5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS

Such a device as a shelf allows you not only to decorate the interior, but also to place a bunch of everything. Saving space will be an additional plus.

Before you buy a shelf, you need to decide on its location, material of manufacture, method of fastening and appearance, of course. The extra shelf has not stopped anyone yet!

Bathroom shelf

Price from 640.47

Seller reliability: excellent!

The corner shelf for the bathroom is compact.Its size is 16.7 * 24.3 cm, depth is about 6.5 cm. Neat, with rounded corners and quite roomy, this shelf is made of durable plastic, it is easily attached with adhesive hooks. It is presented in three options, differing in color, it can be black, gray or white.

5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS1

Great product, very high quality and looks really good. No installation problem, fits very well on the wall. Roomy and comfortable.


5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS2

The seller packed the shelves well, arrived whole, they were quickly sent from China and arrived quickly, but they got stuck at our customs for about a month. The shelves are great, compact! Thank you


5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS3

All right. Goods match the description. Well packed, delivered without damage. The quality is excellent. There were no questions to the seller.

Internet dweller

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GAPPO shelf

Price from 3790.71

Seller reliability: excellent!

Simple structurally and very roomybathroom shelf. Made of stainless steel. Comes with two shelves, each 12.5 cm wide and 35 cm long. Both in thick frosted glass. The distance between the shelves is 22 cm. The total height of the shelf is 37 cm. The shelf includes all additional accessories that are responsible for fixing the structure to the wall. Be sure to take a closer look at such a useful thing!

5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS5

Nice shelf. Made of stainless steel, high-quality satin finish (light matte gloss). The packaging is super secure so there was no damage. Recommend!


5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS6

Cool shelf, I'm glad! Everything is clear. Delivery on time.


5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS7

All right. The shelf is very high quality, I hope nothing will happen to it during use. I mean glass.


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Corner shelf

Price from 1103.96

Seller reliability: excellent!

Compact and spacious bathroom shelf made ofstainless. It gives the shelf strength and durability. The dimensions of the corner tray are 17 * 20 * 29 * 4.5 centimeters; dimensions of a rectangular, slightly rounded at the edges, pallet - 30 * 13.7 * 4.5 cm. The shelves are also equipped with small hooks that are attached directly to the side of the shelf. Mounts are included.

5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS9

The Russian Post works disgusting as always, hush up the corner at the shelf. The seller needs to pack better, at least once to wrap it with a bubble wrap for safety.

Positive style

5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS10

All perfectly. The shelf is beautiful. You can take it!


5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS11

Finally, the parcel arrived, I ordered it back inJanuary, but for some reason the seller could not send the parcel but got in touch, then the Chinese New Year and after the corona virus, but still came. Everything was packed well, but at the post office, probably, they play football with large parcels, fortunately, only the boxes were crumpled, and the shelves are in order. Well, since the seller is excellent, you can safely buy from him.

Foxy_ [Pirate]

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Hanging shelf

Price from 220.64

Seller reliability: excellent!

Decorative hanging shelves made of naturalwood will become a highlight of your interior. Available in size - 35 * 13.8 * 1.6 cm and in two colors. The shelf comes with ropes, they must be threaded into the slots provided in the corners, and hooks for fastening to the wall. It is noteworthy that they do not leave marks on the wall. Shelves can be hung on a wall, on a window or on outdoor terraces.

5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS13

Great, neat packaging with extra adhesive brackets !!! Many thanks.


5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS14

The shelf fits exactly the way it wanted! It remains to supplement it with various nice little things))). Wood.


5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS15

Great shelves! I am delighted!! We came in two weeks before and at the postmate.


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Wrought iron shelf (2 colors)

Price from 416.00

Seller reliability: excellent!

A beautiful wrought-iron shelf is a real masterpiece!Available in two colors - black and gold. The height of the whole structure is 30 cm, diameter is 15 cm. The shelf has hooks for small things with tips made of balls. Decorating it with a LED garland will create a beautiful decorative element. On the shelf there are metal rings for fixing on the wall.You can see the product in more detail on the seller's page.

5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS17

Looks exactly the same as the picture. Good quality.

My life

5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS18

Balls as in the photo. Everything is whole. I recommend it for purchase.


5 stylish shelves with ALIEXPRESS19

The shelf is durable. Everything is as in the photo and in the description. We recommend buying here.


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