5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS

When outside the house there is an urgent need to charge your smartphone, a power bank will help you. Such an incredibly useful gadget will keep your smartphone, tablet, laptop in working order.

Before you buy a powerbank, check out our selection from Aliexpress. The models presented in it have the best technical characteristics and a lot of positive user reviews.

Powerbank Vogek

Price from 2068.64

Seller reliability: excellent!

Power bank from Vogek has the functionwireless charging. It can serve as a stand for the phone and simultaneously charge it and, in parallel, a second gadget. It weighs about 300 g. Dimensions are small - 138 * 62 * 21.5 mm. There is a built-in LED screen at the end of the case, it shows the amount of the remaining charge, which is useful. Despite its small size, it has an impressive 20,000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery. What's interesting is the angle of the pull-out to use the power bank as a stand. She goes at 60 degrees.

5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS1

Power bank from Vogek is cool. Charges fast. I advise you to buy.


5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS2

The device is excellent. It went on for a long time. Charges well.


5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS3

Great battery. Charges fast. High-quality and beautiful power bank. I recommend the seller. I'm happy!


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External battery ASOMETECH TOPZERO

Price from 1376.60

Seller reliability: excellent!

5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS5

Good and high quality battery, arrivedcharged by 55%. Exact description of the item. Delivery 25 days to Tyumen there was a question about the delivery of the goods, the seller quickly answered and explained the location of the goods.


5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS6

The package arrived in 19 days, as from China, but the order from the Russian Federation, the bank is normal, as in the description, weighs 0.5 kg, all outputs work, I recommend the seller.

Foxy_ [Pirate]

5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS7

The package was fast. The parameters of the product correspond to those declared by the manufacturer. My positive recommendations for buying from this seller. Good luck everyone.


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Mini power bank WST DL516

Price from 721.25

Seller reliability: excellent!

5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS9

Came quickly. Courier in hand.This means that the price of the battery includes delivery, which in turn means that the “can” inside the case is one of the cheapest. When I arrived, there was nothing on the charge inside the device, maybe I was lying in the warehouse for a very long time or the self-discharge characteristics are very poor. My Huawei 10i device charged from 6 percent to 65 percent. It seems that he will have a small resource (charge-discharge cycles). In short, what I want to say: the desire to buy at a cheaper price has its own result. The only plus of this gadget is its compactness. But in a desperate situation, of course, it will save you. The red price of this bank is about 500 rubles. You decide.


5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS10

Super fast delivery to Moscow!On Sunday I ordered, and on Tuesday the courier called and said that he would be there in ten minutes. What if I wasn't at home? Very good, reliable packaging. I immediately put the battery on charge, which lasted 3 hours. During charging, the light blinked, when it stopped blinking, I realized that the process was complete. A discharged NOTE 3 up to 10% was charged for two hours, after which the light on the battery went out, the phone was not fully charged, up to 85%. I put the battery back on charge, the second time the charging process lasted 4 hours. I connected the phone again, from 85% to 100% it charged for another 1.5 hours.


5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS11

Ordered from a Russian warehouse, delivered in 3day. In general, I am satisfied with the power bank! The only thing I didn't pay attention to when ordering is that the power bank is charged via micro usb, and my phone, like many others, is charged via type-c, that is, I have to have 2 wires with me instead of one.

Crazy pirog

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Powerbank-heating pad Liberfeel Maoxin

Price from 2313.55

Seller reliability: excellent!

Powerbank from can not only charge a shrunkengadget, but also warm your hands. Made of soft-touch ABS plastic and aluminum alloy. The working temperature of heating is 52 °, the power bank reaches it in 1 minute and is able to maintain heat for up to 4.5 hours. The battery capacity is 5000 mAh. On the case there is 1 micro USB input and an LCD display that can show either the charge level or the temperature of the gadget. The dimensions of the device are 68 * 75 * 34 mm, weighs no more than 250 g. The product can be purchased in three body colors.

5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS13

Looks great, there is a smell. Everything works, I'm very happy. It took only a very long time to get to Zelenograd.


5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS14

Very cool power bank, very tactilenice and looks great !! It is a pity that the volume is small. It intermeddle 4500mH, and for unloading 3150. Delivery to the Tula region from China is almost 3 months .. This is PPC to be honest.


5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS15

Cool thing - in the cold in the car it really helps if an unheated steering wheel is a good solution).


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Powerbank Baseus (2 colors)

Price from 2256.15

Seller reliability: excellent!

Powerbank from Baseus has a capacity of 20,000 mAh,Supports fast charging function. The round LED screen is the highlight of the model. The device is available in black and white and weighs 600 g. On the case there are connectors for USB, micro USB, Type-C. Thanks to this, the bank can simultaneously charge a phone, speakers, and a humidifier. Its rated power reaches 33 W, voltage is 12 V. The manufacturer claims that the power bank can be used up to 12 times, depending on the battery capacity of the smartphone. In the reviews, buyers confirm this. The assembly of the bank and the packaging is of high quality, it is convenient to use.

5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS17

The order came to Ukraine very quickly. 24.08 ordered, and 4.09 has already arrived. Packaged very well, in a bubble wrap and a box inside. All connectors are working. Came charged 74%. Not light, the weight is felt. I tried to charge two phones at once, but it charges one at a time. Micro usb and taipsi. It charges in the same way as from the mains. After I charged 2 phones, 34% remained. I put it on charge, it charges quickly. It only publishes a sound like a cricket. This may be normal, but not disastrous.


5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS18

The item was received pretty quickly.There was a power bank for 30,000 mAh, now I took it for 20,000. The quality is good, I take these on Aliexpress not for the first time. In the box, however, there was no wire (usually there is one), but these are trifles. Thanks.

black coffe

5 powerful power banks with ALIEXPRESS19

Fully corresponds to the description, Xiaomi and Samsung do not support fast charging on the OnePlus 5 5T. Shows the voltage and charging current weight 500 gr. The ring was a gift.


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