5 sturdy umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS

Help protect you from rain, sun and snowspecial folding device. His name is an umbrella. It is curious that the first umbrellas were intended only for protection from the sun, and not from heavy rain, and even more so snow.

We invite you to check your readiness for the fall. Scroll through our selection to buy an umbrella that will not only protect you from bad weather, but also brighten your daily look.

Automatic umbrella JESSE KAMM

Price from 1891.14

Seller reliability: excellent!

Folding automatic umbrella from the JESSE KAMM brandwill not let you get wet this fall. Its diameter when unfolded: 105 cm. Folded - 35 * 6 * 6 cm. The sturdy frame consists of 10 metal knitting needles. The umbrella is light, weighs only 190 g. As many as 2 people will hide under it. Made of wind and moisture resistant material. You can choose the color of the umbrella, there are 7 of them.

5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS1

Very good quality umbrella.Many spokes, with a large gust of wind, withstands and does not bend. Large diameter, you can hide from the rain together. A very nice color is blue. Thank you very much to the seller. This is the first time I've met such attentive, sympathetic, benevolent people.

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5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS2

A very nice umbrella. I recommend to everyone. I am very pleased!


5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS3

It looks like a good umbrella, solid. True, I haven't had a chance to test it in the rain yet. It took 17 days from order to arrival at the post office in Moscow.


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Large umbrella TOPX

Price from 1320.24

Seller reliability: excellent!

The TOPX automatic umbrella will withstand strong wind andprotects you from the rain thanks to the durable spokes and waterproof dome material. Opened diameter of the umbrella: 125 cm. When folded, the umbrella length is only 36 cm. The handle is 7 cm. The reinforced frame consists of 10 metal knitting needles. The umbrella is light, weighs 540 g. A family of 3 will fit under such an umbrella! You can choose the color of the umbrella, there are 2 of them - black and blue. Buyers in their reviews note the high reliability of the umbrella.

5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS5

The order arrived in 20 days. The seller is great, he packed the goods very well. I am absolutely delighted, the umbrella is very large, just for a family. Order, very responsible seller!

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5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS6

Very fast delivery, to the Moscow region for 2weeks. The quality of the umbrella is good, there is a reinforcement of the frame, the opening / closing mechanism works fine. Pressing is not too light (excludes spontaneous opening) and not too tight. I'll check it in the spring.

Crazy pirog

5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS7

I arrived in Kaluga in 3 weeks, was tracked, did not communicate with the seller, but received a gift - a keychain. My husband liked it, as big as we wanted. Seems to be durable. Recommend.


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Mini umbrella (5 colors)

Price from 839.33

Seller reliability: excellent!

A lightweight pocket umbrella is perfect for bothwomen and men alike. It is lightweight, weighing only 195 grams. When folded, its length is about 17 cm. The pocket umbrella will provide you with reliable protection from the sun and heavy rain, as well as ultraviolet radiation. The frame of the umbrella consists of a central rod and spokes, which are made of aluminum. The diameter of the dome is 90 cm. Such an umbrella will definitely fit into a handbag or coat pocket. By the way, the color palette is large, there are 5 colors to choose from. They are versatile. The fabric of the umbrella does not allow water to pass through, which means you will definitely not get wet with it.

5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS9

Fast delivery. The umbrella is good, not small. Good to carry in your bag.


5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS10

A beautiful umbrella, miniature and comfortable, does not take up much space. It is very practical that there is an additional cover. I arrived in Kiev in about a month.


5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS11

A very compact and neat umbrella. Telescopic handle. Looks reliable. I came to my wife just in time for March 8th. She is pleased.


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Pocket umbrella HJKL (17 colors)

Price from 831.01

Seller reliability: excellent!

Beautiful folding umbrella in 17 originalcolors will appeal to everyone. It will reliably protect you from the scorching sun and ultraviolet radiation, and still will not let you get wet in the rain. The canopy of the umbrella consists of 8 ribs and a stem. They are completely metal. The diameter of the umbrella when unfolded is 106 cm. It can be expanded up to 56 cm in length. When folded, the entire umbrella is very compact, its length will be 19 cm. Two adults can easily fit under the umbrella. The umbrella is perfect for storing in your car and travel bag.

5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS13

The umbrella is good. Simpotic. Not an automatic machine. Big enough. Thanks to the seller for the fast delivery.


5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS14

I used it for a few rainy days with no problem. Case included.

Forever Young

5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS15

I did not expect this from such a baby in principledecent quality and reliability. I liked the umbrella very much. He turned out to be even better than he thought. The material is quite dense, does not look cheap, the frame looks reliable. It remains to be tested in operation. Dispatch and delivery is fast, store service is 5 points.


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Automatic folding reverse umbrella (5 colors)

Price from 1037.44

Seller reliability: excellent!

Introducing the "eversion".It has a folding metal frame and knitting needles. The fabric does not leak as it is hydrophobic coated. The droplets roll off easily, the umbrella dries quite quickly. The design is not flimsy, looks reliable. The dome is large enough, if desired, you can fit together. Lined with reflective tape along the edge. The button works well, not tight, the umbrella opens abruptly. So be prepared for water droplets. The open dome is 105 cm in diameter, and the stem is 62 cm. When folded, the length of the entire umbrella will be 32 cm. The handle fits comfortably in the hand, very pleasant to the touch. The color palette is discreet, it consists of 5 colors. A pouch for storing an accessory is included in the package.

5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS17

The second "inverted" umbrella.The umbrella is light, big! The fabric is dense. The reflective element on the edging really works: I shot in a room with closed curtains, look how it shines! I could not put it back in the case, I put it in a bag from an old umbrella.


5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS18

I reached St. Petersburg in 20 days. It looks like a beautiful umbrella, folded 32 cm. Opened in diameter 105 cm. Very beautiful, I'm waiting for the rain to check how it copes with its tasks.


5 strong umbrellas with ALIEXPRESS19

The umbrella is excellent, it came on time and even earlier forpoint of issue in five. Packed in a bubble wrap. The color matches. I took a green one so that it was not easily soiled. It turned out to be a very pleasant neutral shade. It unfolds quickly, the button is not tight. The handle is long enough - the dome on the top of the head does not lie like my last umbrella. The diameter is it. In general, a gorgeous umbrella. Let's see how it will be in operation, I really hope that it will not let you down, because I liked it very much.


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