8 products from AliExpress that are useful for work on the road

1. Powerbank

Powerbank for laptop

With a powerful external battery suitable for charging laptops, you do not have to constantly look for outlets. A power bank with multiple ports will also solve the problem of feeding other gadgets.

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2. USB modem

USB modem

So that on the road on a laptop there is access toInternet, it is usually distributed from a smartphone. But it is better to have a separate device for this. The compact USB modem does not take up much space in your bag and does not require recharging. In addition, it can use a SIM card with a favorable rate.

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3. Foldable laptop stand

Foldable laptop stand

With a stand, you can place your laptop in a convenient form almost anywhere. The accessory is useful not only on the road, but also at home or in the office.

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4. Smartphone holder

smartphone holder

During the smartphone should often be in front of your eyes.In such situations, the holder will help out. With its help, the gadget can be attached to the monitor, so as not to look for a smartphone on the seat of the transport or not to get it out of your pocket or backpack.

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5. Keyboard for tablet

Keyboard for tablet

Of course, the tablet will not become a full-fledged replacement for a laptop, but if you connect a keyboard to the gadget, then it will fit perfectly to perform simple tasks.

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6. Wireless mouse

Wireless mouse

For those who are used to working on a laptop with a mouse,get a wireless model. It is more convenient to use such a device when there is not much free space around. The accessory will also come in handy when working with a tablet connected to the keyboard.

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7. USB light

USB lamp

A small lamp is connected to the USB port of a laptop or power bank. It will help out if there is no backlight on the keyboard, and will allow you to work in days without disturbing fellow travelers.

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8. Organizer for gadgets

Organizer for gadgets

In order not to search all over the suitcase for the things necessary for work, it is better to use a special organizer. Choose compact models with compartments and holders for cables, adapters and chargers.

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