5 luxury watches with AliExpress

According to Wikipedia, a clock is a device needed to determine the current time of day and measure the duration of time intervals in units less than one day.

On the Internet and in stores, there isa huge number of brands and designs of watches, as many as their eyes "run up". So it will not be difficult for you to buy a watch, just read about the criteria for choosing this necessary device first.

Fashionable men's watch Crrju

Price from 1119.68

Seller reliability: excellent!

Stylish men's watch for lovers of simplicity andstyle. This ultra-thin watch (only 7 mm) with a black dial is housed in a waterproof and shock-resistant case. The watch comes with a black Milanese stainless steel strap. Strap length - 240 mm, width 20 mm. The dial is clear and large, its diameter is 40 mm. Customers note fashionable design and precise movement in watches. You can choose the color of the hands if you order with a black dial

5 luxury watches with AliExpress1

The watch is very cool. Good build quality. Very stylish.


5 luxury watches with AliExpress2

Watch the fire !!! Come quickly! Recommend.


5 luxury watches with AliExpress3

The watch is cool, looks very nice on a woman's hand, not big, not bulky. The color is very rich, I am delighted. Thanks.


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Wristwatch NAVIFORCE

Price from 1236.21

Seller reliability: excellent!

The watch model from the NAVIFORCE brand was created formen. The austere leather strap and dial design make the watch the perfect finish to both business and casual looks. You can choose the color of the strap and the dial. The diameter of the watch is from 45 mm to 51 mm, whichever suits you best. The arrows glow in the dark. In addition to the exact time, the watch shows the date and day of the week; the case is made of waterproof material.

5 luxury watches from AliExpress5

Norm watch, who has a big hand - just right. Everything works. I am very pleased with the purchase.


5 luxury watches from AliExpress6

Thanks for the fast delivery, less than a week! The watch came in a gift box! I am satisfied 🙂 like an elephant.

Internet dweller

5 luxury watches with AliExpress7

The watch matches the description. Delivery was fast. Best wishes. The clock is fire!

My life

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Wall clock OUNONA

Price from 1063.66

Seller reliability: excellent!

Introducing a metal watch from the already famousmany brand with Aliexpress OUNONA. In appearance, they are ideal for the kitchen. The watch is made soundly, the mechanism is almost noiseless. Available in 5 original colors. Customers did not complain about the accuracy of the watch. Their size is 30 * 13 cm. They are powered by 1 battery, it must be purchased separately. The seller approaches packaging responsibly.

5 luxury watches from AliExpress9

Very nice. Lived up to expectations. Was very fast. Hope to buy from the seller.


5 luxury watches from AliExpress10

Thanks. Everything has come. As in the picture, everything is whole. It came very quickly.


5 luxury watches from AliExpress11

The clock came completely intact and on time. Cool! Recommend!

Internet dweller

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Clock with photo frames

Price from 1135.37

Seller reliability: excellent!

Large wall clock in heavy metalframe with glass and 12 places to place your family photos. By prior agreement with the seller, you can send 12 of your photos, and the seller will send you the product with the pictures already posted. Or you can Order an empty watch and do everything yourself. There is also a cheaper and lighter version of the watch - without frame and glass. The clock mechanism in the watch is silent, the movement of the hands is smooth.

5 luxury watches from AliExpress13

Very nice watch. The photographs are very well printed. Thanks!


5 luxury watches from AliExpress14

Everything was wonderful. The packaging was great. Recommend.


5 luxury watches from AliExpress15

Great, I didn't even expect such a result. Cool work, the watch is quiet, very happy. Order, you will not regret it. Memory for years.


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Pendulum clock CALL MOON (4 types)

Price from 1775.51

Seller reliability: excellent!

Ultra quiet quartz watch is made ofmetal and covered with enamel. You can order watches in white, black, gold, as well as a luminescent version. Despite the material of manufacture, the watch is a light, airy construction and will perfectly fit into the living room, bedroom or nursery. Powered by 2 AAA batteries.

5 luxury watches from AliExpress17

Great watch! They go pretty well.They were packed well, the seller is always in touch. By the way, it was recommended to insert batteries into the watch, not batteries - they say that the clock mechanism will not deteriorate longer.

Foxy_ [Pirate]

5 luxury watches from AliExpress18

The clock is beautiful, it really shines in the dark. Quite bright, but somewhere in the middle of the night. Then they fade. But still happy with the purchase. Thanks.


5 luxury watches from AliExpress19

The order came quickly - 2 weeks before Yekaterinburg,everything matches the description. The only drawback is that some elements are a little dented, although the packaging is good, additional arrows were sent. Thanks to!!!


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