5 powerful blenders from AliExpress

Our today's selection is dedicated to such a kitchen assistant as a blender. It is simply indispensable for whipping milkshakes, which children love so much, or stirring minced meat.

Before buying a blender, pay attention to the material of manufacture, power and the availability of additional attachments. This is especially true if you need a hand blender.

Our collection contains the most popular home blenders, which are sold like hotcakes. They all have positive feedback from buyers.


Price from 4453.74

Seller reliability: excellent!

Blender GERWELL 850 W is an indispensable assistant forkitchen. It whips, chops, or just cuts. Does everything quickly and accurately. The volume of the blender bowl is 1 liter. The set includes: 3 nozzles, 2 bowls, lid and handle with controls. It is very easy to use. The knives are made of stainless steel, do not dull. Easy to clean. Blender motor with real German quality. Chopping ice or chopping nuts for such an assistant is a trifle! The stainless steel immersion part has 2 blades. It will make the mixing process more efficient, even and smoother. In general, be sure to order a GERWELL blender on Aliexpress with free shipping in Russia.

5 powerful blenders from AliExpress1

Delivery from a warehouse in Moscow by courier within 3 days. Everything is in good condition, the box is not mint, everything is as stated. I really liked the blender, it works quietly and fits well in the hand.


5 powerful blenders from AliExpress2

We tried it at work. Everything is great and works quietly. Assembled with high quality.


5 powerful blenders from AliExpress3

I liked it very much. Matte finish, pleasant to the touch. Works very quietly. Delivered by a courier. Thank you.

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Skymen food processor blender

Price from 1934.89

Seller reliability: excellent!

Blender - Chopper Skymen 750W - Superassistant in the kitchen. It crushes quickly, can be finely chopped. Does everything quickly and accurately. Easy to clean. The volume of the bowl is 1 liter. Includes 1 attachment with 5 blades and 1 bowl. The size of the blender is 12.5 × 15 cm. By the way, grinding the garlic with such an assistant is no big deal! In general, be sure to order the Skymen blender on Aliexpress for little money in order to cook deliciously for the whole family.

5 powerful blenders from AliExpress5

It came quickly. Satisfied with the product. I recommend the seller.


5 powerful blenders from AliExpress6

Compact, convenient for small portions. Easy to clean. Easy to use. Came without damage.


5 powerful blenders from AliExpress7

It was packed well, fast delivery to Kazan. Couldn't wait to start using it!


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Blender Biolomix BM618

Price from 2347.91

Seller reliability: excellent!

The blender is convenient and powerful.It has a power of 500 watts. The device from Biolomix is ​​both a hand-held and a stationary blender. A large 800 ml bowl and a 600 ml bottle are included. You can also order a set with a grinder or additional container. To prepare minced meat and cut hard vegetables, insert the blender into a large bowl and press the button. The blender starts to work like a chopper. To make a milkshake or smoothie, you put the ingredients in the bottle and set it up on top, just like when working with tabletop devices. Blender Biolomix BM618 is powered by 220V. It is also compact and versatile. Weighs 2 kg, works quickly, assembled with high quality.

5 powerful blenders from AliExpress9

Delivery of goods in 2 days.Very good quality blender mixer. The product is well packaged. Everything is working. I have already tried it in making fruit smoothies, ground it in a couple of seconds. I recommend the product and the seller.


5 powerful blenders from AliExpress10

Everything is working. Delivery is immediate. The plastic looks solid.


5 powerful blenders from AliExpress11

Class class class!I am very satisfied, it looks good, the quality of the material and how it was made would be rated at 5. It came very quickly, in my opinion a couple of weeks to Israel, I ordered with two glasses, a small glass came separately in a box, I already thought that the seller sent something else I ordered but was wrong. Thank you, I did not communicate with the seller.


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Price from 3098.42

Seller reliability: excellent!

Grab another blender.This model is desktop, compact in size. Stand, knives and controls are made of stainless steel. Includes two bowls. One for 300 ml, the second for 600 ml. Each has its own cover, which is very convenient. The covers are provided with rubber gaskets to avoid accidental spills. Engine speed - 24000 rpm. It will take 8 seconds to chop soft fruits and vegetables. For your convenience, an automatic cleaning system is provided: you just need to pour warm water inside the bowl, close the lid tightly and press the button. Such a kitchen assistant is able to grind any food! The body of the blender is made of durable, odorless plastic.

5 powerful blenders from AliExpress13

I have dreamed about this for a long time, after reading the reviews I bought it without hesitation. Delivery by the company is delivered to the door. Everything is safe and sound. I have already tried it, it mixes quickly.

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5 powerful blenders from AliExpress14

It came very quickly in a week. Everything is working. thanks to the seller for the fast delivery. Delivered by the company.

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5 powerful blenders from AliExpress15

Very happy and happy with the purchase!Blender was on the way for 66 days to the Nizhny Novgorod region. Came safe, in working order. It was packed in 2 boxes - in one the blender itself + 2 glasses, and in the other an additional large glass. The box was slightly crumpled, the mail bag was all shuffled, in holes, but nothing was damaged inside the box. The seller put an adapter, an additional sealing rubber ring. In operation, the mixer chopped the fruit perfectly in 15 seconds. Delicious smoothie turned out! There was also a user manual in the box, but in Chinese. But from the pictures, everything is clear in it. The seller is very sociable, answered my questions, extended my protection. Thanks to the seller for a very responsible attitude towards the buyer! For purchase I recommend !!!


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Blender Shaker Pinlo

Price from 1781.80

Seller reliability: excellent!

If you like a variety of fruit smoothies orhealthy cocktails, then this blender is just made for you! It is compact, powerful and stylish, and works cordlessly with a rechargeable battery. Allows you to quickly prepare your favorite drink. Assembly and disassembly is simple so that you can take this handsome man everywhere with you. The body is plastic, pleasant to the touch. The Pinlo blender is USB charged. Charging included. It has a power of 750 W, the volume of the bowl is designed for 350 ml.

5 powerful blenders from AliExpress17

Delivery to Tula 4 days. The courier brought it.Sealed well. Everything is as in the description. I talked to the seller about the covers. The set includes 1 cover, as promised by the seller as a result of correspondence. The blender came loaded. I tried it, it works. I haven't done anything yet. I recommend the seller! Thank you!


5 powerful blenders from AliExpress18

Super! We made kefir with banana and banana-apple. Everyone liked it very much. Everything was mixed up perfectly. I immediately ordered a second one. I gave the first one to my daughter, she is a student, she took it with her to the hostel. I advise!

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5 powerful blenders from AliExpress19

Came in 5 days. The courier brought it straight to work, a beautiful blender, nothing is damaged, it works. Equipped with a charger and a lid for a glass, I like it, definitely take it!


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