5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS

A beautiful vase on the table can not onlycomplement the interior. According to the generally accepted rule for combining shades in the interior, about 60% is assigned to the main color, 30% to the auxiliary and 10% only to the accent. The vase is just that ten percent.

Materials for making vases are in abundance.For example, glass will adjust to any primary color. Before you buy a vase, check out our selection. There are so many materials worthy of your attention in it!

Tall vase (4 colors, 2 types)

Price from 646,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

If you need a large flower vase, we recommendtake a closer look at this product. Such a vase will fill the voids both on a free-standing cabinet and on the dining table. The product is made of thick plastic, which makes the vase durable. The vase can be purchased in 4 pastel colors, among them there is even a noble blue. Product dimensions - 15 × 30 cm; 16.5 × 20 cm. In such a vase, you can store not only live, but also dried flowers. The cost for the vase is just a gift.

5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS1

It was packed well, but it took almost a month to go to the Moscow region. The vase itself was not damaged. I bought a pink one. The color like on the picture. I recommend it for purchase.

Spik [er]

5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS2

The vase is luxurious. Large Bouquet of Roses fit perfectly. You can safely take it.


5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS3

Very cool vase. I liked it very much. I am very happy! I'll order another one for mom!


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Glass vase (3 types)

Price from 279.76

Seller reliability: excellent!

Glass vase with clear and dark glasswill fit into any modern interior. Available to order in three sizes - 125 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter. The bottom of the vase is round and thick. The seller packs the product perfectly, so you won't see chips or scratches. In the sun, a glass vase with flowers shimmers beautifully. Buyers are satisfied with the purchase.

5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS5

The order came quickly, 20 days before the Tula region. The jar is beautiful.


5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS6

The vase is good. Delivered safe and sound! I thought it would be a little more.

Angry cookie

5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS7

Everything is just perfect, from color to shape. No chips or damage, very good packaging. They sent it almost immediately, it took ~ 17 days to Russia. I am very satisfied and recommend.


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Scandinavian vase (2 colors)

Price from 400.84

Seller reliability: excellent!

Luxurious glass vase with clear edges withjoy will become a bright accent in the interior. The glass is so thick that even if accidentally dropped from a small height, the vase will not break. The product can be purchased in two sizes - 20 * 9.5 cm, 29 * 9 cm. The color palette is small, but there is a choice - it is transparent and soft pink glass.

5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS9

The package was delivered very quickly. The quality is excellent. Thanks a lot. I really liked the vase.

Disco Warm

5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS10

Nice vase. Excellent safe packaging. I recommend it for purchase.

Fairy O'Really

5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS11

The vase is beautiful. I recommend it for purchase. Pink fire!


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Ceramic vase

Price from 2186.94

Seller reliability: excellent!

If you are a lover of ceramics, then this vase for surelike it! The vase is qualitatively cast from ceramics. Outwardly it resembles a Greek pot with large handles. There are elements of aging on the body of the product. Available to order in two muted shades - soft green and brown. The parameters of the vase are as follows - the diameter of the neck is 12 cm, the height is 24 cm, the upper part with handles is 18 cm wide. The bottom is wide enough, it stands steadily on the surface. Many summer residents are happy to use a vase for fresh flowers for a flower bed. It turns out to be a beautiful composition. We recommend that you take a closer look at it!

5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS13

Thank you very good packaging. Luxurious decorative vase. It came quickly.


5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS14

Very beautiful. Fast shipping. I am satisfied.


5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS15

I recommend it for purchase. the pots are super. I bought it for the dacha.


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Unusual Nordic vase

Price from 1231.09

Seller reliability: excellent!

Natural or artificial flowers can revive andmake any interior cozy. It is enough to put a bouquet in a Nordic vase and everything will be transformed. The appearance of the vase resembles a ceramic hollow bagel with a stable base. The product can be ordered in two sizes - 19 * 18 cm and 23 * 21.5 cm. In the first version, the neck diameter is 6 cm, in the second - 7 cm. The ceramics are of high quality, have small roughness, which makes the product chic.

5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS17

Super fast delivery! Very beautiful vase! Thanks a lot.


5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS18

A quality vase, very well packaged. Arrived in London very quickly. 5 out of 5.


5 mind-blowing living room vases with ALIEXPRESS19

Cool vase. Worried so as not to break. Thanks to the seller))).


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