5 practical holders from AliExpress

The holder is a useful thing for a comfortable life!Many varieties of such a useful thing have been invented. For example, the silicone holder will solve the problem of tangled wires, the phone holder will free the driver's hands. In the office or at home, a compact hook will attach a bag or backpack so that they definitely do not interfere with anyone.

In short, before you buy a holder, decide on its purpose. And our selection from the beloved by many Aliexpress will help with the choice.

SHENGMEIYU Car Gadgets Holder

Price from 139.85

Seller reliability: excellent!

The holder is designed for smartphones and tablets.Attaches to the windshield firmly and does not fall off when shaking on the road. For ease of use, the holder is equipped with a ball mount that allows you to rotate the phone as you like. The gripping feet of the holder are made of dense plastic, they will gently hold any device. When folded, the size of the product is 6.5 * 12.5 cm, when unfolded, it is 6.5 * 20 cm. This holder is very convenient to use.

5 practical holders from AliExpress1

Good quality holder. The plastic is durable, odorless. The gadget's grip paws hold perfectly, but the wide case from the tablet, like mine, will have to be removed. The suction cup also holds well.


5 practical holders from AliExpress2

Ordered on 11/24/2019, received in Lyubertsy on 12/20/2019.The fastening is reliable, it stuck to the surface immediately, the 11 ″ tablet holds well. I was pleased with the opportunity to install below the "torpedoes" so as not to block the view. The ball mount allows you to change the angle of the mount, but not much. This is useful when the large screen is catching glare from the sun. The device is exactly suitable for both phones and tablets. With sufficient dexterity, installing the tablet in the grooves and removing it takes 1-2 seconds. Perhaps one of the best holders out of this series. Recommend.


5 practical holders with AliExpress3

Corresponds to the description, I liked everything, I think that it will be durable in operation, since the seller sent his goods in a simple mail package. Fire cost. The device did not travel for long.


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Silicone cable holder Urgrico

Price from 94.98

Seller reliability: excellent!

Silicone holder will solve the problem of tangledwires. There won't be any mess with him! The accessory is attached to the surface with double-sided adhesive tape and, depending on the model chosen, can hold from one to seven cables. The holder is available to order in black and white, and in three more sizes. You can attach the accessory to the surface using double-sided tape.

5 practical holders from AliExpress5

The product is excellent, the dispatch and delivery are fast. This is not the first time I order holders from this seller, everything is fine. I recommend it, thanks.

Fairy O'Really

5 practical holders with AliExpress6

Perfect fit. The object is exactly as specified. Very practical to avoid tangling your computer wires. I recommend.


5 practical holders with AliExpress7

Looks and works perfect. It came quickly. I advise you to buy.


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Extension holder

Price from 460.69

Seller reliability: excellent!

Another practical thing for order!This holder will free up space in the apartment from cables. The accessory is mounted on a wall, under a tabletop or side walls of any furniture. The holder is glued to double-sided tape so you don't have to drill into surfaces! The product is available to order in two versions - with and without a rotary mechanism. The dimensions of the accessory are 10 * 4 cm and 14.3 * 4 cm. In addition, the seller offers to purchase clips on a sticky base for neat cable routing. Buyers have appreciated the merits of such a holder and write positive reviews about it.

5 practical holders from AliExpress9

Very good. What a good invention. I'm going to buy another one. It is very durable and useful.


5 practical holders from AliExpress10

Not glued yet, but the glue base looks reliable. We put 4 pieces at once. Expensive, of course, but hopefully worth it. The delivery is very fast.


5 practical holders from AliExpress11

The seller added two extrasticky stuff, thank you very much for that. Well, in general, thanks for the prompt dispatch, the description matches. There is nothing more to add, we will sculpt to the extension cord.

u n i v e r s e

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Ecoco mop holder

Price from 591.57

Seller reliability: excellent!

Wall-mounted cleaning tool holdersave space in the apartment. The accessory is so strong that it can withstand a fairly heavy piece. For example, a wet mop. Wall-mounted with adhesive backing. There is a silicone insert inside the holder, it will not allow the handle to slip out of it, and also makes it possible to rotate the product. You can safely put handles with a diameter of 1 to 2.8 cm in the holder. You can order the product in white, but with three options for the front part. Many people prefer to use the holder not only in the bathroom, but in the hallway for storing an umbrella. There are many applications of such a practical thing, the choice is yours!

5 practical holders from AliExpress13

A wonderful thing. All mops and brushes are now in place. Glued directly onto the wallpaper. Holds on very tightly.


5 practical holders from AliExpress14

Received. Everything is as in the photo, it works. Thank you seller.


5 practical holders from AliExpress15

Super! Handsome and most importantly holding! Very handy!


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Sponge holder

Price from 99.47

Seller reliability: excellent!

The holder is designed to store the sponge onsink or other utensils such as cutting boards. So it will always be at hand and dry quickly. The product is made of stainless steel and is attached to the surface with a sticky base. It will adhere firmly to glass, tiles, wood and metal. After installation, it is recommended to start using it after 24 hours. The holder has a square base measuring 4.5 * 4.5 cm. The protruding part for the U-shaped sponge is 3.3 * 4.5 cm in size. You can purchase the mount in a set of one, three and five pieces and in three colors - silver , black and white.

5 practical holders from AliExpress17

A good holder for a washcloth and more. Everything is clear. Thanks.


5 practical holders from AliExpress18

I bought it in a set of three. Strong. For a sponge, that's it.


5 practical holders from AliExpress19

I order additional hooks. Very comfortable and practical. The sponges are not lying around, but hanging neatly. New used for cutting boards. Super!


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