5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS

Choosing a lip shade is easy when you have a whole arsenal of decorative cosmetics in your cosmetic bag. Among the great variety there is lipstick.

Some prefer matte shades, othersglossy, giving the lips sexy and chic. What components your lipstick will be made of will directly depend on the condition of the lips. Consider this when buying.

Dear beauties, see what we have selected for you from the vastness of the Aliexpress online store!

FOCALLURE Matte Lipstick

Price from 175.02

Seller reliability: excellent!

It is an absolute hit among beauty bloggers andRussian beauties. Despite the fact that the lipstick is matte, it does not dry out the lips. Available in 19 bewitching shades, they all look great on the lips. The velvety creamy texture, the lipstick is rich in vitamin E, will make your lips even more luxurious. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of color, the seller offers swatch. The pigment is long-lasting, so the lipstick will last a long time. The lipstick packaging is beautiful. Everything is sealed and under the film. Customers are delighted with her shades and lips after applying the product.

5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS1

The package came to the MO within 2 months.Partially tracked. The seller extended the delivery period. The lipstick is packed in a beautiful box under a film. Expiration date until 2023. The color corresponds to the picture. Ordered # 05. The texture is light, creamy. Matt. The pigment is saturated. Not waterproof. But it is holding up well. The lipstick is twisted. Looks original. It is possible as a gift. The seller is grateful. I advise you to buy.

Fairy O'Really

5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS2

I like the lipstick as in the photo. I won't say about the quality, I don't use it yet, but I don't feel it on my lips, it doesn't smell, there is no feeling of grease.


5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS3

Excellent labial, ordered many times, thisfirm !!!! Always a great product. Lipstick soft moisturizing, very beautiful color. Thanks to the seller, I will order your goods in your store) !!! Required. The seller was not contacted, there was no need.


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Handaiyan lipstick

Price from 123.59

Seller reliability: excellent!

Luxurious, velvety in texture, mattelipstick is ideal for natural make-up. Sizes just right for a handbag (82 * 25 mm). Easy to apply to lips. Can be applied without a pencil, it does not run out of the contour. The pleasant creamy texture gently lays on the lips in a thin even layer, not greasy or dry, does not accentuate peeling. Lipstick does not dry lips, feels weightless and not sticky. Medium persistence - it is not eaten in half an hour and is easily washed off. The color palette consists of 6 saturated shades.

5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS5

In bright sunlight, the shade is still the same as the model in the photo - a little pinkish. The lipstick is very pleasant on the lips. Recommend.

Angry bunny

5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS6

Great color, does not dry lips. Lipstick is not inferior to Lux. Be sure to take it.

Forever Young

5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS7

I'm happy with the lipstick. The price is ridiculous. Shade # 02 flesh pink. Looks different from the photo (less pinkish), but I like it.


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Price from 134.93

Seller reliability: excellent!

Shimmering waterproof lipstick from the brand ROSOTENAwill undoubtedly become your favorite. Luxurious radiant colors, weightless creamy texture and comfortable application are what customers appreciate it for. Nine enchanting shades will make your lips luscious and attractive. Shades give shine, it looks so beautiful in the sun. The texture is dense, does not weigh down the lips. The pigment that is part of the lipstick is persistent, even if you blot your lips with a napkin, it does not go away. The subtle caramel aroma is incredibly pleasant and comfortable. The tube is compact - 7.7 * 2.1 cm. It is convenient to carry it with you. For a low cost, you get lipstick that is no worse than the promoted brands.

5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS9

Nice color # 3. Not as opaque as the official picture. The golden droplets shine beautifully. Thanks to the sellers.


5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS10

Beautiful colour. It is a deep flesh pink. Especially beautiful, the color depending on the light becomes a subtle golden shimmer. The package came whole and the lipstick itself.

Only you

5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS11

Lovely shimmery lipstick, lovely. I advise everyone! Thank you seller for a great product!


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Liquid lipstick KADALADO

Price from 137.24

Seller reliability: excellent!

Packaging of liquid lipstick from KADALADOresembles the well-known products of the Lime Crime brand. Lipstick from the Chinese brand KADALADO has a pleasant aroma and light texture. Excellent application and absorption. 20 intense colors, waterproof and with a very good scent attract the fair sex. The elegant composition of the product takes care of your sponges, they will always be moisturized and beautiful. To find the perfect color, you need to look at the swatch. They are just laid out on the product page.

5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS13

The lipstick is awesome! I have been using these for a long time, but this time the shade of lipstick is slightly different. The previous one was slightly pinker. But I am still very happy with the lipstick!


5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS14

Good lipstick, won't rub off! I am very pleased with the purchase. Delicate texture, pleasant aroma. Does not blur on the lips.


5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS15


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Lip lacquer ZUOFILY

Price from 89.44

Seller reliability: excellent!

We present to you a novelty of decorative cosmetics -liquid lipstick or lip varnish. Many are also called tint. The bottle and brush really looks like nail polish. Treat yourself to luscious, charming lips with this long-lasting remedy! A delicate, almost weightless transparent texture easily adheres to the skin, quickly absorbed, filling in all wrinkles. The sponges are moisturized and attractive thanks to the oils and vitamins included in the varnish. Choose from five color options to suit your type and rather experiment with looks.

5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS17

Cool tint, very easy to apply, no baldness, almost odorless. In terms of shade, it gives more to crimson. In the photo: in one layer, in two layers. It was 3 weeks. 05 shade fire.


5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS18

3 months walked to Yekaterinburg.This is the first time I see such that I do not confirm receipt, but the product was marked as if it was received at that time there was already 2 months of waiting. Opened a dispute, returned the money. After another month, the tint still came. And this is great! The color is carrot red (but after washing off the tint the shade is closer to cherry), I like it.


5 magic lipsticks with ALIEXPRESS19

I liked the pigments, they last for a long time. I ordered shades 04 and 05. I liked 05 more, colder and more intense.


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