5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS

Kitchen knives are an integral part of our life,after all, you can't cook meat or something else without them, and knives will also come in handy for a beautiful presentation. Filling the kitchen of a zealous housewife begins with the question "where to buy a knife".

We decided to help you with the choice and filled the selection with sharp knives, all of them are excellent in quality, and also have an excellent reputation among thousands of buyers.

XYj knives (6 pcs)

Price from 1713.49

Seller reliability: excellent!

This is a budget set of 6 knives for different purposes.Among them there is a chef's knife, knives for bread, fruit, fish. They cut excellently, do not tear. The blades are kept sharpened for at least a month. The knives look massive, but light, since the handles are hollow inside. Judging by the reviews, no flaws in the products of this manufacturer were noticed. The surface of the blade is smooth, made of stainless steel. The knives can be stored on a magnetic strip, the fixation is reliable. A more detailed description of the knives can be found on the seller's page.

5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS1

The parcel arrived in Krasnodar in a month and a half,rather quickly, given the current situation, the courier service delivered, it was well packed. All knives had protective sheaths, all sharp and comfortable. I am very pleased with the quality of the goods and the service of the store.


5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS2

I ordered it on 27.03 and received it in mid-May. Delivered by a courier. the knives are outwardly good, lightweight. Match the description. The seller put 2 gifts.


5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS3

The knives are good, sharp, hollow inside the handle. Delivery of orders, I am satisfied, excellent for the kitchen, I recommend the seller!


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Xiaomi Huohou Knife Set (2 pcs)

Price from 1783.80

Seller reliability: excellent!

Another set of two incredibly comfortable sharpkitchen knives with black dusting. One is universal, the second is for cutting vegetables, it is also called a hatchet. Made of 50Cr15MoV carbon steel with a hardness of 55 + -2 HRC. The blades are similar to ceramic, but they are completely metal, they hold perfectly on the magnetic strip. Each side of the knife has a series of indentations that prevent the cut food from sticking to the blade. The spray applied to the surface of the knife is hydrophobic. It protects steel from corrosion. The handles are comfortable to grip, it is very convenient and easy to use such knives.

5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS5

The seller sent the order as quickly as possible, he has not used a knife yet. Check it out soon.


5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS6

The knives are great. I checked it on a piece of paper. Great sharpening. You can buy.


5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS7

Everything is very cool, it came in a good condition. Delivery 5 days St. Petersburg. The first impression is good, you can feel the quality, nice handles, superb work.


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FINDKING ceramic knife set (4 pcs)

Price from 1679.10

Seller reliability: excellent!

If you are tired of heavy knives with a longblade, pay attention to the set from FINDKING. It consists of 4 knives for different purposes. They are made of ceramic, the handle is made of bamboo material. No taste from other products remains on the blades of ceramic knives, which is safe. The length of the blades is 8 cm, 11 cm, 13 cm and 15 cm. In order for such a set to serve you for a long time, avoid heating or impacts, cutting hard foods. We recommend using knives on a plastic or wooden cutting board or on marble, glass and steel surfaces, and avoid cutting frozen food. Each knife is equipped with a sheath to protect the ceramic blade during storage.

5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS9

The packaging is good. The knives are sharp, I liked it very much. I advise you to buy.


5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS10

Product description is accurate, quality is good. The knives are light, the cost was pleasantly surprised.

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5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS11

The knives are super. I recommend it for purchase. In a set of 4 sharp knives. Cut neatly.


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SUNNECKO Japanese Chef Knife

Price from 5349.12

Seller reliability: excellent!

SUNNECKO knives are made of Japanese steelgrade VG-10, hardness 59-60 HRC. Steel is considered the most corrosion resistant. The metal is well processed, the sharpening is even. The blade and the handle are made as one piece. Wooden handles. During operation, the knives showed themselves excellently. The blades are strong and do not require sharpening. Chef knives, the seller has all the necessary certificates. If you value aesthetics and quality, then you will definitely love this set.

5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS13

Cute directors. We'll see how they will work, they seem to be normal to the touch. Not junk.


5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS14

This is not Damascus steel. The knives look good. The knives are heavy and comfortable. Factory sharpening is normal. I think the price matches the quality.


5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS15

I like knives. One of the best knives I have ever had. We arrived on time and whole. No chips were noticed.

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MYVIT ceramic kitchen knife set

Price from 722.23

Seller reliability: excellent!

A beautiful set with colored handles suitable forcleaning and cutting vegetables. The knives are sharp, comfortable and beautiful. The handle is plastic, with a matte anti-slip coating, ergonomic. The color of the handles can be chosen - available in green and black. The length of the knives is 18.6 cm, 21 cm and 23.7 cm. It is a pleasure to use them! Judging by customer reviews, the set is strong.

5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS17

I order knives for the second time, they cut perfectly, serve for a long time, they served me for the first year and are just as sharp. We went to Portugal for a month, packed perfectly, arrived safe and sound. The product is good, I recommend it.


5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS18

I liked it very much, they cut well, for this price it is even very good. I advise the product. The knives did not go long.


5 standing knives with ALIEXPRESS19

Excellent knives - very sharp and comfortable in the hand. Wonderfully packed and delivered quickly. Thanks a lot.

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