clear, bass is present. If you are friends with an equalizer, then the sound is doubly better. Ambushura shit is fabulous, pulled with a mi hybrid. The case does not close with third-party ear pads to the end, there is a gap of about 2-3 mm, so it was decided to “help” with a cable tie. Bottom line: for those who care, first of all, the sound - the headphones are super! Especially for those who haven't had the pleasure of listening through aptX before.


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TWS Wireless Earbuds

Price from 1888.45

Seller reliability: excellent!

Gorgeous povebrank for charging headphones.The charging case has the function of a charger with a 10000mAh battery. It provides autonomy for headphones and even a smartphone. Judging by customer reviews, the sound quality of the headphones is excellent, there is a noise canceling function. The bass is decent. The case can provide the autonomy of the headphones for up to 210 hours. The headset is controlled by touch, the case is equipped with a digital display.

5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS17

The headphones arrived quickly, but the quality of the product wasthe lowest level, the time of continuous operation and no 2 hours, 3 days to use the left earphone is silent, but it does not charge, so I am not satisfied with the product, I will demand a refund.


5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS18

The order came on time. I took it as a gift. The seller also put down the headphone case. I have not checked it yet.


5 loud wireless headphones with ALIEXPRESS19

Great headphones. The sound is clear. The bass is decent.


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